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U.S Titanium Industry Inc

Monrovia, California


U.S Titanium Industry Inc is located in Monrovia, California, United States and specializes in manufacturing the following processes: Forging, Investment Casting.

Servtech Plastics

Monrovia, California


Servtech Plastics, established in 1965 in the suburbs of Los Angeles, California, is a leading plastics injection molding specialist serving the medical, aerospace, packaging, and consumer goods industries. Having a complete tool shop, Servtech builds quality injection molds and offers contract manufacturing services. Available in-house secondary operations include: product development, prototypes, quality inspection, sonic welding, hot stamping, product assembly and complete supply chain management. We also offer alternative low cost production services through our modern ISO 13485 certified facility in China, with complete ISO 8 Clean Room Production and Assembly capabilities. If experience, excellent customer service and a truly global infrastructure is what you seek then we welcome you to join Servtech Plastics as your contract manufacturing partner.

U.S. Titanium Industry Inc.

Monrovia, California


U.S. Titanium Industry Inc. is located in Monrovia, California, United States and specializes in manufacturing the following processes: Forging, Investment Casting, Sand Mold Casting, Springs & Wire Forming, Die Casting, RTV Molding, Tube Modification.

U.S. Titanium Industry Inc

Monrovia, California

U.S.TitaniumisaprofessionalmanufacturerandsupplierlocatedintheUnitedStates,whocanprovideproductssuchastitaniumtitaniumalloy,zirconium,tantalum,niobium,hafniumandotherhighperformancemetals. U.S. Titanium's core products are titanium seamless or welding tube/pipe, tube sheet, explode titanium clad steel plate, titanium bar and rod.Our base products, material grade and standard services are available in: Titanium sheet, plate, billet, bar, tube, pipe, tube sheet, clad plate, fitting, casting, fastener and machining products. GR1 GR2 GR3 GR4 GR5 GR7 GR9 GR12 GR16 GR17 GR23 Ti6-4 ELI Ti-15333, Ti811, T6246, Ti3111, etc. ASMT B265, ASTM B338, ASTM B861, ASTM B863, ASTM B348, ASTM B898, ASTM F67, ASTM F136, AMS4911, AMS4928, AMS4972 etc.
Vinyl Technology/ Universal Plastifab, Inc is located in Monrovia, California, United States and specializes in manufacturing the following processes: Sheet Metal, Fabrication.

Tihoe Industrial Manufacturing Inc.

Monrovia, California



Tihoe Industrial has 15 years' experience in manufacturing both standard and OEM parts for perceptive manufacturers. Serving the manufacturing needs of countless manufacturers throughout Europe, the United States, and Asia, it is well known for high quality control standards and excellent customer support. Your satisfaction is very important to us. That is why we have a ""ZERO tolerance"" quality commitment. We will replace all the undersized or defective parts free of charge. OEM parts is one of our main focuses. For 15 years Tihoe Industrial’s OEM customers have designed their own products and components and we’ve successfully manufactured the parts based on their drawings or samples. Why not be one of this satisfied group of customers? With out sales office in California, Tihoe Industry Co.’s U.S. and Canadian customers may now buy high-quality low-cost industrial parts and tooling components without going through the importing process. You do business just as if you’re purchasing from a local vendor. Almost convinced to buy your industrial parts from Tihoe Industrial Co.? Take a look at the advantages you get: 100% quality guarantee. All defective or wrong-size parts will be replaced by the same items at Tihoe Industry’s cost, including shipping. Third party inspection. All shipment can be inspected by a third party, such as SGS, to make sure everything meets your requirements. Free samples. All samples are free and without obligation. Freight will be paid by the requester. For customized parts, all the tooling charges will be at the requester’s expense (and will be credited back in the first order for the same item). Vendor managed inventory. Backup stock (for qualified blanket order). If you give us a blanket order, and you qualify for credit, we can keep backup stock in our U.S. warehouse. For example, company A orders 12k, and releases 1k each month. In this case, we can always keep 1k in our warehouse ready to ship. Please visit our website

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