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TriAxial Design and Analysis

La Mesa, California


TriAxial Design and Analysis is located in La Mesa, California, United States and specializes in manufacturing the following processes: Engineering & Design Services.

Cal Am Manufacturing

La Mesa, California


Cal Am primarily manufactures products used to distribute/transmit electricity or broadband communications for the utility and fiber optic markets such as, data centers, 4G & 5G installations, municipal projects, hospitals, airports, industrial parks, military installations, college campuses, power generation etc.  

In business since 1984, consistency is key to Cal Am's success. 

Reliable delivery times, customer service and quality is what to expect from Cal Am. New products are always in the pipeline to meet the changing needs of our customers. Products are readily available through a network of U.S. based and international distributors.

What we manufacture:

JackMoon® Wedge Seals™

Cable Termination Plugs


JackMoon® Kwikie Plugs™

Mechanical/Blank Plugs


Poly Plugs™

Temporary Plugs

JackMoon® Couplers

Duct Spacers


PVC Products


Cal Missile™

Line Carriers

Ready for shipment within days – not weeks. For international inquiries or for the name of the dealer nearest you please call 619.336.9550

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