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Calabasas, California


Altraco founded in 1980 is a direct importer and contract manufacturer of private label products serving both small and large companies including many fortune 500 firms. With expertise in design (including value engineering), importation and manufacturing Altraco offers our customers a one-stop solution for both off shore manufacture and importing. Our Far East factory partnerships, which in many cases are decades old, allow for smooth and timely delivery of quality products. Manufacturing expertise includes casting (including die casting), extrusion, assembly, forging, machining, plastic molding and stampings to name a few. Altraco additionally offers sourcing and importing services for a variety of goods given our deep relationships in the Far East this was a natural compliment to our manufacturing business. Capabilities Die Casting Up to 1,250 ton Max part size aluminum alloy 11 lbs/5,000g Max part size zinc alloy 2 lbs, 3 oz/1,000g Extrusion Up to 800 ton Max part size aluminum alloy 5.12"/130mm x 5.12"/130mm Max part size steel 3.15"/80mm x 3.15"/80mm Cold extrusion aluminum copper the max part size will depend on shape. Forging Rough forging capabilities, not suited for highly refined components. Machining Most major machining processes available working in most materials. Injection Molding Capabilities in most plastic materials with a maximum part size of 4.4 lbs/2,000g Stamping Punch press up to 250 ton High speed punch press up to 60 ton

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