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Corrosion Pros

Bellflower, California

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


Corrosion Prevention Pros is an expert in multiple corrosion prevention solutions; we are your one stop solution for design and engineering assistance, manufacturing and finishing.

Services offered by Corrosion Pros companies:

  1. Composites Manufacturing (FRP) machine covers, under grown utility vault, enclosures, antennas, architectural products, oil tanks and many other products. We specialize in difficult parts, mold making and high volume production. Contact visit our composites website .
  2.  Plastic Forming: Vacuum forming, injection molding, we also provide custom painting and silk screening. Most of our work consists of machine covers and enclosures for electronics and medical equipment.  Contact  visit our plastic forming website
  3. Stainless Steel Fabrication: our manufacturing facility was originated decades ago fabricating stainless steel components and as customer requested we started fabricating with other types of metals. We are very good with high quality parts and provide all main finishes: powder coating, anodizing plating. Contact visit our finishing website
  4. Finishing: we have 3 facilities dedicated for metal finishing: powder coating, anodizing, and plating. Some sub categories of services offered are: Teflon Coatings, PVC, Vinyl and Nylon coatings, plastisal, bright dip, chem film, polishing, silk screening, graphic coatings, and others. Contact visit our finishing website
  5. Engineering and design assistance: we have experts and engineers for each process to assist you. Our staff consists of 230 employees plus a team of 5 engineers.  5 manufacturing facilities each dedicated for a specific process.

We make things simple for engineers and buyers, one representative can assist you with all these needs. Contact Business Cell 562-316-6259 desk phone 562-788-7061

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