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Innoviv - IOT, LLC


Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer



Innoviv - IOT, LLC is new supplier located in Huntsville Alabama, United States and specializes design, and manufacturing of small batch parts. We have built everything from custom brake ducts for race cars to chef knives for our customers.

Our scale allows us to be flexible and responsive our customers needs. We are happy to join the MFG community and are ready and willing to help you manufacture your parts.

Pacific Depot, Inc

Huntsville, Alabama



Pacific Depot is a small startup low end manufacturing company looking for small product runs to manufacture.

Shaw Engineering

Huntsville, Arkansas



Shaw Engineering/CMI is located in Huntsville, AR. Our staff consists of engineering and manufacturing personnel seasoned with 20 plus years in the automotive industry and a highly skilled group of machinists and tool makers. We serve a variety of industries and understand that each has their own special requirements and needs. We strive to develop an understanding of each customer's business goals and objectives so that we may better serve those needs.

Sportsman Innovations,LLC

Huntsville, Arkansas

Sportsman Innovations,LLC is located in Huntsville, Arkansas, United States and specializes in manufacturing the following processes: Machining.

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