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FULL SERVICE PRECISION MACHINING Midland Precision Machining, Inc. has been serving customers in the aerospace, semiconductor, and medical industries since 1977. Specializing in CNC milling, CNC turning, and the manufacture of highly precise tools, gages and instruments, Midland also modifies existing components to better serve customer needs. Midland's personnel work closely with engineers in the research and development of specialized products for satellite systems, communication systems, medical technology, and the computer and semiconductor industries. Quality Exacting standards of quality control are achieved through the use of highly precise inspection equipment, maintained and calibrated per Mil-I-45208. Quality Manuals are available upon request. Inspection data and SPC charts will be provided as customer purchase order requirements dictate. Current Equipment List (1) Moore Precision Jig Grinder (2) Moore Precision Jig Borers (2) Kitamura Mycenter 2 Machining Centers, Vertical CNC with 4 Axis Indexer (2) Kitamura Mycenter 1 Machining Centers, Vertical CNC (2) Fadal Vertical Machining Centers 60 x 30 x 30 (1) Hurco BMC 30 CNC Machining Center with 4 Axis Indexer 30 x 20 x 20 (1) CNC Deckel Universal Milling Machine (1) CNC 4Axis Deckel Universal Milling Machine (3) Warner Swasey CNC Lathes (1) Hyundai HiT-18S CNC Lathe (2) Hyundai HiT- 30S CNC Lathes (1) Hyundai HiT- 8S CNC Lathe (2) Excello Vertical Milling Machines with CMC 3 Axis Controller (4) Excello Vertical Milling Machines with readouts (1) Gemco Shaper (1) Harrison Ultra Precision Lathe with Accurite Digital Readout (1) Le Blond Lathe 15 x 40 (1) YMZ Nam Sun Gap Bed Lathe (1) Matrix Universal OD Grinder (2) Mitsui Surface Grinders 6 x 18 (3) Harig Surface Grinders 6 x 12 (1) Superior Hone Welding Silver Soldering Equipment TekSoft CAD/CAM Programming System, ProCAM 2000 JobBOSS Software to manage and schedule our workflow-so that your jobs show up on time.

Trusted Aerospace and Engineering

5.00 (1)

Phoenix, Arizona

Design / Engineering Firm


Our core competency specializes in precision CNC Machining and rapid product development. Our state of the art facility can meet all customer requirements and our CNC produces parts of the highest quality at competitive rates working with our customers to minimize cycle time and lower costs.

At TASE, we're a global precision manufacturing company, with over 45 years of industry experience in the United States, uniquely positioned to offer superior engineering and manufacturing solutions suited to the needs of our customers worldwide. Trusted Aerospace Engineering (TASE GLOBAL) has facilities in the USA & India, exclusively positioned to be your "Global Precision Manufacturing Technology Partner". Our manufacturing capabilities in machining and fabrication are spread over 120,000 Sq.Ft. and manned by 160 highly skilled and motivated employees, who are focused on making our customers competitive. Our list of customers include Hamilton Sundstrand, Honeywell, GE, Pratt & Whitney, B/E Aerospace, Safran, Shimadzu in the aerospace and Ventana Medical Systems, PerkinElmer in the medical industry.

Trusted Aerospace and Engineering USA

17801 N. Black Canyon Hwy.

Phoenix, AZ. 85023

Main: 602-863-0263

Trusted Aerospace and Engineering India

105, Nemili Road

Sriperumbudur, Kancheepuram District

Chennai - 602 105, India

Main: +91(0)44-27107597

Mach & Proto

3.00 (2)

Tucson, Arizona



Mach And Proto is a fabrication shop specializing in machining of plastics,metals, cabinetry, prototype development and custom woodworking. Our focus is on design, fabrication and finish. We are price competitive and are committed to exceeding your expectations. We believe a successful project is based on proper planning, paying attention to the details and on-going communications.Striving for building relationships is how good service is really done over long spans of time and knowing our customers needs makes for quicker turn around and a better product and in turn for happy clients.

At Mach & Proto we have been in the machining/woodworking and prototyping business since 2003 and look forward to working with new clients all the time and making thoughts and drawings come to life.

Some materials we work with include: plastics such as acrylic, poly carbonate, hdpe, acetal/delrin,nylon,aluminum,brass,copper, steel,wood, composites as well as many more. Please inquire so we can get started with your next successful project. Thanks.


Glendale, California

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer



Quality & Customer Focus

Delivering quality products and exceeding customer needs are our top priorities at LA CNC. Our robust quality

management system is designed to meet our customers’ expectations every time. We differentiate ourselves from

our competitors by fostering strong relationships with each client and creating customized solutions to meet their

individual needs. At the core of LA CNC, lies our commitment to providing excellence in quality and service to our

valued customers.


Honesty and integrity are our guiding principles. We approach every request with transparency, openness, and

sincerity. We strive to develop authentic relationships with our customers, suppliers, and employees by consistently

honoring our commitments and instilling a culture of ethical conduct within our organization.

Expertise and Continual Improvement

Our experienced team members consist of highly skilled individuals with diverse technical capabilities and

perspectives. These unique competencies allow us to develop and implement efficient, innovative manufacturing

strategies that allow us to deliver value for our customers. Our experts are dedicated to continually improving and

evolving our processes in order to maintain optimal operational efficiencies that translate to unparalleled results for

our customers.


Our employees consistently ensure safe practices and adopt measures to predict and eliminate potential hazards

on every project. We provide continuous risk-assessment training, and actively promote the health, safety, and

security of our team and customers at all times.


LA CNC will consistently provide quality precision-machined parts for aerospace and other industries that enhance

customer satisfaction through the effective application of the quality management system, including processes for

improvement of the system, and the assurance of conformity to customer and applicable statutory and regulatory



The vision of LA CNC is continual growth and improvement of our capabilities and processes to meet the ever-changing

demands of the precision machining and manufacturing industry. This will allow us to have an edge over our

competitors and ensure steady growth.

GT Dynamics

4.50 (2)

Glendale, Arizona

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer



GT Dynamics is a small but capable machine shop providing everything from lathe and milling in short and long run production. Our small shop has one of the smallest overhead cost of any shop bringing you the most cost effective solutions to any project. We’ll gladly work with you on the designing portion of project as we have a extensive portfolio in the design of products ranging from plastics consumer goods to complex sheet metal weldments and assemblies.

DTD Precision

PEORIA, Arizona

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer



Precision Machining

Precision Gear Manufacturing

MPC Machines

4.32 (19)

Mesa, Arizona


Currently MPC Machines is a company of herein related branch with the highest Quality and Service standards and it is now time to move forward to more competitive markets as for to be able to serve and work with global scale companies and therefore grow as a supplier to achieve our goals.Mission To provide our Customers, from a machine workshop capacity base, parts manufactured with technological innovation and high quality service and provide with any type of machining raw material required and installation of equipment, all provided with the most technical qualified personnel in the region.To add value to the activity of machine shops, working according to the requests of production of our clients, with the quality standards of world class, up to being considered to be an excellent option in cost and time. To become highly profitable, offering his associates, excellent profit and to his employees an excellent option of development, both professional and economic.

Az FineArc LLc

Tucson, Arizona

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


Az FineArc LLc is located in Arizona, United States and specializes in manufacturing the following processes: Fabrication, Sheet Metal, 3D Printing, Machining, Stamping.

Tube Specialties Inc.

Tempe, Arizona



Tube Specialties, Inc. has a long history of producing intricate aerospace assemblies. With 45+ years of knowledge and experience, TSI continues to produce and provide Quality Products to a growing industry. Although our business model is the fabrication of Tube Assemblies, TSI has an excellent relationship with our vendors including tubing distributors and mills and occasionally will sell overstock certified raw tube materials. TSI capabilities allow us to perform a wide variety of manufacturing processes. Please visit our capabilities section to fully grasp what TSI can do to meet your needs.

The primary business of Tube Specialties, Inc. is the fabrication of complete tube assemblies for the Aircraft/Aerospace Industry. TSI is certified to the aerospace standard AS9100 based on the ISO9001 quality system requirements. From complex manifolds to the less complex bent assemblies, TSI has a reputation for producing parts of the highest quality. TSI continues to produce parts for space, commercial and military aircraft applications used worldwide.

Big O Metals

Phoenix, Arizona

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


Big O Metals is a steel service center with full service sheet metal fabrications abilities. We have designed and built our operation with a focus on speed, quality and competitive pricing. Some of our capabilities are:

  • Laser Cutting - Two lasers with our largest being 20kw
  • Turret - Large format rapid punch
  • Shears - Two high speed shears with our largest being 1/4" x 14'
  • Press Brakes - Seven total ranging from 25 tons all the way up to 500 tons x 16'
  • Welding - Certified
  • Cut-to-Length Line - 1/4" x 72" wide x 20'
  • Over 10 Million Lbs of Sheet Metal Inventory


Mesa, Arizona



Metal Manufacturing Machine Shop - Located in Mesa, Arizona

Providing CNC Machining and Manufacturing Services Nationwide

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STP - Specialty Turn Products Inc.

TEMPE, Arizona



  • Certified ISO 9001: 2015 & AS9100D
  • STP 5-9 Axis Swiss Lathes use a range of machining technologies with capabilities designed for manufacturing complex intricate parts requiring extreme precision and quality.
  • We are built for high production parts and can handle extremely tight tolerances.

Specified Tactical

Gilbert Az, Arizona


Specified Tactical specializes in firearms manufacturing but also has experience in automotive and prototyping industries. We are a Veteran Owned and Operated company located in Gilbert, AZ. SpecTac is a licensed FFL 07 manufacture with the ATF to fill any and all of your firearms needs.

Analog Machine Inc.

Phoenix, Arizona

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer



Analog machine has over 25 years of experience in machining and holding tight tolerances in various types of materials such as aluminum, carbon steel, stainless steel , and plastic.

We are dedicated to manufacturing the highest quality components and delivering in a timely manner that consistently meets and exceeds our customers expectations.

Our in-house capabilities include: 

  • Full 3 and 4 axis Vertical CNC milling (complex 3d surfacing, and indexing to eliminate additional operations )
  • Horizontal CNC milling with dual station pallet changer and indexable tombstones (most effective for production runs, indexing eliminates additional operations)
  • CNC turning with dual spindles, live tooling , parts catching, and automated bar feeding (allows for unattended production, and eliminates the need for secondary milling operations)
  • CNC Wire EDM with wire tilting ability (can cut any conductive materials and hold tolerances as low as ±.0001” also, produces virtually sharp (axial) internal corners that a milling tool cannot achieve)

We can also apply post machining finishes such as media-tumbling, brush finishing, and vibratory scotch-bright for matte finishes.


Although we do not apply any secondary operations in house such as anodizing, chemical film, or powder coating, we do have a list of approved suppliers that we use to provide these services.

SEL Machining

Phoenix, Arizona

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


SEL Machining, established in 2002, is a locally owned and operated CNC machine shop located in Phoenix Az. After servicing the valley for more than 20 years, SEL has grown to be fully versatile with the ever-growing manufacturing marketplace. Having worked on various products from industries such as firearms, Automotive, Motorsports and many more, we are capable of any demands necessary. With a deep history of bringing products to life, from concept to eventual production, we can service customers needs with no compromise to quality. From a variety of plastics to exotic stainless and alloys, SEL Machining can make it. 

Pinpoint Manufacturing Company


Pinpoint Manufacturing

Quantities of Scale: 50,000 minimum only please.

We are an American Engineering & Manufacturing company with headquarters in New York, North Carolina and Arizona, with teams in Hong Kong, China, India, and with partners in Oklahoma, Ohio, Tennessee, Malaysia and Mexico. Our manufacturing facilities are extensive. Our engineers have worked in a variety of industries and know how to optimize manufacturing methods to obtain the best cost while maintaining the highest quality.

Free Engineering Consulting & Services Included

Our expert engineering consultants have over 180+ patents, ivy level education and have served as VP of Engineering at multiple $1B+ companies - references available upon request. When you work with us, we are here to provide engineering services and help answer your in-depth questions.

We Know Tariffs

Do you have your Tariff Codes optimized? Choosing the right tariff code could mean the difference of thousands. Click or Call Today @ 323-325-1175

Your Success Is Important To Us

With teams all over the world, we work around the clock and strive for timely results. We know that success for our customers translates into success for us, which is why we work hard to find solutions for your projects. As a full service manufacturer, we focus on high quality and deliver on our promises. We look forward to helping you. Speak with an engineer and learn how we can help on your next project.

Call or Text 24/7, We're Global!

Alex Neal - California


Tim Neal - HK & South China


Alan Neal - Arizona


Pinpoint Manufacturing Company

Fountain Hills, Arizona

We are an American company headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina, with teams in Hong Kong and China. Our manufacturing facilities are overseas. Our engineers have worked in a variety of industries and know how to optimize manufacturing methods to obtain the best cost while maintaining the highest quality. When you work with us, you automatically get our engineering services and answers to in-depth questions.

Your Success Is Important To Us

With teams all over the world, we work around the clock and strive for timely results. We know that success for our customers translates into success for us, which is why we work hard to find solutions for your projects. As a full service manufacturer, we focus on high quality and deliver on our promises. We look forward to helping you. Speak with an engineer and learn how we can help on your next project.

Aviation and Medical Equipment component manufacturer - machine shop

CNC Machining Arizona Woman-Owned With over 31 years experience, our clients have come to expect the best from Omega Manufacturing Solutions, Inc. We are a full service Machine Shop located in beautiful Arizona. Omega works with ALL types of materials; Copper, Stainless, All Steels, Titanium, Plastics, Brass, Bronze etc. SERVICES: CNC Milling CNC Turning Secondary Operations Sheet Metal Fabrication Assembly We guarantee quality assured production and on-time delivery for everything from prototype to full production runs. Dedicated to meeting or exceeding customer expectations Our quality policy is the foundation upon which our company is based so that we may be recognized as a premier supplier. Quality assurance is fixed into every aspect of our project management process. All orders must pass a rigid final inspection before shipment, ensuring that your product conforms to the highest standards. We take pride in our integrity and consistency which sets us apart from other suppliers.

Gilbert Precision Machine

5.00 (1)

Gilbert, Arizona




5.00 (1)

Nogales, Arizona



AMT is a team of professionals with a high technical profile and high experience in CNC machining processes, mechanical design, automation and industrial maintenance.

Our main objective is to be the best option for our clients based on quality, efficiency, technology and great sense of urgency.


5.00 (1)

Phoenix, Arizona


Action Machine is a precision high-speed manufacturing facility specializing in aerospace and commercial manufacturing. At Action Machine we pride ourselves on a commitment to quality products, short lead times,and a competitive price structure. Action Machine is registered under the ISO9001:2008/AS9100 Rev b. Quality system Certificate # 0607-89-1-A. Action Machine is a member of the following associations Society of Manufacturing Engineers Arizona Tool and Machine Association National Tool and Machine Association
Our motto is "How may we serve you?" and we mean it! For over thirty years Cupp's Industrial Supply, Inc. has been providing gaskets, mechanical packing seals, expansion joints, and C.N.C. machined parts to a wide array of industries. Our excellent products and services have benefited customers in everything from power generation and aerospace to wastewater treatment, mining, and defense.Cupp's Industrial Supply is the best source for all your industrial supply needs. With branches located in both Phoenix and Tucson, Arizona we can get you the right seal right away - offering same day service to local areas. We are open Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 4:30pm MST and walk in business is always welcome so don't hesitate to stop by one of our offices or give us a call today and we can help you get the job done right!Sincerely,Doug Timberlin, President


Anthem, Arizona

Hi, my name is Stone Hendrickson I'm 17 years old , I started my machine shop in 2021.

My shop is located in Phoenix AZ , and I make a variety of different parts for all types of industries.

I started ST1 Precision to serve companies with quality parts on time, and under budget.


Tucson, Arizona

Engineering Services

Electrical harness/circuit card design, manufacturing, rework and repair.

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