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LMCI Group

Hoover, Alabama



Hoover CNC Machine, A Division of Le Sueur Manufacturing Company, Inc., A Family-Owned Corporation.

Jack E. Le Sueur, born in 1920, was the founder of Moisture Master™ Company, which was chartered by Alabama laws on February 14, 1955 as Le Sueur Manufacturing Company, Inc.  In 1984, Sam Le Sueur took over as president of Le Sueur Manufacturing Company, Inc.

In 1987, LMCI was approached by a scientist from a major medical university in Birmingham to manufacture automated tissue slicers for cancer research to slice biopsies down to 30 microns. Sam Le Sueur worked directly with the Department of Nutrition’s head scientist for approximately 4 years. Other areas of manufacturing in the medical field: bone graph sizing tools for spinal column reconstruction, graph sizing tools for tendon replacements, gas drying tubes for medical breath analyzers.

 Outside of the medical field, we were one of the first to produce a drive and encoder measuring system for a local engineering company. Also, listed below are a few of the other parts we have manufactured for bottling industries, space exploration, and wear technology:

bushings, rollers, tachometer motor mounts, robotic telescope mounts, transducer housings, probes for hostile environments, hose fittings for gunite, shotcrete and refractory, large water cooled conductors and conductor couplings, corona shield brackets and caps, switch gear parts.

As Sam Le Sueur states, ""We never wanted to be the biggest, just the best.""

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