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Genba Energy

, Balikesir

Genba Enerji 1997 yılından günümüze Rüzgar ve Güneş enerjisi odaklı olarak faaliyet gösteren, sektörde sayısız yenilenebilir enerji projesine başarı ile imza atmış öncü bir firmadır. Faaliyet alanları; -Rüzgar Ölçüm Direklerinin İmalatı, kurulumu ve işletilmesi -Güneş Ölçüm Direklerinin imalatı, kurulumu ve işletilmesi -Rüzgar enerjisi kaynaklı, şebeke bağlantılı yada bağlantısız sistemlerin projelendirilmesi, kurulumu ve işletilmesi -Güneş enerjisi kaynaklı, şebeke bağlantılı yada bağlantısız sistemlerin projelendirilmesi, kurulumu ve işletilmesi -Rüzgar enerjisi ile çalışan mekanik su pompasının imalatı, montajı ve bakım hizmetleri -Güneş enerjisi ile çalışan solar su pompasının projelendirilmesi, montajı ve bakım hizmetleri -Özel tasarım mekanik konstrüksiyon imalatlar -Rüzgar türbini üreticilerine yan sanayii parça desteği


BALIKESIR, Marmara Region


CMI Enggineering specilized in local manufacturing in mechanical parts, cnc milling and welding fabrication since 1998 located in Balikesir Turkey.

  • Stainless fabrication,
  • Steel fabrication
  • CNC milling turning
  • CNC sheet metal bending
  • Laser cut
  • Plasma Cut
  • Prototype manuctauring
  • mechanical electromechanical assemblies
  • hardware supply


Balıkesir, Balikesir

GENBA GROUP (CMI ENGINEERING) was established in 1997 to design and execute turn-key projects for domestic and foreign construction, mechanical contracting works to produce solutions for sector requirements in the wind and solar measurement, feasibility studies, power plant construction and other operations in the energy sector.

With its numerous wind and water measurements, hundreds of projects since its inception, and countless construction and engineering projects our company serves customers without leaving quality principles.

As an approved supplier, GENBA also produces products tailored to the needs of other organisations in the sector. These services are continuing with a solution partnership concept with in the scope of customer satisfaction and quality principles.

GENBA produces all kinds of conveyor systems that are need in the energy sector. Metal carrier systems are also frequently needed in solar energy panels, wind power plant installations and transportation processes. Designed for product-specific layout and secure transport needs, these systems have a significant importance in the shipping and installation of the products.

GENBA is an expert of manufacturing durable construction products and machine parts, welded fabrications. Various welding technologies are used in metal works which are project requirements. Electricity argon and gas welding are not compromised in terms of robutness, product guarantee, and welding quality.

Our company, which also provides pre-production engineering services for welded fabrication, has equipped with specialist staff with higher qualifications to meet the customer's expectations and demands.

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