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We are a manufacturing service provider for precision parts in the field of machining technology, as well as the associated services.

Adherence to deadlines and cost factors are a matter of course for us. Our customers, who have been absolutely satisfied for years, also rely on this.

Individual, prototype or series parts made of any material can be manufactured using modern technology according to customer requirements.
Our goal is always to implement projects with the customer quickly, precisely and efficiently.

A constant expansion of the machine park and the cooperation with our cooperation partners we guarantee customized solutions for the individual requirements of the customer.

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ISTANBUL, Istanbul




Bursa, Marmara Region

FERDADA is a tooling design and manufacturing engineering service provider. Established in 2007 and restructured in 2019 with new organisation; we are focused on providing a sophisticated solution that delivers outstanding best service to our industrial customers since 2007.

ANKA ArGe ve Muhendislik San. Tic. Ltd. Sti.

Istanbul, Marmara Region


ANKA RD and Engineering provides engineering and project consulting services in computer aided design, simulation and manufacturing fields for automotive, energy and machine industry.The company currently has expert mechanical engineers with 20 years experienced in automotive, energy and general machinery industry fields and dynamic, ambitious and young mechanical engineers who adapt quickly to new technologies. Mission To take part in national and international high qualified RD and engineering projects To save reputable and reliable position with engineering and consulting services Vision To offer our customers innovative engineering services and infrastructure To follow up the principles of professional ethics

GMR Endüstri Teknik

Bursa, Marmara Region



GMR Endüstri Teknik is a foreign trade company, which is supplying custom made drawing parts and industrial products from Turkish Industry according to variable customer demands. We are located in Bursa, Turkey where is the heart of Turkish manufacturing industry.

We are also ISO 9001:2015 certified.


We especially focus on custom made parts for European automotive manufacturers and their suppliers. We are supplying precision CNC turned&milled parts, cold&hot forged parts, special fixing elements, sheet-metal parts, laser&stamped parts, welded components, aluminium injected parts and cast-iron parts, plastic injected and abs vacuum parts for automotive and various industries.

The range of products that can be supplied by GMR with ease of access to powerful factories located in the surrounding provinces are quite large. Apart from semi-finished and finished products, various raw materials like aluminium sheets and profiles, cold&hot rolled pipes, acrylic & plastic (PP,PS,GPPS,ABS,Pet) sheets, aluminium foils, special packaging goods, raw MDF plates and all kind of industrial demands can also be supplied by GMR with required certificates and test reports.


Bursa, Bursa

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


We do machining and parts, please contact to get additional information.


ISTANBUL, Marmara Region


USO Otomotiv A.Ş., a company that has always been open to innovations for 40 years and also been investing for the future, will continue to develop in response to the needs of the time and to the rules of competition in new markets. Nearly half of our products are being exported. One of the most significant features of our sales, all of which is made to EU countries, is that most of our raw materials and input items came from domestic sources. This shows that we are using our country's resources quite well. Our restructured RD Department has sped up its original design process with the newly installed Fluid Mechanics Simulation Software and is increasing its patent applications. Preliminary research is now being executed for the installation of Acoustic Simulation and Testing Stands with the purpose of strengthening our technical infrastructure; the goal is to offer our customers "alternative solutions" and to add new technical patents to the national economy. In order to improve the exhaust systems produced under the registered "USO Egzoz" trademark and to meet the new generation European Emission Norms Euro 6 (on- and off-road) and Stage 4 (non-road), research and development programs have been launched in cooperation with foreign and domestic solution partners. In parallel with the Advanced Quality Control Systems applications, intense preparations are underway to add the automotive-specific ISO 16949 document beside the existing ISO 9001 certificate. In this direction, various training programs have been planned for operators, technicians and engineers. As in the past, USO Otomotiv A.Ş. keeps taking confident steps forward by preparing ahead for the new rules and conditions of competition.

Clothing Machinery - NPN

Istanbul, Istanbul

We are manufacturers of Apparel Recycling Machines, Fiber Processing Machines, Carding Machines, Pillow Filling Machines, Pressing Machines, Sack Filling Machines, Toy Filling Machines, Pillow Rolling Machines, Apparel Cutting /Guillotine Machine, Shredders, Waste Recycle Lines, Tearing, Cutting Machines, Waste processing transforming into Fibers.

Efece Plastik Ltd

Istanbul, Marmara Region

Efece Group is a leading manufacturer of cast type stretch films and providing the best quality range stretch films via unique worldwide delivery (geographical) and productional advantages for wold market With more than 35 years of experience,

Efece Group has qualified staff and renewed high-technology manufacturing lines in 3.000 m2 factory building located in “Organised Industrial Zone” in Istanbul.

Efece Group allows the manufacturing of a broad assortment of products including jumbo, machine, hand stretch, and “on-demand” film rolls with high production capacity. The quality of products offered by our company has been confirmed by prestigious certificates, including ISO:9001, ISO: 14001, ISO: 10002, ISO: 22000, and ISO: 45001 for Quality, Environmental, Labor health, and Food safety systems.

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