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We would like to introduce our company briefly, manufacturin hydraulic tube and hose assembly parts, including fitting production, mounting, bending, welding and coating. Further, we have also a cold forging production site, where we can produce special parts for axial joints and stabilizers. Our factory has a closed area over 6.000 m2 and total staff of 120. Our company has ISO/TS 16949:2009 and ISO 9001:2008 certification as well. To keep our quality at the highest level, we have equipped our professional team with all necessary tools. Our machining section has 15 CNC lathing units and 2 CNC machining centers. We have 5 CNC bending machines plus 2 hydraulic bending units which can operate on diameters up to 80 mm. Additional we operate 3 CNC countersink units, 2 CNC hose mounting presses and one CNC saw. Our quality control department has following equipment. Faro 3D measurement device - Inner cleaning test device - Surface roughness test device - Hardness test device - Profile projection device - 2D and regular marking gauge - Gear wheel gauges - Micrometers - Johnson molds for inner rectification - 3 pressure and bursting test devices - measuring up to 1.500 bar - AC hoses test device In our welding section we are able to do braze welding, arc welding, spot welding and elektric welding. We have 3 induction welding devices and 1 arc welding unit. In our coating department we can operate Cr+3 pasivated, up to 6 mtr long tubes. Our cold forging unit details are as follows; We have now 4 pressing units with capacity of 250 tons for pre operation and 1.000 tons for finishing. We prepare the materials in our ovens of 1.000 celcius capacity, -+5 celcius sensitive, of which we have 2 right now but are increasing to 5 units very soon. The molding, cutting, phosphate coating and sand-wash is also done inhouse. I hope that there will be a possibility to start a cooperation very soon and will await your soonest reply. We would be pleased to receive your inquiry for which we can calculate our best possible offers for you.

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