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TBT is an international trading company that specializes in the trading high value added commodities.


It’s formed by six different companies in Konya, Turkey.


Our founding partners have many years of experience on manufacturing and trading variety of products from steel manufacturing to mold making to aluminum extrusion.


Thanks to our founding partner’s experiences and trading history, we are expert on producing the best products for the best prices. 


With these advantages and our comprehensive customer service quality, we would like to help you on improving your competitiveness on your business.


Also, we are always eager to develop new trading partners while continuing to maintain the relationships we have already established before.


As a company we have a mobile, dynamic and active structure. TBT Corporation represents the most important factor, the element of trust in trade.

Thanks to our wide range of suppliers and subcontractors, we can complete projects involving different material types and requiring different manufacturing methods.

Dealing with a single company instead of working with many different companies for the manufacture of your final product will save you from manufacturing risks and save time and money.  

KUMPAS DOVME OTOMOTIV MAKINA SAN. TIC. LTD. STI is a manufacturer of axle parts for trucks and trailers, parts for agricultural equipment and machinery, mining sector and construction machinery sectors.

It was established in 2005 as a hot forging facility in Konya/TURKEY.

Actual key data of Kumpas Dövme:

Forging part weight: 0,1 - 30 kg

Capacity: 650 t/month

Employees: approx. 50 - 60

Shop floor: 2.650 m2

Material usage: Unalloyed structural steels, tempered steels, case hardened (cementation) steels...

Certifications Quality Assurance (QA): ISO-9001: 2015, ISO-14001: 2004, OHSAS 18001: 2007

(Certification according to ISO 16149: QA have been instructed and the first activities were also started)

Die shop in-house (tool design and construction) & CAD/CAM:

By the use of CAD/CAM software the part geometries are transferred to the CNC machining center.

The precise forging tools are manufactured on demand in our tool shop in-house.

Mechanical machining:

Upon request, the raw parts are machined on our CNC-turning & -machining centers.

Investment 2020:

The expansion of our production has already started.

The 2nd hall is already under construction with 2.650 m2 of planned production area.

(In this 2nd hall 2 fundaments for presses are already completed.)

The construction of our new administration building (1.300 m2) has also planned.

Effective, quality-conscious production and on-time delivery are counted among our top principles in our long-term partnerships..

We hope that we can convince you soon with our top quality production & processes and also complex forging parts as your future supplier.

If you are interested in our product range please visit our website below:

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Look forward for your orders and requests!

Company established in 2019.

We have carrying on a business in factory that in industrial zone. We have expert staff related in work field.



Sheet Metal Products

Precision Machining

Spare Parts

Special products

We offer Contract Manufacturing services for automotive applications ISO 9001:2015 certifieded. AY-SAT OTOMOTIV LTD. STI capabilities include CNC machining, milling and turning services. Specializes in medium to large production runs. We can use stainless steel, carbon steel, nickel alloys, copper alloys, aluminum alloys, exotic metals and other materials .We use ADVANCED ROBOTICS TECHNOLOGY to produce all our productions. 571 (25 Kwa) UT-200 M 8 inch Accuway CNC 2018 Model 572 (25 Kwa) UT-200 M 8 inch Accuway CNC 2018 Model 573 (25 Kwa) UT-200 M 8 inch Accuway CNC 2018 Model 574 (25 Kwa) UT-200 M 8 inch Accuway CNC 2018 Model 575 (25 Kwa) UT-200 M 8 inch Accuway CNC 2018 Model C EXEN Robot (10 Kwa) ABB ROBOT IP Grinding Machine (22 Kwa) If you are interested in Contract Manufacturing please contac us and we will help you with products which you need.
CANBRAKE located as manufacturer branch in Mehmet CAN BILYA Company , which was founded in 1959 , started to produce by seeing the lack of products in its sector in Turkey .CANBRAKE ,progressing rapidly on the way of specialization in its field, serves in modern production facility which has closed area 7500 m2 and total area of 10.500 m2. CANBRAKE manufactures Brake Shoes, S-CAM shaft, Brake Plate, ABS Sensor Gear, Clutch Bearings for trucks and trailers with production line based on automation. Our company is taking pretentious steps in the field of production by creating professional, well-equipped, dynamic, opening to training and development business staff. In addition, our company, which evaluates domestic and international demand with its capacity, develops its production capacity and diversity day by day by making required investments and R D studies without sacrificing quality and serves to wider masses.


KONYA, Konya


Our firm has been established in Busan Private Organized Industry Region KONYA / TURKEY in 1975 with name is HATVE DISLI SANAYI. Spiral - hypoid crown wheel and pinion gear sets, straight bevel gears, spider kits, differential spider gear cases, rear axle shafts, pinyon output flances, complete differentials, speed reducers and direction changing speed reducers for light commercial vehicles (light trucks, minibuses, midibuses), commercial vehicles (trucks and buses), automobiles, tractors, work machines, agricultural machines, machinery used in factories and workshops are amongst our production topics. We can production all differential parts if you give detailed technical drawing or sample for us. 60% of our products are exported, remaining 40% satisfies the local market. Our firm focuses facility investments in the area of spiral-hypoid and straight bevel gear production machines and we're proud of our quality in the crown wheel and pinion gears, also spider kits we make. We use the GLEASON system in the production of differential crown wheel and pinion gears and we adhere to the AGMA standarts. Our product have production as complete rear differential box for vehicles.

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