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Kocaeli, Kocaeli


Eurotray is a member of Çemesan Group , steel part manufacturer which specialized in roll-forming technology , was established at Turkey in 1989.

With the experience of more than 30 years,  our OEM Team can manufacture and provide a wide range of top quality and customized steel profiles and accessories to various manufacturers all over the World for more than 50 countries including Global Sourcing companies.

For OEM applications, Eurotray specializes in complete components solutions (not just roll-formed parts). 

 Our typical service package consists of:

·      Rollformed Profiles ( C-U-Z Section Profiles) 

·      Stamped Parts

·      Bended Parts

·      Laser / CNC Punch Cut Parts

·      Welded Parts

·      Coating ( Galvanization, Epoxy etc.)


We provide sourcing to ensure that the materials meet your needs. We utilize cutting edge technology. We incorporate quality assurance (ISO 9001 – 14001 – 18001)  throughout the process.

We provide engineering consultations as well as custom manufacturing solutions to get your project or order from the drawing board to the customer.

Also, if product is convenient, we can stamp your company logo or design specific packing.

If you’re looking for a partner with a rich OEM manufacturing background and competitive pricing , we can help.

Best Regards  


Dilovası, Kocaeli

Design / Engineering Firm


Ar-Ge Form A.S is a Turkish manufacturer of following structures & parts,

  1. Pipe Support Products such as Clamps, Lamps, Pipe Shoes, Rollers, Slidings, Anchors, Guidances, Handrails etc…
  2. Cable Support Systems & Accessories such as Cable Trays, Cable Ladders, Wire Mesh Cable Trays, Marine Type Cable Trays, EMT Conduits
  3. Earthing Systems,
  4. Mechanical Support Systems such as C profiles, Mounting Perforated DIN rails, Facade Fixing Systems.
  5. Cable Cleats,
  6. Underfloor Systems,
  7. Solar Mounting Steel Structures
  8. Aluminum Standard Profiles & Accessories
  9. Lighting Materials,
  10. Scaffolding parts,
  11. Formwork products,
  12. Special parts & products.

Please kindly note that beside being a producer of pipe-support systems, (clamps, pipe shoes, cable trays, cable ladders, wire mesh) we are a procurement company for the electrical & construction materials in international projects mainly electrical & mechanical materials and earthing systems.


We already export our products to some European customers. We produce European quality products but with very affordable, competitive prices. So if you have any current demand, kindly share it with me to prepare a proposal for you to see our prices.


If you might have any questions about products quality, please remember that we can send you a sample of ladder and trays if there will be any need. Last but not least, we are inviting you to see our manifacturing facility nearby Istanbul.


Should you have any questions, please feel free to let me know.

Saygılarımla/Best Regards



Export Manager


Körfez, Kocaeli

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


Hüner Teknik Contracting, Electricity, Industry and Trade Limited Company continues to provide service without slowing down since 1978 and utilizes its knowledge and experience in the sector. Through combining its own technology with its expert technical staff trained in AEG Eti factory, Hüner Teknik provides repair and maintenance services on Transformer, Medium Voltage Circuit Breaker, Low Voltage Switch repair and maintenance, Contact and special parts manufacturing services.


KOCAELİ, Kocaeli

As UZMANLAR PLATFORM we manufacture truck mounted telescopic platform, hydraulic scissor lift, self-propelled towable articulated telescopic platform and towable telescopic platform. Our company was established in 2006 and has been manufacturing in our factory which was built on an area of 10,000m² and 3000 m² closed area in Kocaeli-Kartepe since 2013.

Our company carrying out the production with ISO 9001, CE and TS EN 280 standards in Turkey, is in the first place on truck mounted telescopic aerial work platform production quality. Domex 700 MCE and Domex 960 MCE high strength steel sheets and German Rexnord boom extending and retracting chains are used in our machines which are equipped with fully automatic hydraulic control blocks and digital control systems that allow remote or basket control. Our models, which are manufactured with fly booms, provide the opportunity to work safely on high levels thanks to geometric-electronic and moment control systems.

 Thanks to our experience and quality over 15 years, more than 1000 Uzmanlar Platform machines work safely and successfully in our sector. In addition, we provide added value to our country with our export to more than 20 countries. Our company, which is the leader in production/sales in the range of 30 to 45 meters platforms in Turkey, has become the leader in exportation by performing 37% of Turkey's exports in this sector.


Kartepe, Kocaeli


Your exclusive solution partner..

Aygün Endüstriyel Makina

KARTEPE, Kocaeli

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


  • Machine Producter,
  • Professional Milling Company
  • Heavy Maintenance For Big Industial Machines
  • Steel Constructors
  • High Quality Skills about Manufacturing
  • Measures Products With CMM Machines
  • Uses High Quality CNC Machines
Established in 1974 SAN-PAR Ltd. is specialized in die production and sheet metal forming. Our factory covers over 5,000 square meters, and we employed more than 110 well trained employees (8 Management employees). With our laser cutting, press brake, hydraulic and eccentric presses and spot and arc welding machines we are producing the required parts according to DIN 2768 standarts. We are able to work with any kind of steel between 0,5 and 16 mm thickness. Our main customers are Trk Traktr, Otokar, Uzel, Mako, Schneider Electric, Areva, Anadolu Motor. We have export to 20 countries . Quality is our job-every step of the way. Our quality certificate is ISO 9001:2008. All of our inspection equipment is routinly calibrated and traceable. Our internal quality audit experts define all quality procedures. Problems are analyzed for root cause, and appropriate corrective actions are put in place. We maintain precise records to assure the effective operations of our quality system. We maintain and provide supplier material certification. We supply SPC Charting documentation and PPAP's.

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