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ADL Makina Kalıp Ltd. Şti.

Bornova, Izmir


Founded in November 2012 with the principle of "Safe Working, Quality Production" and at the end of December, 1st Region investment incentive

Our company has completed the first part of the bench track for mold, machine parts, automotive and spare parts manufacturing, especially with its employees who have experience in the automotive industry.


IZMIR, Aegean Region

Hydraulic oil tanks, chassis, welding cabins, platforms, robot consoles, burner bodies, conveyors, Back-hoe loader parts, buckets and dippers, baskets

Our activity areas;

• Welded manufacturing (MIG, MAG, TIG, Electric arc)

• Laser cut and bending sheet metal production

• Pipe cutting (with laser) and bending

• Sheet metal cutting, bending, structure and manufacturing

• Production of welded and machined machine parts and spare parts, large platforms (structural steels and stainless steels) and painting

• Machining, turning, milling and grinding

ANET-Machining was founded after many years of experience in drive engineering and transmissions manufacturing.

We always aspire toward market driven and customer oriented solutions by means of our acquirements on international market and goal oriented method of working. We are responsive to requests of our customers and always systematically develop new solutions, which are the reason why our market share continuously increase.

The development of complicated tasks in mass production, medium and small-series production, prototype construction, to made-to-order production takes place at modern machining centres which assure consistent quality and flexibility according to wishes of customers. We are able to deal with short term as well as long term capital investments toward order situation, therefore we ensure a smooth production in terms of quality, date and cost.

To manufacture our products according to safety and environmental friendly operations and to meet the high quality requirements belong to our company’s policy. We strive to lead our customers to better competitive position with continuing advancement and cost effective production.

We always aim and attach great importance to education and training of our personnel. They act quality conscious and have an impact on continuing advancement.


Bornova, Izmir


Our target is totake an active role in the national and international areas where we operate by working with competent, knowledgeable, experienced, expert personnel and consultants with our understanding of renewed research, by providing quality and continuity in the products and services that we create in the rapidly globalizing world by using scientific methods and new technologies. it is to be.The cost of the sector is difficult to find an answer, and it is the first priority among our objectives.


IZMIR, Izmir


Industrial Parts Manufacturing Our company was started to serve the industry in 1980 with the production of packaging machinery. Since 1990, the production continues at Ataturk Organized Industrial Zone, which is 5000 square meters closed, total of 8000 square meters field. Production of different types and properties of vertical packaging machines, thermoforming machines, different types of scales (Multi-head, Linear, Cut gate) is ongoing. All R D efforts, (software and electronic card design of all our machines) is carried out by our engineers in the labs at our facilities. As of 2010, with increasing in business capacity and work experience gained in years, our company started production of industrial parts for different sectors. In our rich machine park, processing of materials like, all stainless groups (AISI 303, 304, 316, 316 I, 316LVM, etc.) super alloys (titanium, chromium, cobalt, Inconel, etc.), all aluminum groups, steel groups, brass, copper etc. is carried out with high quality and traceability.
Mapar Machine was established in 1978 by M.Ergun Alanyalı as a firm producing solar energy panels and boiler. It began to make production at the beginning of 80s as supply industry for automotive firms such as Dizelsan and Efe Agriculture Machines. Mapar Machine , with the increasing demand after 1985, assessed precisionmachining as a concept and continued its development. Additionally, Mapar began to supplymetal machiningparts to BMC, which was the leading firm of its sector and manufacturing light and heavy commercial vehicles. Thus, Mapar began to develop and be a powerful firm rapidly. Mapar globalized in 2006 and presently is making production as subsidiary industry for the well-known and distinguished firms of the countries such as particularly Germany, and France, England and Austria. Mapar Machine, with its 45-membered staff, manufactures high quality and precise parts for primarily automotive industry and air conditioning, steel industries by using casting, steel, nonferrous and special metals in accordance with therequired standards and dimensions of the customers. In 2007, our firm moved in its newfacility which has 3800 m2 enclosed space situated on 8000 m2 area, and it is continuing its business in order to provide better and high-quality services for its customers. Mapar Machine, with the purpose of maintaining customer satisfaction, has certified quality management system by ISO 9000:2000 which it has received from TV(Technical Control Institution) and Mapar has put this system in its application scope. Now, Mapar is trying to do its best to acquire TS EN ISO 16949




We as CESIMAK HeavyConstruction Equipment Manufacturing Co. LTD has been settled in Izmir since 1990 and would like to introduce ourselves as one of the most reliable and competent manufacture company in Turkey. The machine which you need and want according to your project and any other requirements can be produced only in a company that has flexible production structure. In this kind of company the important thing is not the specifications of company's machine but the specifications which the customer demands. CESIMAK works for satisfying its customer's wishes and future needs at the highest level. We produce finished products and semi - finished products, spare parts especially for cement, mining, iron and steel, defense, leather, packaging, rubber, plastic, extruder, paper, paint, agriculture, food, and many other industries by experienced administration, wide range of production equipments, qualified engineering groups in product development, research, and design production units.


Izmir, Izmir

Manufacturing all kind of machinery metal parts

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