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Maksan Makina was established in 1976 and started its first production. Our company is specialized in the field, experienced staff and tin cans and various hair styling activities are serving companies. As Maksan Makina, we have served our customers without any problems with our innovative direction, specialized staff and the confidence we provide and we will continue to do so.

We understand the expectations and needs of our customers correctly, we perform our works in a right and timely manner and adopt the concept of continuous improvement of the Quality Management System in order to compete. To work in coordination with our customers, our employees implement educational activities for continuous improvement, we strive for the realization of sustainable development as a development and TURKEY.

Maksan Machinery is an export company and makes 60% of its production abroad. Middle East Countries, African Countries, Russia, Ukraine, Greece are the main export countries. We offer the last 10 years we have made investments and R & D activities supported by TUBITAK not manufactured in Turkey 4 PCS COMPLETE AUTO LINE to produce and domestic and overseas markets.

We are a manufacturing service provider for precision parts in the field of machining technology, as well as the associated services.

Adherence to deadlines and cost factors are a matter of course for us. Our customers, who have been absolutely satisfied for years, also rely on this.

Individual, prototype or series parts made of any material can be manufactured using modern technology according to customer requirements.
Our goal is always to implement projects with the customer quickly, precisely and efficiently.

A constant expansion of the machine park and the cooperation with our cooperation partners we guarantee customized solutions for the individual requirements of the customer.

What can we do for you?
We would be happy to make you an offer!


ISTANBUL, Istanbul



Aysu makina

TUZLA, Istanbul

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


We are experts in our business

We have human resources, technical knowledge and equipment that will enable us to do our job in the best possible way. With our broadly accepted best practices and initiatives, we increase our competitiveness and set an example with our corporate practices. We make a difference with the way we do business.




our vision Thanks to our management and production strategies, to be among the respected organizations in our sector with our products, to be a follower of developing technologies, to be the customer preference in domestic and foreign markets with its product and service quality. Our missionIn the machining sector, to be a company that understands the customer demands and expectations in the best way, to offer them the most appropriate and fastest suggestions, to deliver a wide range of products and services in the fastest and most efficient way and to keep customer satisfaction above all else.
2K CNC is founded by two brothers in 2013 at Dudullu Organized Industrial Zone with the aim to provide tool manufacturing and assembly in sawdust goods for expert automotive and machine manufacturers. For nearly 20 years of manufacturing and assembly experience, we realized prototype and mass manufacturing of automotive and machine spare parts, also medical products as well as general and special purpose spare parts for customers in special need.

Yagmur Automat Cnc Machine Spare Part

Istanbul, Istanbul


Yagmur Otomat Makine Ltd. Sžti.

Turan Stamping I.C.

Istanbul, Istanbul

We can Sheet metal dies (Forming, Bending, Blanking, Progressive etc.) and also we can do Laser Cutting, Press Brake Working, Welding (MIG&MAG), Spot and Projection Welding, Cataphoresis Coating and Powder Coating

77 teknik

Besiktas, Istanbul


In 2010, we started to work in the automotive sector as well as various boutique productions for the sector. Since 2014, our company was also in the non-automotive fields.Today we serves in the sectors of machine and spare parts, constructive products, construction parts and design and calculations. 


In Istanbul Anatolia, our company continues to work with unchanging fast, cost effective and high quality product principles since its establishment

General machinery, mold and equipment production,

Automotive, aviation and defense industry parts production,

Glass fittings, facade ve construction equipments production,

Food & medical machinery and equipments production,

Furniture accessories and parts productions,

Boutique and custom products.


Tuzla, Istanbul

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


  • Protek Makina has been serving as a contract manufacturer to it's customers since 2007 in machining field.
  • Our production is performed mainly by CNC Turning, CNC Milling and CNC Swiss-type Lathes.
  • We are able to work on most materials including steel, stainless-steel, copper, bronze alloys, aluminium, and engineering plastics.
  • We are currently serving our 40% of capacity to European based companies.


Basaksehir, Istanbul



Detay Kalip

Istanbul, Istanbul


DETAY KALIP was founded in 2006 in İkitelli to serve a variety of firms in the production of plastic and metal injection molds. Closely following recent technological developments, absolutely prioritizing customer satisfaction and never compromising on quality, we have expanded our customer portfolio ever since.We manufacture and modify molds of any plastic and metal items from 500mmx500mm to 2000mmx1200mm (1 ton-14 tons), mainly cosmetic look items for the home appliance, automotive and small household electrical appliance industries. Our aim is to provide continued services for leading local and international companies with our highly qualified and trained staff, minding quality, aesthetics and customer satisfaction from design to production at affordable price policy.

Guleks Precision Machining

Istanbul, Istanbul


Guleks Precision Machining is a supplier of precision turned and milled parts. The production is ran by approved subcontractor network with various machining abilities and professions. Guleks manages all phases of sampling and production; including cost estimation, cad/cam engineering, production planing and quality control. The core of the Guleks production philosophy is the knowledge collected throughout the time. Guleks is using this core information together with latest technologies to provide best possible service to its customers. Our service is based on flexible production solutions with wide range of machines. We are commited to quality in every step of our service. We are constantly working to improove our inspection processes which are already meeting highest industry standards.


Basaksehir, Istanbul

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


Spare part

Mold design

plastic injection

and metal processing

Arge Robotik Automation

Istanbul, Istanbul


Arge Robotik is a company established in Istanbul since 2007. Arge Robotik has been focusing on the production of IML (in mould labelling) and adhesive tape applying machine for skin condanser tubes used in refrigerator panels.

In IML sector it has realized projects for more than 20 country and it's customer base is keep growing.

In refrigerator sector, it has realized skin condanser taping machine projects for leading companies like BSH, Arçelik and Vestel.

Derya M.D.M San.Tic. A.S

Pendik, Istanbul


CNC Mold Machine Shop capable of manufacturing precision Molds, Mechanical parts, spare parts. Mainly for Glass Industry and other industries.


ISTANBUL, Istanbul


ATAY OTOMAT was founded by Şevket ATAY in 1983. He started to production with two free machining in automotive and tractor sector in return for compensation from Trk Demir Dkm Fabrikası. In 1994, with partnership of Ahmet YILMAZ, title of institutional firm has become ATAY OTOMAT Mak. San. ve Tic. Ltd Şti.
As a Solution Partner for our customers today, tomorrow also offers different solutions to provide a permanent superiority. We take the work we take as our own business and prepare it with a great devotion. Making good use of time without sacrificing quality. To be honest and principled in my values


ISTANBUL, Istanbul


water & you

we are a Turkish company and have different products such as taps, shower mixers and faucets.

all of them are high quality and made in Turkey products.

we already export them to some countries but would like to expand our export activities in all countries.

please contact us for more details if you are interested.

Clothing Machinery - NPN

Istanbul, Istanbul

We are manufacturers of Apparel Recycling Machines, Fiber Processing Machines, Carding Machines, Pillow Filling Machines, Pressing Machines, Sack Filling Machines, Toy Filling Machines, Pillow Rolling Machines, Apparel Cutting /Guillotine Machine, Shredders, Waste Recycle Lines, Tearing, Cutting Machines, Waste processing transforming into Fibers.




Since 2005, we have been serving the metal industry by combining our knowledge and experience with advanced technology.METU MAKİNA, aiming to be a leader in the service to its customers with total quality understanding,was established on a 1000 sqm area with 700 sqm closed area. METU MAKİNA, which performs customer oriented production,has more than 11 years of activity with expert staff, advanced technology and continuous development understandingfor producing economical and timely products. And 25 years of experience in the metal sector. Considering sectoral,social and individual interests with its rapid growth, METU MACHINE is investing in the country, the sectorand the production volume increase. Our company works with zero mistake understanding. We provide support to our customers in materials, technical anddesign issues with our experience and technical know-how. Based on honest, respectful, sociable, human values, superior quality and principles, METU MAKİNE continues to serveits valued customers with its principle of "trust".


Istanbul, Istanbul


NOVA Fabrication offers a wide variety of metal fabrication and machining services. We are a contractor and mainly fabricating Steel, Stainless Steel (Inox) and Aluminium materials. For 10 years, we have been providing service to 70% Turkish and 30% international companies, mainly in welded manufacturing, gear manufacturing, metal processing and machine spare parts. Starting from its establishment NOVA's goal has been providing services for European companies.

As NOVA Fabrication, we offer a wide range of custom (bespoke) metal services. We can produce solutions from your simplest projects to your most comprehensive projects. With our competitive prices, we can produce your products of the highest quality up to your turnkey projects within the supply period you have specified.

As NOVA Fabrication, we have been serving only European companies since 2018. In addition to our 1500m2 closed area facility, we provide services to our customers in all areas thanks to our subcontractors whom we have worked with for many years.

We do not do an average job. We offer our customers first-class solutions. We stand out not with what we do, but with how we do it.

MK MATERIAL is a dynamically developing company in the field of production and trade. The company's wide range of products mainly includes products manufactured in accordance with the requirements of the PN-EN, DIN and ISO standards. At the same time the company is realizing orders for carbon steel, alloys, stainless steel, copper, brass, polyamide, polyurethane, delirin, etc. products in accordance with customer specifications (photo, technical drawing, sample, etc.). In addition, the product range includes fastenings, clips, zamak and plastic end fittings made in own moulds. Production is carried out in compliance with the requirements of the Quality Management System ISO 9001: 2015.

MK MATERIAL conducts activities aimed at creating a company with high value and brand awareness, supported by many years of experience and necessary actions leading to the development of the company.

Our goals:

  • Fast and focused on effective solutions service,
  • Trustworthy high quality products,
  • Raising employee qualifications,
  • Regular development of the machine park,
  • Solutions tailored to customer needs,
  • Production stages complying with the requirements of ISO standards,
  • Export of products.

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