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We are in the field of machining;

turning, swiss turning, multi-axis turning

milling, 5-axis milling,

internal grinding, external grinding, surface grinding, profile grinding

Gear hobbing, gear profile grinding, screw manufacturing, all types of conical straight helical gears,

Laser cutting bend welding up to 30mm for sheet metal.

All surface cleaning and coating processes,

heat treatment works

We can.

Except that,

pipe bending,

Available in our profile extrusion capabilities.

You can try to choose us for quality production.

The superiority of the service provided is always our first indispensable principle.


Bursa, Marmara Region

FERDADA is a tooling design and manufacturing engineering service provider. Established in 2007 and restructured in 2019 with new organisation; we are focused on providing a sophisticated solution that delivers outstanding best service to our industrial customers since 2007.

GMR Endüstri Teknik

Bursa, Marmara Region



GMR Endüstri Teknik is a foreign trade company, which is supplying custom made drawing parts and industrial products from Turkish Industry according to variable customer demands. We are located in Bursa, Turkey where is the heart of Turkish manufacturing industry.

We are also ISO 9001:2015 certified.

We especially focus on custom made parts for European automotive manufacturers and their suppliers. We are supplying precision CNC turned&milled parts, cold&hot forged parts, special fixing elements, sheet-metal parts, laser&stamped parts, welded components, aluminium injected parts and cast-iron parts, plastic injected and abs vacuum parts for automotive and various industries.

The range of products that can be supplied by GMR with ease of access to powerful factories located in the surrounding provinces are quite large. Apart from semi-finished and finished products, various raw materials like aluminium sheets and profiles, cold&hot rolled pipes, acrylic & plastic (PP,PS,GPPS,ABS,Pet) sheets, aluminium foils, special packaging goods, raw MDF plates and all kind of industrial demands can also be supplied by GMR with required certificates and test reports.


Bursa, Bursa

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


We do machining and parts, please contact to get additional information.


Bursa, Bursa

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


  • NNOMAK has been founded in 2013 in Bursa by three incorporators each expertised in mechanical, industrial and electronic engineering.Each of the founders have been experienced in leading companies of the sector and willing to serve your needs with the experience of the ISO 9001-2015 quality assurance systems, MRP/ERP production systems, branding expertisement knowledge.
  • Innomak, which has 500 square meters covered for production, is offering CNC lathe machining mostly to automotive industry and also to machine manufacturing, furniture, home appliances and medical industries needs.
Kutluk aluminum aluminum industry has been operating since 1980 in Bursa. In 2011, our company is a corporation Kutluk Casting Automotive Machinery Parts Industry and Trade Co., Ltd.. Sti. was named. Covered area of 1500m2 3500m2 of open space based on the experienced staff of our company will continue to serve in a quality manner. Quality priority in our company step by step, following the developing technology in the first place. Its structure; Styrofoam Casting Sand Castings are made of two kinds of molding and casting technique with any type alloy casting is done in series and in a quality manner. So far, a lot of domestic and foreign firms to assist with aluminum die-cast aluminum Kutluk is ready to help you is for you. Casting Kutluk innovations in production technology to exhibit impeccable service approach and have implemented continuous monitoring. To the power of you still able to offer you a new and better alternative product varieties in the effort to continue to produce the same stability. Prerequisite for the success and sustainability of the production of honesty and quality. The principle of self-casting production line, without this understanding Kutluk effort and achievement of the targets in an effort to pre-sees.


Bursa, Bursa


About Us TMS Rack Systems Industry and Commerce Ltd. Co. was established as Technical Metal Industry in 1986. It became a limited company in 1992. At the beginning, TMSSTAND produced shopping baskets, wood market racks and then, TMS focused on projects, designs and manufacturing about special displays by incoming demands. In 2005 and 2006, thanks to investing on CNC wire bending and CNC wire mesh spot welding increased its quality of manufacturing. Moreover, TMS began to serve for automotive sector. Besides this, TMSSTAND has been continueing to create solutions to rack manufacturing companies by providing wire accesories. TMSSTAND is located on area of 2500 square meters in Bursa Kayapa Industrial Zone. It has more than 50 employees and, WCS ISO-9001:2008 quality certificate. Our business partners are several prestigious companies such as Koçtaş, Staş, Pınar, Uludağ, zdilek, Meray Nuts, Eczacıbaşı, Alpla Plastik, Baktat Gıda, Başak Gıda, Difaş, İpek Kağıt, Kursan Gıda, Marmara Birlik, nc Grup in domestic market and, SanDisk, Nestle, Uniliver, Perfetti Van Mele, Nivea Beiersdorf in foreign market. TMSSTAND mostly focuses on creating new innovative designs for satisfying the need of the customers. So, almost all designs belongs to TMSSTAND itself.Production Capacity: Our production capacity is 50,000 pcs in small size stands and 10,000 pcs in bigger size stands in a month. Also monthly production for national, local and supermarket chains is 3,000 pcs. 100 and 150 tones raw material can be processed in per month.Countries We Export: We, as TMS Rack Systems Industry and Commerce Ltd. Co., export our products to New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, UAE, UK, Germany, Belgium, Israel, Kenya, Italy, Greece, Bulgaria and, Macedonia for many years.
Our firm was founded in Bursa Balıklı Industrial Area 1989 with the purpose of machinery manufacturing and in due time continued its functioning about mould manufacturing. Today it has been serving in the fields of plate mould production and metal sheet (plate) tools manufacturing through progressive mould technology, which includes high technology. Our firm is operating in Bursa, Nilufer Organize Sanayi through an already active mould factory with an indoor area of 1200 m2 and another one, a new investment of the firm at the same location that has been operational since September 2005, with an indoor area of 4200 m2. There is currently 90 staff, predominantly youngsters, employed by the firm and this number is growing day by day with the expectation of further expansion of manufacturing.Our firm, which is attaching a great deal of importance to the young staff under its human resources policy, has assumed the mission of fomenting technological progress with the expert staff it has raised on relevant subjects. Moreover, each technical staff member recruited by the firm moves to the relevant position only after he/she receives workshop training in accordance with the principle of job is learned on the spot. Paye Makinas goal is to be a growing, expanding, self-confident firm which is a leader and pioneering establishment in its sector within the global markets while also contributing to the social development of the society.

Awarded Innovation and Sustainable Quality

Located in Bursa city of Turkey, as a manufacturer, we proudly offer Turkish origin and innovation-awarded* cleaning chemicals, stain removers, carpet shampoos, and other auxiliary washing products to both domestic and international markets.

We enjoy having daily 10 tons of production capacity, in sustainable quality.

The founder of our company is also the chairman of TESIYAD, a reputable association in the industry.

Our B-2023 product is used safely and effectively for cleaning all types of carpets and other textile products, suitable for automated, semi-automated and manual cleaning.

Quality matters to us a lot!

As our B-2023 shampoo is in "liquid-based form" (unlike the other products' thickened form), it allows a time-and-labour efficiency in the mid and long term. Because it gives a noticeable time and labour saving from cleaning of the machines (rolls, other units etc.), in addition to minimizing the technical problems in the equipment.

Our B-2023 product also offers a safe and green application, as it does not leave remnant on the surface, not including preservative and colouring agents.

We are so ready to support your business with our competitive pricing policy and premium quality products.

Please contact us for more details!

(*) Our B-2023 product is awarded to "Most Successful Innovation" award by the Cleaner Magazine's 4th Industrial Cleaning Awards.


-Carpet/Rug Shampoos with Stain Removing Feature

-Stain Removers

-Carpet Perfumes

-Fabric Conditioners (Fabric Softeners)

-Other Auxiliary Products

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