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Awarded Innovation and Sustainable Quality Located in Bursa city of Turkey, as a manufacturer, we proudly offer Turkish origin and innovation-awarded* cleaning chemicals, stain removers, carpet shampoos, and other auxiliary washing products to both domestic and international markets. We enjoy having daily 10 tons of production capacity, in sustainable quality. The founder of our company is also the chairman of TESIYAD, a reputable association in the industry. Our B-2023 product is used safely and effectively for cleaning all types of carpets and other textile products, suitable for automated, semi-automated and manual cleaning. Quality matters to us a lot! As our B-2023 shampoo is in "liquid-based form" (unlike the other products' thickened form), it allows a time-and-labour efficiency in the mid and long term. Because it gives a noticeable time and labour saving from cleaning of the machines (rolls, other units etc.), in addition to minimizing the technical problems in the equipment. Our B-2023 product also offers a safe and green application, as it does not leave remnant on the surface, not including preservative and colouring agents. We are so ready to support your business with our competitive pricing policy and premium quality products. Please contact us for more details! (*) Our B-2023 product is awarded to "Most Successful Innovation" award by the Cleaner Magazine's 4th Industrial Cleaning Awards. Products:-Carpet/Rug Shampoos with Stain Removing Feature-Stain Removers-Carpet Perfumes-Fabric Conditioners (Fabric Softeners)-Other Auxiliary Products

dekar otomotiv



DEKAR Otomotiv with the accumulation of the knowledge about Otomotiv spare since 1981 ,Our factory started manufacturing with the name of DEKAR Otomotiv 2008 and since then, it has been continuing manufacturing and improving itself and its product range day by day.In the light of the principle of ‘right knowledge , correct move' and with the cooperation of Professional employees and administration ,our company keeps proceeding in the market .Producing for numbers of brands and models, DEKAR Otomotiv aims to be one of the most important exporters in Otomotiv industry with the help of its innovative operations.Therefore DEKAR Otomotiv constantly follows technological innovations and facilitates modern training and equipment. ABOUT US DEKAR Otomotiv is a prestige company that quality and trustworthiness of which is known in the global market. Power of DEKAR Otomotiv stems from its experience and quality concept, and the company is a permanent solution partner of its customers by means of its plastic-rubber and sheet metal products. VISION Being able to financially and be as good as one's bond Being a leader which honored own employees in the Otomotiv industry. Continiuously, improve its product range and get famous in the world's market. Our solution partners Established in 1990 to manufacture and sell Otomotiv and industrial spare parts.
Kutluk aluminum aluminum industry has been operating since 1980 in Bursa. In 2011, our company is a corporation Kutluk Casting Automotive Machinery Parts Industry and Trade Co., Ltd.. Sti. was named. Covered area of 1500m2 3500m2 of open space based on the experienced staff of our company will continue to serve in a quality manner. Quality priority in our company step by step, following the developing technology in the first place. Its structure; Styrofoam Casting Sand Castings are made of two kinds of molding and casting technique with any type alloy casting is done in series and in a quality manner. So far, a lot of domestic and foreign firms to assist with aluminum die-cast aluminum Kutluk is ready to help you is for you. Casting Kutluk innovations in production technology to exhibit impeccable service approach and have implemented continuous monitoring. To the power of you still able to offer you a new and better alternative product varieties in the effort to continue to produce the same stability. Prerequisite for the success and sustainability of the production of honesty and quality. The principle of self-casting production line, without this understanding Kutluk effort and achievement of the targets in an effort to pre-sees.

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