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3 cnc vertical machining center

1 pc cnc lathe

1 pc of cnc sliding vending machine

assembly, plating, heat treatment etc. We do turnkey works together on the roads.

  • Kardinero Medical Systems has been founded with the aim of performing R&D, design, production and sales activities for medical devices and medical software.
  • Kardinero is performing Diagnostic cardiology equipment: PC based Electrocardiography, ECG Stress Test Systems, hardware and software design, production and development.
  • Kardinero has the potential to design and production capabilities for other medical devices.



Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


Our company manufactures bespoke products to governments and defense suppliers according to their drawings with its experienced engineering staff. These products meet the quality requirements accepted in the world. We take pride in the satisfaction of our customers. Our company is determined to be your reliable business partner.


ANKARA, Ankara

TURALI GROUP is Project based International Group having manufacturing units in GERMANY, TURKEY and CHINA. Distributor for oil and gas companies .Operating in some of the Major Fields. Hydraulic and pneumatic equipment. Steel and metal Pipe Work. Special Machining. Industrial Hardware and safety equipment. Engineering Services.

Prosim Machine Metal Electronic Ind. Trade Co. Ltd

Ankara, Ankara



Producing the concrete paving stones and bims briquet machines to the suppliers in highly economic, safety and cutting edge technology in adapt to the high capacity facilities. As a company, our target is producing the project based productions to the any kind of firms and to their own capacities.


Ankara, Ankara

We are one of the leader companies in Turkey in the field of aluminium casting.We have a capacity of 800 tons of aluminium casting per year.

%50 of our aluminium casting is in the field of lightening.We export our products to Germany,Austria,Israel,Morocco,Russia etc.

We would like to work with you in that field.

You can see a sample of our products in the attached photo.

If you need further information about our company,just click our website below.

You can watch some of our videos below as well.

Best regards.


Ankara, Ankara

SPOTURKEY is an international trading solution partner, acting as a

sales office for suppliers and puchasing office for buyers who are

seeking for quality and on time delivery at an optimized cost.

SPOTURKEY has the expertise on sourcing mainly steel parts and

assemblies, especially for automotive and construction industries.

Metal Machine Shop


ANKARA, Ankara


TURALI GROUP is an international Firm established in 2004, By Turkish and Chinese partner. Having pulse on Global Trade, Company's Central Office located in Turkey, Commercial Centers in China and Taiwan. Production facilities and commercial centers in Germany,Azerbaijan and Niger. One of the largest independent hydraulic fiting and hose manufacturer in TURKEY, TURALI GROUP Manufacturing has served a wide variety of industries since 2004. Its' manufacturing expertise, along with superior technical and customer service support, allow us to continually provide excellent products and value to our customers. Along with Hydraulic Products we are actively participating in Steel and Metal Pipe Industry.Have accumplished manufactring and supplying to Big Projects WorldWide by adding value to our customers work. Actively having role in working industries construction defence, marine, heavy equipment, oil gas equipment, oil gas, mining and alternative energy

Kale savunma Ltd.

Ankara, Ankara


Kale Savunma

Ay Dokum Mak. San. Tic. A.S.

Ankara, Ankara


What Do We Do? Gray and nodular cast iron, raw and machined castings Who Do We Do It For? Our specific targets are industry leading customers who are in compliance with our institutional culture, will support us through our improvement and mutual growth Why Do We Do It? To become the company our customers and employees want to work with To ensure satisfaction of all our stakeholders To transfer our industrial knowledge and experience to future generations To develop our society with our activities How Do We Do It? Maintaining our competitiveness and profitability Being open to innovation by constantly following up the latest technology Using natural resources in the most effective way Supporting our customers from the first project stage What Makes Us Different? Having a "Corporal Family Company" structure Having quick decision making and flexible production mechanism Establishing a rather partner focused relations with our fewer customers

CONPROMAC is face of the brand which constituded by Argesan and Ahi Kalıp Makine who have been producing together Concrete Block and Paver Making Machines and all its handling equipments with their great manufacturing experiences for long years. Argesan Kalıp San.Tic.Ltd.Şti. was established in 1990 to produce metal sheet mould productions.In 2000 Argesan started to produce all kinds of stainless steel and metal facade solutions and it still continues to produce every kinds of moulds for machines and facade fittings.

Being a leading company and well placed in his sector in both domestic and foreign markets and in the wake of being commited to new Technologies and R&D activities, Argesan made an investment of 5+1 Axis Laser Cutting Machine to meet the demands of manufacturers who need multi axes laser cutting moulds, and together with this investment Argesan joined his forces with Ahi Kalıp Makine which has strong and great experience of producing fully automatic concrete block and paver making machines and all handling equipments together with their concrete mixing devices and moulds for nearly 15 years in the sector.These machines can produce various elements such as pavers,hollow blocks,curbstones.

Argesan and Ahi Kalıp Mak. composed together a new brand of CONPROMAC Company to enlarge their markets in Concrete Block and Paver Making Machines by joining of trade shows in worlwide. CONPROMAC aims to submit customized solutions in this kind of machines depending on the customer needs to help them by individual approach in finding the right desicions to constitude their production lines.

CONPROMAC uses high quality German Made Electronics in his PLC Automation Systems and in concrete block and paver making machines and all handling equipments like finger cars,elevators,lowerators etc..with the competents and engineers who has got 25 years experience. CONPROMAC aims continuous improvement by following the development of new Technologies in his facilities under the certification of high domestic and European Standarts.

We as CONPROMAC is certified by ISO 9001 Quality Certificate will continue to give best service with our high and internationally certified quality products with the most appropriate costs to our customers by the help of our experienced staff and professional management.

EMS Engineering-Machinery

Sasmaz, Ankara


Our company, which continues to its activities in manufacturing sector since 2000, meets our customers' needs in part and mold production. EMS Engineering and Machinery is able to design and analyse the parts with its skilled staff in their field, to machine the parts with complex geometry in high precision and quality via computer based manufacturing techniques and to deliver them to its customers in the targeted time. The company has produced many kinds of spare part and their molds over Turkey and continues to produce. EMS Engineering and Machinery, which continues to RD projects in order to meet the request and expectations of its customers, is in effort of providing service in high quality to its customers with CNC and conventional machinery and CAD/CAM based part manufacturing today.




Uygur Ltd provides precision machining service as a sub-industry counterpart to aerospace, defense, medical and automotive sectors. UYGUR is branded in the areas it delivers service for its high quality production and reliability for close tolerance and precise parts. Uygur has a large and modern machine park of 47 CNCs (18 off 5 axis) with a machining capability of up to 3600mm/141.73inch. Uygur has two Swiss type lathes for serial production for parts below diameter of 20.00mm/0,79". Uygur is an AS/ EN 9100 (Rev. C) and ISO9001 (2000) Quality Management System certificates. SERVICES: Precision Machining, Prototype Manufacturing, Assembly, CAD/CAM/CAE, Design (Done at UYGUR's facilities) NDT, Surface Finish, Painting (sub-contracted to NADCAP certified subcontractors.) For more information please visit

Ekin Metal A.S.

Ankara, Ankara


Ekin Metal is manufacturing of all kinds of steel. Our facilities are steel cutting and cncbending, cnc plasma and oxygen cutting, laser cutting and welding. We provide laser cutting, plasma cutting, cnc bending, forming,welding,painting, polishing and many more metal fabricating services depending on your specific needs.

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