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Manisa, Aegean Region



SYS Pres was established in 1990 and has grown to occupy a 3000 sq m factory area where it employees 30 personnel, the majority of whom are technical high school graduates to ensure a high quality, dedicated workforce. The distance from the factory to the nearest major commercial port is only 60 km. We work with our customers  from the  design/development stage  to  produce their  requirements efficiently, economically and to a high degree of accuracy from concept to finished production volumes.

Export Countries are mainly Germany, Austria, France, United Kingdom.


1.To satisfy customer requirements and expectations at an executive level,

2.To create uniqueness in the eye of our customer with the service quality we offer,

3.To achieve continuous growth in the market by supporting all the players among the whole supply chain,

4.To become a desired, well known company in the market who is respected for its knowledge, knowhow and experience,

5.To continue to strengthen our reputation in the market with the consequent global investments,

6.To work as “One” with all employees,

7.To embrace an open minded management policy who is supporting different views and suggestions,

8.To value human source as the most important asset,

9.To maintain our honest identity with keeping all the words ever,

10.To be customer oriented with continuous improvement of QCD (Quality, Cost, Delivery) and achieve sustainable efficiency,

11.To feel the responsibility of leaning a clean and green environment to the next generations.

Note : Depending on the project we could manufacture the conveyor systems such as telescopic conveyors.

Video :

Note 02: Depending on the projects we can manufacture the screw (auger) conveyors

Note 03: Depending on the projects we can do automation and computer vision projects We are new in this area.

Note 04: We can arrange the tube / pipe laser cutting parts

Triga Metal

Yunusemre, Manisa

Design / Engineering Firm


Triga Metal is a Turkish machine shop and a foreign trade company which specializes in CNC turning and milling of metal and plastic components. Triga Metal welcomes the opportunity to become your company’s source for precision machining and manufacturing needs.

The company has capability to accomplish engineering, quality and pricing objectives to help your organization succeed, whether your needs are low volume or high. Triga Metal offers top quality product with a competitive price under on-time delivery conditions.

Triga Metal has ISO 9001:2015 certification. Besides, all of our suppliers have also ISO 9001 and/or TS ISO 16949 certification. There are capable suppliers working together with the company and this solid network give opportunity to organize necessary operations in the partners and manage the capacity in high flexibility.

There are CNC Lathes, Vertical and Horizontal Machining Centers, Grinding Machine and other machines available in our machine park.

Triga Metal has following capabilities;       

CNC turning & milling & drilling & grinding & threading & tapping & oil grooving & broaching & knurling (Machining of casting, forging, bar, plate, sheet metal, tube etc.)

Heat treatment, surface treatment (plating, coating, painting etc.), welding, HD Plasma Cutting, Polishing, Forging, Pre-Assembly.

Production capacity is not limited with the listed machines. Triga Metal is rather a young company and prefers to make investment based on solid projects and necessary technical structure and additional capacity can be organized in a short time.

Following products can be machined:

* King pin, manifold, hub, drum, cylinder head, sleeve etc. for automotive sector

* Shaft, bolt, housing, ring, fitting etc. for heavy duty machine sector

* Housing, cover, plate, shaft, fitting, valve etc. for HVAC sector

* Bracket, ring, drum, knuckle, etc. for utility vehicle sector

* Flange, bushing, pin, fitting, etc. for agriculture sector

* Spare parts for food processing machine sector

* Machined castings for energy sector

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