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BALIKESIR, Marmara Region


CMI Enggineering specilized in local manufacturing in mechanical parts, cnc milling and welding fabrication since 1998 located in Balikesir Turkey.

  • Stainless fabrication,
  • Steel fabrication
  • CNC milling turning
  • CNC sheet metal bending
  • Laser cut
  • Plasma Cut
  • Prototype manuctauring
  • mechanical electromechanical assemblies
  • hardware supply


Manisa, Aegean Region


SYS Pres was established in 1990 and has grown to occupy a 1200 sq m factory area where it employees 20 personnel, the majority of whom are technical high school graduates to ensure a high quality, dedicated workforce. The distance from the factory to the nearest major commercial port is only 60 km. We work with our customers  from the  design/development stage  to  produce their  requirements efficiently, economically and to a high degree of accuracy from concept to finished production volumes.

Export Countries are mainly Germany, Austria, France, United Kingdom.


1.To satisfy customer requirements and expectations at an executive level,

2.To create uniqueness in the eye of our customer with the service quality we offer,

3.To achieve continuous growth in the market by supporting all the players among the whole supply chain,

4.To become a desired, well known company in the market who is respected for its knowledge, knowhow and experience,

5.To continue to strengthen our reputation in the market with the consequent global investments,

6.To work as “One” with all employees,

7.To embrace an open minded management policy who is supporting different views and suggestions,

8.To value human source as the most important asset,

9.To maintain our honest identity with keeping all the words ever,

10.To be customer oriented with continuous improvement of QCD (Quality, Cost, Delivery) and achieve sustainable efficiency,

11.To feel the responsibility of leaning a clean and green environment to the next generations.

Note : Depending on the project we could manufacture the conveyor systems such as telescopic conveyors.

Video :

Note 02: Depending on the projects we can manufacture the screw (auger) conveyors

Note 03: Depending on the projects we can do automation and computer vision projects We are new in this area.

ADL Makina Kalıp Ltd. Şti.

Bornova, Izmir


Founded in November 2012 with the principle of "Safe Working, Quality Production" and at the end of December, 1st Region investment incentive

Our company has completed the first part of the bench track for mold, machine parts, automotive and spare parts manufacturing, especially with its employees who have experience in the automotive industry.

Hydraulic oil tanks, chassis, welding cabins, platforms, robot consoles, burner bodies, conveyors, Back-hoe loader parts, buckets and dippers, baskets

Our activity areas;

• Welded manufacturing (MIG, MAG, TIG, Electric arc)

• Laser cut and bending sheet metal production

• Pipe cutting (with laser) and bending

• Sheet metal cutting, bending, structure and manufacturing

• Production of welded and machined machine parts and spare parts, large platforms (structural steels and stainless steels) and painting

• Machining, turning, milling and grinding

Genba Energy

, Balikesir

Genba Enerji 1997 yılından günümüze Rüzgar ve Güneş enerjisi odaklı olarak faaliyet gösteren, sektörde sayısız yenilenebilir enerji projesine başarı ile imza atmış öncü bir firmadır. Faaliyet alanları; -Rüzgar Ölçüm Direklerinin İmalatı, kurulumu ve işletilmesi -Güneş Ölçüm Direklerinin imalatı, kurulumu ve işletilmesi -Rüzgar enerjisi kaynaklı, şebeke bağlantılı yada bağlantısız sistemlerin projelendirilmesi, kurulumu ve işletilmesi -Güneş enerjisi kaynaklı, şebeke bağlantılı yada bağlantısız sistemlerin projelendirilmesi, kurulumu ve işletilmesi -Rüzgar enerjisi ile çalışan mekanik su pompasının imalatı, montajı ve bakım hizmetleri -Güneş enerjisi ile çalışan solar su pompasının projelendirilmesi, montajı ve bakım hizmetleri -Özel tasarım mekanik konstrüksiyon imalatlar -Rüzgar türbini üreticilerine yan sanayii parça desteği

Alpan Industrial Equipment LTD-Ascorm Automation

Eskişehir, Eskisehir

Distributor of Industrial Products



Our company was established for 25 years ago. We sell different industrial equipments such as hydraulic, pneumatic, linear system and conveyor parts. We can also manage the special project machine and machine parts production process. We have different partners at the location, first of all we agreed with Henkel Loctice Industrial Sealing, Japanese Ebara Pump, Kastas O-rings, Hidtek-Winman Industrial Equipments Company and Dogus Sigma Profile Company. We have a special partner for manufacturing operations with Enmak Machinery Company since 2005. Enmak has 25 CNC milling and turning machine  that produce precision parts for automobile, aviation and military industry. Our have 1200 costumer in our location(Eskisehir, Bursa, Bilecik, Afyon, Kutahya). Our total sales and producing area is 1500 mt2. 




Maksan Makina was established in 1976 and started its first production. Our company is specialized in the field, experienced staff and tin cans and various hair styling activities are serving companies. As Maksan Makina, we have served our customers without any problems with our innovative direction, specialized staff and the confidence we provide and we will continue to do so.

We understand the expectations and needs of our customers correctly, we perform our works in a right and timely manner and adopt the concept of continuous improvement of the Quality Management System in order to compete. To work in coordination with our customers, our employees implement educational activities for continuous improvement, we strive for the realization of sustainable development as a development and TURKEY.

Maksan Machinery is an export company and makes 60% of its production abroad. Middle East Countries, African Countries, Russia, Ukraine, Greece are the main export countries. We offer the last 10 years we have made investments and R & D activities supported by TUBITAK not manufactured in Turkey 4 PCS COMPLETE AUTO LINE to produce and domestic and overseas markets.


Eskişehir, Eskisehir

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


Karar Industrial Manufacturing Company has been established on 27 June 2014 by İsmail Şerif KAREL and Serdar KAREL. The company with high engineering skills and experiences gained in many years is in operation with dynamic and flexible methods.

Mission of KARAR is to design and produce innovated and tecnological machines and components for business of its customers in order to perform their work in more efficient and economical way.

We are a manufacturing service provider for precision parts in the field of machining technology, as well as the associated services.

Adherence to deadlines and cost factors are a matter of course for us. Our customers, who have been absolutely satisfied for years, also rely on this.

Individual, prototype or series parts made of any material can be manufactured using modern technology according to customer requirements.
Our goal is always to implement projects with the customer quickly, precisely and efficiently.

A constant expansion of the machine park and the cooperation with our cooperation partners we guarantee customized solutions for the individual requirements of the customer.

What can we do for you?
We would be happy to make you an offer!



Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


Our company manufactures bespoke products to governments and defense suppliers according to their drawings with its experienced engineering staff. These products meet the quality requirements accepted in the world. We take pride in the satisfaction of our customers. Our company is determined to be your reliable business partner.


ANKARA, Ankara


TURALI GROUP is an international Firm established in 2004, By Turkish and Chinese partner. Having pulse on Global Trade, Company's Central Office located in Turkey, Commercial Centers in China and Taiwan. Production facilities and commercial centers in Germany,Azerbaijan and Niger. One of the largest independent hydraulic fiting and hose manufacturer in TURKEY, TURALI GROUP Manufacturing has served a wide variety of industries since 2004. Its' manufacturing expertise, along with superior technical and customer service support, allow us to continually provide excellent products and value to our customers. Along with Hydraulic Products we are actively participating in Steel and Metal Pipe Industry.Have accumplished manufactring and supplying to Big Projects WorldWide by adding value to our customers work. Actively having role in working industries construction defence, marine, heavy equipment, oil gas equipment, oil gas, mining and alternative energy


Kartepe, Kocaeli


Your exclusive solution partner..


ISTANBUL, Istanbul


We offer Contract Manufacturing services for automotive applications ISO 9001:2015 certifieded. AY-SAT OTOMOTIV LTD. STI capabilities include CNC machining, milling and turning services. Specializes in medium to large production runs. We can use stainless steel, carbon steel, nickel alloys, copper alloys, aluminum alloys, exotic metals and other materials .We use ADVANCED ROBOTICS TECHNOLOGY to produce all our productions. 571 (25 Kwa) UT-200 M 8 inch Accuway CNC 2018 Model 572 (25 Kwa) UT-200 M 8 inch Accuway CNC 2018 Model 573 (25 Kwa) UT-200 M 8 inch Accuway CNC 2018 Model 574 (25 Kwa) UT-200 M 8 inch Accuway CNC 2018 Model 575 (25 Kwa) UT-200 M 8 inch Accuway CNC 2018 Model C EXEN Robot (10 Kwa) ABB ROBOT IP Grinding Machine (22 Kwa) If you are interested in Contract Manufacturing please contac us and we will help you with products which you need.

Aygün Endüstriyel Makina

KARTEPE, Kocaeli

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


  • Machine Producter,
  • Professional Milling Company
  • Heavy Maintenance For Big Industial Machines
  • Steel Constructors
  • High Quality Skills about Manufacturing
  • Measures Products With CMM Machines
  • Uses High Quality CNC Machines


Bornova, Izmir


Our target is totake an active role in the national and international areas where we operate by working with competent, knowledgeable, experienced, expert personnel and consultants with our understanding of renewed research, by providing quality and continuity in the products and services that we create in the rapidly globalizing world by using scientific methods and new technologies. it is to be.The cost of the sector is difficult to find an answer, and it is the first priority among our objectives.

Kale savunma Ltd.

Ankara, Ankara


Kale Savunma

Ay Dokum Mak. San. Tic. A.S.

Ankara, Ankara


What Do We Do? Gray and nodular cast iron, raw and machined castings Who Do We Do It For? Our specific targets are industry leading customers who are in compliance with our institutional culture, will support us through our improvement and mutual growth Why Do We Do It? To become the company our customers and employees want to work with To ensure satisfaction of all our stakeholders To transfer our industrial knowledge and experience to future generations To develop our society with our activities How Do We Do It? Maintaining our competitiveness and profitability Being open to innovation by constantly following up the latest technology Using natural resources in the most effective way Supporting our customers from the first project stage What Makes Us Different? Having a "Corporal Family Company" structure Having quick decision making and flexible production mechanism Establishing a rather partner focused relations with our fewer customers

Aysu makina

TUZLA, Istanbul

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


We are experts in our business

We have human resources, technical knowledge and equipment that will enable us to do our job in the best possible way. With our broadly accepted best practices and initiatives, we increase our competitiveness and set an example with our corporate practices. We make a difference with the way we do business.




our vision Thanks to our management and production strategies, to be among the respected organizations in our sector with our products, to be a follower of developing technologies, to be the customer preference in domestic and foreign markets with its product and service quality. Our missionIn the machining sector, to be a company that understands the customer demands and expectations in the best way, to offer them the most appropriate and fastest suggestions, to deliver a wide range of products and services in the fastest and most efficient way and to keep customer satisfaction above all else.


IZMIR, Izmir


Industrial Parts Manufacturing Our company was started to serve the industry in 1980 with the production of packaging machinery. Since 1990, the production continues at Ataturk Organized Industrial Zone, which is 5000 square meters closed, total of 8000 square meters field. Production of different types and properties of vertical packaging machines, thermoforming machines, different types of scales (Multi-head, Linear, Cut gate) is ongoing. All R D efforts, (software and electronic card design of all our machines) is carried out by our engineers in the labs at our facilities. As of 2010, with increasing in business capacity and work experience gained in years, our company started production of industrial parts for different sectors. In our rich machine park, processing of materials like, all stainless groups (AISI 303, 304, 316, 316 I, 316LVM, etc.) super alloys (titanium, chromium, cobalt, Inconel, etc.), all aluminum groups, steel groups, brass, copper etc. is carried out with high quality and traceability.
We were established as " Koşar Makina" in 1949 at Eskşehr Industry Sit.In 1999 we moved to Teksan industry site.We are going on our services as "KOŞAR EN. MAK. SAN. TİC. LTD. ŞTİ. " in Eskişehir Industrial Zone where we have moved in 2004. We are doing machine production, assembly and otomation according to customer demands with our experienced technic personnel. Our firm is countiniously improving itself and servicing to country's industry since 1949. We are doing machines,machine parts and steel-construction manifacturing for White goods, molding , seramic , iron-steel sectors.
2K CNC is founded by two brothers in 2013 at Dudullu Organized Industrial Zone with the aim to provide tool manufacturing and assembly in sawdust goods for expert automotive and machine manufacturers. For nearly 20 years of manufacturing and assembly experience, we realized prototype and mass manufacturing of automotive and machine spare parts, also medical products as well as general and special purpose spare parts for customers in special need.

Yagmur Automat Cnc Machine Spare Part

Istanbul, Istanbul


Yagmur Otomat Makine Ltd. Sžti.

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