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New Taipei City, New Taipei City

Mfgr Rep / Broker / Trading House


Established in 1992, COOLMOSA is an ISO 9001:2005 certificated industrial hardware manufacturer and supplier boasting over 28 years of professional experience in OEM. We’ve built integrity and solid credentials among praises of customers who we’ve been manufacturing and supplying for customized components over the years.

Driven to seek collaborations with our customers, we are dedicated to providing products of outstanding quality through our highly skilled and diligent staff. That is how we enable our customers to quickly launch high-quality and highly competitive products to obtain maximum business opportunities in the market.

Striving to offer outstanding services to our customers, COOLMOSA manages to minimizing costs and excellent flexibility helping our clients achieve their goals and improve satisfaction.

Customer demand and product quality are our top priorities.

We abide by our motto, “Customer first, fine quality with technology as the cornerstone.”

Our expertise lies in metal stamping, metal fabrication, die-casting, CNC machining, aluminum extrusion and forging, mold making and plastic injection molding. We have over 28 years of solid experience in the field.

COOLMOSA offers the following services:

1. CNC Machining (Milling & Turning)

2. Custom Sheet Metal Stamping

3. Die-Casting & PM/MIM Casting (Powder Metallurgy/ Metal Injection Molding)

4. Aluminum Extrusion Products

5. Heat Sink Forging

6. Sheet Metal Processing

7. Metal Parts Fabrication

8. Rapid Prototype - Sheet metal & Rapid Prototype - Machining

9. Engineering Design

10. Sub-Assembly, Assembly & Testing

Feng Chern Co., Ltd.

Fenyuan Township, Chang-hua


About Fong Chen Corporation Established in 1993, Fong Chen Corporation is a company that provides 3-axis and 5-axis precise machining. With 19 years of experience, the company requires the highest standard on products and has been progressing in capacity, technology, and service. Over the past 2 decades, Fong Chen has been producing the most challenging and professional bicyle parts for many well-known international and domestic manufactures, our believe is to assist customers' with their every requirements, including inventory management to reduces overhead cost. Fong Chen continues to focus on advancing in machinery industry, pursuing the best achievements of the company and of our customers.

Super Alliance Co Ltd

Kaohsiung, Kao-hsiung


Super Alliance was established in March 1992. We have been devoted to the design, manufacturing and processing of precision plastic molds and injection of plastic products for more than 20 years. The business scope covers many fields such as automotive parts, medical products, optical fiber communications, and mechanical equipment parts.

"Quality comes first, customer satisfaction" has always been the business philosophy of the company since its establishment. With the most advanced technology, fast service, good quality, we would like to provide the best products to our customers and bring more mutual benefits.


San Jye Co., Ltd

, Chia-i


San Jye Co., Ltd. established in 1977, has accumulate 34-year experiences in metal fabrication. Started from producing electric control cabinets,now we are capable of making various precision sheet metal products. Our current main product lines are, but not limited to, stainless premium gas BBQ stove series, stainless premium tool boxes, precision mechanical sheet metal parts, and western style premium stainless sink series. We welcome any companies (domestic, overseas companies, trading company, or agents) to cooperate OEM/ODM projects. We are equipped with advanced fully automatic/semi-auto precision CNC machines. To cope with our company strategy by entering precision sheet metal market, we began to introduce CNC machines in 1985. And we have completely replaced equipment for upgrade in 1987. Through research and development for many years, we have reached the goal in flexibility and in small quantity production with various items without tooling and fast delivery to reduce our clients' development cost, and to increase the market competitiveness. Up to date, we become main supplier for many domestic/overseas companies to produce various metal products. With skillful technology, outstanding quality, and our believe in credibility and sincerity, we are surely trusted by our customers. We have continuously devoted in stainless steel products' research and development. In Dec 1997, we expanded our production line in premium stainless steel products. Our western style water sink series is one of the supreme brands with outstanding reputation in domestic and overseas markets. We cooperated with Home Depot in providing OEM service to produce high quality stainless steel tool boxes under HUSKY brand and this product receives market's applause. In order to devote more research efforts on various stainless steel BBQ sets, infrared ray burners and upgrading our quality system, we increased capital and have expansion in May, 1998. With unique high quality spot welding technology and with our development in polishing machine we have improved the appearance of our BBQ products. We continuously provide OEM service to European and US well known brand names in producing stand carry type gas BBQ stoves. Besides, we also produce BBQ stoves for marine-use purpose for our Australian and New Zealand customers. With many years mature experiences, plus the flexibility of our team to cope with the changing market, we are able to produce reasonable price, high quality products speedily for our customers to increase products' competitiveness. We will keep our attitude to improve our technology and quality system in exploring more domestic and overseas business. According to each customer's need, we welcome OEM/ODM business models to work together.

TYC Tong Yu Corp.

New Taipei, T'ai-pei


Incorporated in SuLin, Taipei County, Taiwan to engage in manufacturing of punched products of metallic parts in 1995; ISO-9001:2000 certified in 2000; completed expansion of factory building in 2005 to upgrade facilities in meeting customer requirements; TUNG YU further incorporated TZUN YU LASER in 2006 to cope with orders at small amount and diversified models booked by accounts, shortening R&D time frame at client's end, and upgrade competition strength of the Company when Taiwan is becoming the R&D center for bookings at small amount and diversified models.We are specialized in this business over 20 years , from design to mass production , all we can serve for you . We are a middle size company, have good flexibility , and competative price . but quality still meet your requirements. We are a professional metal stamping manufacturer , laser cutting manufacturer, al extrusion manufacturer , and die casting manufacturer. If you have inquriy , please contact us , We will do our best for you . As far , We have produced for lot of buyer who is famous in world , such as ASUS , PAR, FOXCONN,ADVANTECH and NCR. So our quality , you can rest assured. We are looking forward to hearing your news.


Nantou, Nan-t'ou


Since year 1984, following the rapid economic growth in Taiwan, “JOIN YIUH” was established then and specialized in die castings. Along with the advancement of both our production capability and customer service skill, our clients were expanded from initially local Taiwan to worldwide the UK, the USA, Germany, Japan and Italy. Our OEM products are with a big variety of different fields, such as auto parts/gearboxes/hand tools/pneumatic tools/motor goods/refrigeration equipment/medical chairs etc. In order to provide all our customers with best quality, we had built two factories, located in two industrial parks in the central of Taiwan and there are departments of die casting/CNC machining/plastic injection molding/assembly/quality controlling on site. We hope to offer a complete solution for all our clients on the strength of our fully-equipped plants. Our service for you includes: project development/production implement/quality assurance/on time shipments, all these could be achieved in house. In addition, we can customize our production procedures to satisfy all the various requirements in the market. Recently, we have adapted our production facilities and added many kinds of robotic arms to the consistent production quality. Looking back on the long time efforts that we kept doing, “Move forward with our clients” is not only our original intention but also our constant principle. We will continue to do our best to be your reliable partner forever!

Z-Sinpro Wedge Anchor Co., Ltd.

Kaohsiung, Kao-hsiung County


A wedge anchor manufacturer

Able to supply standard and non-standard fasteners

Business Results

Argentina: Stainless special bolts (based on prints-oval head)

Japan: Stainless wedge anchors

Poland: Stainless stamping parts, stainless wedge anchor expansion clip

Philippines: stainless flange nuts, stainless socket button head cap screws, stainless washers, stainless nyloc nuts

UK: Stainless Custom Screw(patented)

USA: Stainless flat washers

Hsin Lien Machinery Parts Co., Ltd.

TAICHUNG, T'ai-wan


Hsin Lien Machinery company established in 1988, and obtained the ISO 9002 in 1998, and ISO 2001 in 2001. For years we specialized in processing of brass casting, including brass, the high tensile strength brass , the bronze, the aluminum bronze, the phosphor bronze, the leaded bronze, the nickel silver and so on. Hsin Lien Machinery is a your complete brass casting source. Our services include: .Mold design and manufacturing .Brass die casting .Cast finishing using CNC machining From its beginnings in 1988, Hsin Lien Machinery company has always produced top-quality products at affordable prices. By relying on volume sales rather than per-unit profits to build the company, Hsin Lien Machinery company delivers more standard features, high-tech innovations and rock-solid engineering than perhaps any other brass casting parts in the world - and at better prices! In the treacherous economics situation, mechanical industrial are racking their brains road of the further development. Hsin Lien Machinery had a mission statement: "Every customer is critical to our success and we gladly serve each with the commitment to excellence and the willingness to do whatever it takes to provide service that's exceptional." Hsin Lien Machinery uses the most advanced high frequency induction furnace, producing with the vertical centrifugal casting production and the vertical centrifugal casting production, and a series of CNC lathe, the CNC machining center, CNC cutting machine and so on. Hsin Lien Machinery try to help our customer cost reduction, casting technological development, the quality promotion contribution . Do you have a question or comment concerning of your brass parts processing or want to know a better way of producing your industrial accessory? Maybe you have a better way of doing something and want to share it? Please contact us with Email or call, we will response as soon as possible!

Changhua Diecasting Industries Co., Ltd

Yun Lin Xian, T'ai-wan


We are an OEM manufacturer for aluminum/zinc die-casting parts since 1984. The 6600 m² manufacturing site locates in the middle-west of Taiwan, with more than 30 employees in production. With over 30 years of experience working in the die casting industry, we are capable of manufacturing complicated design, achieving strong, light weight products with superior surface finish. Our die casting machineries range from 150 ton to 900 ton, and are capable of producing part weight up to 13lb. As a medium sized family owned company, we have great flexibility in meeting any product requirements. Our services include integrated product assembly, OEM of steel/plastic/rubber products, extensive secondary processing from CNC machining, chrome plating, anodizing, painting, polishing …etc. The advantage of working with us is that we serve over 20 global customers such as Danfoss Drives A/S,Rosemount Tank Radar AB…etc. You are welcome to make a reference form them. We care about our quality very much; therefore, every "single piece" is checked before pack and ship. Also, it can reduce costs by subcontracting non-core manufacturing services. Therefore, our quality is competitive and price is affordable. We would like to be your supplier and serve you in the future. Furthermore, we have k-alloy aluminum which is corrosion resistant. If you are interested in, any design or quotation, please do not hesitate to contact us. We provide the Best service and Price. We look forward to hearing from you soon!


T'ai-pei County, T'ai-pei County



Tahoe Industries, founded in the year 1980, started with the products lines of auto parts of after market components.

From the year 1985, we start to engineer the customer designed connector components for commercial airliner

From the year 2000, we started to engineer some of the after market components for military use

Today, we are a major supplier of vendors for US airplane manufacturers and US military, which requires both Military and Industrial ISO standard on quality control

Our product lines includes :

  • Plastic Mold Injection parts
  • Metal parts
  • Cable assembly
  • Printed circuit board assembly
  • Turnkey assembly and testing

Homer Hardware Inc

CHANGHUA, Chang-hua


Homer Handward has been specialized in producing furniture hardware, plastic hardware, die casting products and CNC machine parts for more than a decade. Our products include auto parts, automobile locks, door lockers and cabinet knobs. During these years, we have invested in hi-tech machines, like CNC machines, heavy duty hydraulic press machines, processing machines, and quality control facilities to ensure our quality products and best service. In order to maintain our good reputation of business, we are sure to keep offering service under our philosophy of "honest management, continuous creativeness and consecutive improvement". We sincerely welcome your valuable suggestions and orders. Contact person: Jennifer Wu , Telephone: +886-47273349

Sa Chen Steel Mold Co., Ltd.



Company name : Sa Chen Precision Mold Co., Ltd. Proprietor: Scotty Lin Scomin Lin Founding date: March 15th, 1987 Initial capital: NTD $60 million Total Number of Employees: 70 Factory Building Space : 4300㎡ Capacity of Mold Size: 50 kgs to 10 tons Certification: ISO 9001-2008 Business Items: 1. Plastic injection mold design, manufacturing and injection molding 2. Home Office appliance plastic part mold 3. Bicycle transmission plastic part mold 4. Mobile, radiophone and intercom mold 5. Automotive plastic part mold 6. IC Holding tray mold 7. Memory card mold 8. USB flash driver mold 9. Medical parts mold 10. Double density/Double injection/2 colors/2 compounds/2K mold 11. Insert molding/Overt molding mold 12. Optical/LED lens mold 13. Ultra thin micro plastic part mold Major End Clients: AIPHONE、ASTON MARTIN、AUDI、BENTLEY、BMW、CANON、COOK POLYMER、ELECTROLUX、FORD、HONDA、KINGSTON、MERCEDES BENZ、MITSUBA、MITSUBISHI、NEC、NISSAN、PANASONIC、ROLLS- ROYCE、SAGEM、SANDISK、SHARP、SONY、SRAM、SUZUKI、TOSHIBA、TOYO-DENSO、TOYOTA、VIPA、VOLKSWAGEN。

ELA Inc.

Changhua, Chang-hua

ELA Inc. , a seasoned manufacturer in the pet products industry across house pets, birds, horses, and small animal fields.

Own factories that focus on pet accessories, toys, material sourcing, and product development individually. 

Nylon and its derivatives are our strength; However, expanding our comfort zone is always our top principle. 

Metro-Fab Engineering Inc.

New Taipei, New Taipei City


Metro-Fab Engineering Inc. has excellent experience in metal fabrication industries since 1980, and providing the total solution of following metal products from Taiwan. We are not only manufacturing / outsourcing in Taiwan, but also provide quality control and process engineering improvement. Meanwhile new project / product always be achieved on time to support your worldwide sale channel, and inventory program will be supported to commit shipping schedule for a long-term partnership.

A-Corn Enterprises Co., Ltd.

Taipei, T'ai-wan


A-Corn Corporation, established in 1984, is a professional supplier in searching purchasing the components products for our foreign customers. Nowadays, we have a great engineer teams who can help you to solve all the design and production problems. Our major product ranges are such as hardware parts, automobile motorcycle parts, electronic equipment parts, and specific metal material or components ODM OEM.

Faith Sound Industrial Co., Ltd.

New Taipei City, T'ai-wan


Contactto Mr. Zhu , Telephone: +886-2-29110293 . 89522471

Hang Jing Co., Ltd.

Sanchong Dist., T'ai-pei County


We, Hang Jing Co., Ltd., have specialized in manufacturing non-ferrous metal alloy wires including Phosphor bronze wire, Yellow brass wire, Nickel silver wire(sheet/strip), Tin-Zinc alloy wire, Beryllium copper wire/rod, Cu-OF wire, etc. The factory set up in South Korea. We have engaged in this field for 29 years, and we supply our products to well-known manufactories all over the world every month... Our products are diversification, customization, and can be used in multiple applications, such as connectors, plated wire (for the telephone connection), and spring. We accomplish various special demands according to the attributes of different customers' products..... The Main Products: 1. Item: (1) Phosphor Bronze Wire: C5100(CuSn5), C5191(CuSn6), C5212(CuSn8). (2) 0.45mm Phosphor Bronze Wire For Gold Plating: C5100(CuSn5). (3) Tough Pitch Copper Wire For Contact: C1100. (4) CuNi Wire For Contact: CuNi10(C70600). (5) CN Wire: CN49, CN30, CN15, CN10, CN5. (6) Nickel Silver Wire(Sheet/Strip): C7701, C7521, C7541. (7) Yellow Brass Wire: C2600(CuZn30), C2700(CuZn36). (8) Tin Copper Wire. (9) Tin-Zinc Alloy Wire. (10) Cu-OF Wire(Oxyacid free copper wire, OFC wire). (11) Beryllium copper wire/rod: C17200, C17300..... 2. Wire type: Square, Round, Flat, Pin. 3. Packaging: Bobbin, Coil, Carrier. 4. Characteristics: Good anti-fatigue, Good anti-corrosion, Good anti-abrasion, etc. 5. Shipping term: FOB Korea or CIF. 6. Payment term: T/T(Wire transfer). 7. M.O.Q. will be adjusted based on the specification. 8. Certification: ISO 14001 & ISO 9001, Comply with RoHS. 9. Country of origin: South Korea..... We keep abreast of lead-time at any moment; emphasize simple, rapid and perfect services.

THY Hong Yang Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

Lugang, Chang-hua


THY Precision (Hong Yang Precision Industry Co., Ltd.) specializes in all aspects of precision plastic micro injection molding, plastic micro injection mold manufacturing, and precision CNC parts machining. We offer top quality micro molds and manufacturing services including Medical Components, Micro Optics, Micro Electronics, Precision Automotive / Bicycle Parts. The factory occupies 15,000 square meters with climate controlled facilities and a class clean room. THY Precision with ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016 certification ensure the strictest of clients specifications are met.                                             

THY Precision specialize in the following Micro Injection Molding related services:

Micro-molded plastic design and manufacturing

Precision CNC parts machining and assembly

Precision injection micro molding

Sub-assembly of molded components

OEM and ODM Micro molding solutions including:

-Precision Micro Molding

-Medical Micro Molding

-Cleanroom Injection Molding

-Micro Insert / Overmold Molding

-Double Shot Molding / Two Shot Molding                                                                                                                                               

THY Precision providing high quality precision injection micro molding, manufacturing, automation and packaging system services. Our in-house micro molding tooling and 24/7 production operation allow us to produce millions of units a month. THY has invested heavily in world-class CNC machinery and plastic injection machines with take-out-robots. THY specializes in precision micro molds with 1 µm tolerance and ±0.005~±0.01 mm tolerance for micro plastic injection components.

THY Hong Yang Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

 ✎ATTN: Ms. Sharon Kao 



Brimo Technology, Inc.

Taipei County 249, T'ai-pei


Brimo is at the forefront of design and fabrication. we proudly offer the best ODM and OEM services, our professional team is dedicated to design and innovation. Both ISO 9001 and 14001 certified with outstanding design ability and production quality. Our international team consists of professional with backgrounds in various fields. This advantage allows us to have a global insight towards design and trend. With over 30 years of manufacturing expertise and experience, we are able to develop innovative concepts in to reality. Total in house design and production capability will reduce time and costs providing the best quality products and market competitiveness for our clients. We specialize in ODM/OEM, Tooling development, Stamping, Assembly. Our sales and RD headquarter is located in Taipei city and our factory in Bali, Taipei county. Our extensive product ranges from thermal solution for DRAM, CPU, GPU, LED, Product enclosures, Product components, Product concept development and Metal artistry. Our growing clientele base includes Taiwanese, Japanese, European and US companies. Main Equipment:1.Auto Cutting Machines 2.45�XCutting Machines3.High Speed CNC Milling Machines4.Vertical Processing Machine5.Punching Machine6.Drilling Machine7.Abrasive belt Machine8.Vibration Polish Machine9.Video Measuring System Main Product:1.Audio Panels2.Car Amp 3.Heatsink4.Modem Cases5.CCTV Casing6.CPU Heatsink7.Heavy Duty Electric Machinery Heatsink8.Customized Extrusion Tooling9.Processing And Finished Products Assembling We're looking forward to serve you soon.

EMS Technologies Co. Ltd.

Taichung, T'ai-wan


The objective of EMS Technologies is to provide our customers both products and services which meet or exceed their specifications, requirements and expectation. Through the dedication, education and empowerment of all our team members, management has established and maintains the commitment to Total Quality Management and an atmosphere that fosters continuous improvement.

Panio Information Co.

Taoyuan, T'ai-wan


Panio, a privately held company established in 2000, is the recognized leader in connectivity solutions in Taiwan. We offer diverse products regarding KVM, Audio Video Extender, Video Switch Splitter and pioneer high technology products . All products offer elegant design , advanced features , and outstanding performance.


Taichung, T'ai-chung


About US Established in 1984, TYFER Industrial is located in Taiwan, a specialized processing factory, specializes in milling processing for tool machine spindle headstock and related parts, as well as any OEM production projects.We combine youth oriented and technology talented people under the philosophy of "professional / responsible / continues forever", by all strength we are moving forward to the "superior quality" field and bringing out the ideal of sophisticated processing. Insistence of TYFER 'The first-class technical standard/simplification work flow/promote comprehensive quality ' is the advantage that TYFER develops and makes breakthrough repeatedly. Through total quality management form the overseas big plant and the domestic well-known specialty machine factory for a long time. We also devote to the product level promotion. It's much better to lay the foundation of TYFER business in the processing industry. Gain the trust of more customers. We are also committed to deliver the highest value to meet our customer ultimate satisfaction via the mean of International Quality System Standard. Our QA/QC team focuses in the best industry standard. For years, we have been devoted ourselves to provide the best quality products and services to our clients, in addition with decades of experiences in this field, our customers are also satisfied by our expertise and knowledge. Therefore, we have earned a reputation as reliable supplier and become one of the leading company producing best quality screws, bolts and nuts in Taiwan. In the coming future, we will continue to endeavor toward the apex in our performance in pursuit of sustainability and excellence. Satisfactory services to our customers through professionalism and innovation is our final goal. We looking forward and welcome all the inquiries!
Asia Engineered Components Assembly Co., Ltd. was first established in 1993. We manufacture full variety of quality sanitary fittings, such as Faucets, Angle Stop Valve, Toilet Partition Hardware, Toilet Accessories, Plumbing Hardware, and Plastic Injection Products and so on. Besides, we have our own in-house designers and engineers for all of our production. They have more than 10 years' top class experience in OEM/ODM projecting. Our services include: - Inspection (IPQC/FQC) - Process control, functional testing, packing reliability testing. Quality System - Implement the operation of PPAP as per customers' request. E-computerize the inspection report to have customers receive the inspection reports on time. Perform required Physical and Chemical testing for products if necessary. Total Project Management - RFQ received Quotation to Customer (Sales / Project Department) Order Placed by Customer First Article Sample Evaluation (QA) Result Fail - Re-Submit Sample Pass - Set Up Inspection Criteria Review with customer as needed (QA / Project Department) Mass Production Outgoing Quality Inspection (QC) APPROVED Fail - Sorting / Reworking / Re-making PASS - Shipping Logistics Center (Taiwan / China) We are committed to the continuous learning and development of all staff to enable them to develop individual skills in order to work effectively under our quality system. Quality of the production processes and products are continuously improved via the mean of utilizing quality staff, internal audit, corrective and preventive action. A production performance index is set up annually and the progression of the index is constantly followed up by the management team. Our main export markets are North America; South America; Mid East and Western Europe. We always offer our customers with punctual delivery, good quality production and reasonable price. Please contact us immediately for more information.

Chianeng Spring Co. Ltd.

Taipei-Hsien, T'ai-pei


We are production Precise Wire Spring (wire dia. 0.04mm~4mm) and Precise Shaft (CNC Automatic Compound Lathe )(dia.1mm~42mm) and Shrapnel products.

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