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New Taipei City, New Taipei City

Mfgr Rep / Broker / Trading House


Established in 1992, COOLMOSA is an ISO 9001:2005 certificated industrial hardware manufacturer and supplier boasting over 28 years of professional experience in OEM. We’ve built integrity and solid credentials among praises of customers who we’ve been manufacturing and supplying for customized components over the years.

Driven to seek collaborations with our customers, we are dedicated to providing products of outstanding quality through our highly skilled and diligent staff. That is how we enable our customers to quickly launch high-quality and highly competitive products to obtain maximum business opportunities in the market.

Striving to offer outstanding services to our customers, COOLMOSA manages to minimizing costs and excellent flexibility helping our clients achieve their goals and improve satisfaction.

Customer demand and product quality are our top priorities.

We abide by our motto, “Customer first, fine quality with technology as the cornerstone.”

Our expertise lies in metal stamping, metal fabrication, die-casting, CNC machining, aluminum extrusion and forging, mold making and plastic injection molding. We have over 28 years of solid experience in the field.

COOLMOSA offers the following services:

1. CNC Machining (Milling & Turning)

2. Custom Sheet Metal Stamping

3. Die-Casting & PM/MIM Casting (Powder Metallurgy/ Metal Injection Molding)

4. Aluminum Extrusion Products

5. Heat Sink Forging

6. Sheet Metal Processing

7. Metal Parts Fabrication

8. Rapid Prototype - Sheet metal & Rapid Prototype - Machining

9. Engineering Design

10. Sub-Assembly, Assembly & Testing


T'ai-pei County, T'ai-pei County



Tahoe Industries, founded in the year 1980, started with the products lines of auto parts of after market components.

From the year 1985, we start to engineer the customer designed connector components for commercial airliner

From the year 2000, we started to engineer some of the after market components for military use

Today, we are a major supplier of vendors for US airplane manufacturers and US military, which requires both Military and Industrial ISO standard on quality control

Our product lines includes :

  • Plastic Mold Injection parts
  • Metal parts
  • Cable assembly
  • Printed circuit board assembly
  • Turnkey assembly and testing


New Taipei City, New Taipei City





Our principal objective is to provide the best services and high-quality products for all of our customers. To achieve this objective, we have been devoting ourselves to continuous improvement and rigid quality control and are ISO 9001; ISO 14001 certified. We not only offer competitive prices but also assure high quality products and on time delivery.

HF-TI manufactures Zinc and Aluminum Die Cast parts and Plastic Injection parts that are essential to Optic Connectors, Electronics, Fiber Optic Connectors, Communication Connectors, Computers, Cellular Phones, Antenna Connectors and Hardware. We have Hot Chamber Zinc Die Casting Facilities, which range from 15 to 100 tons, and Cold Chamber Aluminum Die Casting facilities, which range from 80 to 150 tons. We make adaptations to meet customers' demands. We import high precision measure equipment and machines in order to satisfy our customers and to win their trust.

With more than twenty years experience of molding development and complete precision molding manufacturing equipment, HF-TI is expert at producing high precision Die Casting and Plastic Injection molds. 

According to customers' requirements:

1. we offer total solutions that include Prototype Samples, Tooling Design, Tooling Manufacture, Pilot Run, Mass-Production, Post-Production Treatment, Surface Treatment.

2. We insist on importing high precision measure equipment and machines in order for the quality of molds to entirely satisfy customers' demands. In turn, our customers will continue their support and trust.

3.  We insist on perfect quality to provide our customers with competitive products.

4.  Delivery of our products of the promised quality on the date agreed.

5. The company's contribution is founded on reliability, satisfying customer's needs and the willingness to accept new challenges.

6. Promoting the enthusiasm of our employees permanent training, fair remuneration, co-operative and respectful relations within the company.

7. The excellence of quality products and the highest levels of technical and commercial performance.

Please send the sample or drawing in CAD STP DXF IGS SLDPRT form to our email then we will make the quotation.

Thank you.

Hang Jing Co., Ltd.

Sanchong Dist., T'ai-pei County


We, Hang Jing Co., Ltd., have specialized in manufacturing non-ferrous metal alloy wires including Phosphor bronze wire, Yellow brass wire, Nickel silver wire, Tin-Zinc alloy wire, Beryllium copper wire, Cu-OF wire, etc. The factory set up in South Korea. We have engaged in this field for more than 30 years, and stably have supplied product to the well-known manufacturers all over the world... Our products are diversification, customization, and can be used in multiple applications, such as connectors, plated wires(for the telephone connection), and springs. We accomplish various special demands according to the attributes of different customers' products..... The Main Products: 1. Item: (1) Phosphor Bronze Wire: C5100(CuSn5), C5191(CuSn6), C5212(CuSn8). (2) 0.45mm Phosphor Bronze Wire For Gold Plating: C5100(CuSn5). (3) Tough Pitch Copper Wire For Contact: C1100. (4) CuNi Wire For Contact: CuNi10(C70600). (5) CN Wire: CN49, CN30, CN15, CN10, CN5. (6) Nickel Silver Wire(Sheet/Strip): C7701, C7521, C7541. (7) Yellow Brass Wire: C2600(CuZn30), C2700(CuZn36). (8) Tin Copper Wire. (9) Tin-Zinc Alloy Wire. (10) Cu-OF Wire(Oxyacid Free Copper Wire, OFC Wire). (11) Beryllium Copper Wire/Beryllium Copper bar: C17200, C17300..... 2. Wire type: Square, Round, Flat, Pin. 3. Packing method: Bobbin, Coil, Carrier. 4. Characteristic: Good anti-fatigue, Good anti-corrosion, Good anti-abrasion, etc. 5. Shipping term: FOB Busan port, Korea or CIF. 6. Payment term: T/T(Wire Transfer). 7. M.O.Q. will be adjusted according to the specification. 8. Certification: ISO 14001 & ISO 9001, Comply with RoHS. 9. Country of origin: South Korea..... We keep abreast of lead-time at any moment; emphasize simple, rapid and perfect services.....

Pure Gold Industry Co.Ltd

NEW TAIPEI CITY, New Taipei City

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


Pure Gold Industry is a professional resistor cap production company, fully automated in cutting to packaging process, sets to deliver consistent operation and sales along its domestic and international market. We have been actively involved in sales with Russia, China and Korea, delivering our clients with professional quality and delivery is our mission. Over the span of 30 years Pure Gold Industry has been a trustworthy and reliable partner to its client overseas.

Tai Chang Hardware Industrial Co., Ltd.

TAIPEI, T'ai-pei



R&D team develops 200 new products quarterly

316 stainless steel from KADAM | Monthly output: 7 million pieces | Trusted by Coach

Specialized in Hardware Part and Accessory

Here in Tai Chang Hardware, we closely examine every hardware part and accessory before shipment. You can be certain that each item you purchase from us is made with the best quality. Our products' electroplating assures their long-lasting beauty and the 316 stainless is from KADAM. Furthermore, low production costs allow us to offer very affordable prices.

Benefit from Our Advantages

Our R&D team can develop 200 new items quarterly, and we can make 7 million pieces monthly and then we export 80 million pieces of our products annually. We also have been cooperating with

famous buyers such as Coach, Louis, Vuitton, Marc Jacobs, Stuart Weitzman and more.

Inquire Today

OEM and ODM are welcome. Orders start at $4000.

Tawian Simco Company

, New Taipei City

Taiwan SIMCO Company was established in 1982, specializing in production solutions for springs, tube bending, strip forming, etc. With competitive pricing , high performance and quality, our products are recognized by the customers. SIMCO has a global service network covering Europe, America, Asia and China. We are committed to customer satisfaction, providing quality products and best service.


Shulin Dist, New Taipei City


LENYUN is located in New Taipei City Taiwan and with accumulated experience in Mold Die industry ( Accurate CNC Machining, High Precision Grinding and Precision Wire EDM, provides various services to customers in the press die sets, plastic injection molds, semi-conductor, Electronics, finished plate (precision plate), equipment for automation, automotive and industrial gear industries. Our skilled machinists and state of the art equipment can meet tolerances of ± .0001" of concentricity and diameter. Lenyun is also specialized in laser cutting, metal case manufacturing and assembly. Lenyun focus is to provide OEM quality parts and with keep our prices competitive. We can work with various steels, alloys, brass, aluminum and a wide variety of plastics such as SKD11, SLD, DC53, SKD61, SKH9, SKH55, ASP23, ASP60, CPM4V, CPM10V, V4E, S45C, S50C, SCM440, SNCM439, 4041, 4340, ALU6061, ALU7075, P20, FDAC, 2711, 2738, 2344, 2083, SUS303, SUS304, SUS420, SUS440, STAVAX, CALMAX, HPM, CARBIDE, POM, Nylon, PVC, peek, ZrO2 Al2O3 ceramic, copper etc. and SPCC, SPHC, SECC..etc.

Nell Power Semiconductor Co. Ltd.

Xizhi Dist, New Taipei City



Nell Power Semiconductor Co. Ltd.


This is Nell Power Semiconductor from Taiwan.

The biggest power semiconductor company in Taiwan.


We established in 1995. We devote to producing excellent Power Semiconductors.

Such as Diode,Power Modules,SCR,Triac, Thyristor,FRED etc

More info on our website

Our products are semi-automated with high quality.

It’s made in Taiwan,so it’s very different from the products which are made with low cost.

We Provide our customers in these professional fields diversified and reliable choices to create the best benefit together.

Jin Sheu Enterprise Co., Ltd

New Taipei , New Taipei City



This is Nicole from Jinsheu. We offer lapel pins, medals, patches, lanyards and trendy promotional products and gift ideas! 

Our value:

-Over 30 years of experience, the best customer service and technological knowhow.

-Direct pricing from our own plants in southern China.

-Our warehouse is in Hong Kong and is able to consolidate various products upon your request with very competitive freight rates, through FEDEX, UPS, DHL.

-JINSHEU is trusted by famous brands and has passed compliance related audits. Quality and service are assured.


New Taipei City, New Taipei City

Mfgr Rep / Broker / Trading House


DFK Industrial Corp. is affiliated with Pro-Data International Corp. group. DFK Industrial Corp. was founded in 2011, an OEM/ODM CNC machining precision turning parts manufacturer who provides parts, assembly and integrated solution for our customers. We have two factories: one is in Taipei, and the other is in Chang Hua (Central of Taiwan). Both factories produce precisely machined parts with efficient Japanese CNC machines such as Star, Citizen, Takamaz and Tsugami. 


We are very experienced in working with various kinds of materials like brass, aluminum, steel, stainless steel, and plastics. Those products are used in wide range of industries like Mechanical, Sensor, Medical, Hydraulic, Pneumatic, and Automobile industry. Our production range of diameter is from 1mm to 65mm on turning parts; for milling part is max. 1.5 m. Different Surface treatments are also available.


With our certificated ISO 9001 quality system to control every procedure, our goal is to meet the high standard quality manual and exceed customer's initial expectation and satisfaction.

Made Studio

Taipei, T'ai-pei

Design / Engineering Firm


We are a group of engineers, designers and startup founders specializing in hardware development and manufacturing in Greater China. Prior to Made Studio we worked for companies such as Apple, Intel, Lenovo or Asus.

GrandVic Corporation

Shulin District, New Taipei City

Leading metal tool & die company in Taiwan with over 40 years of experience

Good House Foundry Co., Ltd.

, T'ai-pei County


Good House Foundry Co., Ltd, is a aluminum casting foundry. Our company has many years of experience in foundry tech and superior foundry facilities. We specialized in sand casting, gravity casting and die casting. Our product lines included mechanical accessories, car accessories, control valve, electrical accessories, and impellers. Our company established in 1979 and had been performing strict quality in developing, designing, sampling, molding, manufacturing and selling. Our market places include Taiwan itself and we also export to Japan, Singapore, Thailand, USA and France.

Wayne Machin Inc.

New Taipei City, T'ai-pei County


Wayne Machine Inc. has over 30 years experience in OEM supplying military standard parts and offering machining services for famous firearm companies and government contractors in the US and Europe. Our main customers include Springfield Armory, Numrich Gun Parts, Century Arms, Kahr Arms, Manroy, Umarex USA, and BTP Arms etc. At Wayne Machine customers come first and we are committed to create long-lasting customer partnerships and working with them to identify their needs that support their success. We have over 70 satellite factories in Taiwan to ensure our production capability and cost-down. Every engineer and technician in Wayne Machine has over 10 years experience in machining, casting, assembling, and stamping to ensure our product quality. For the past 30 years, we have been offering thousands of variety military standard parts and machining services to meet every customer's request. Our specialized products and services include: 1. Spare parts for various small arms. (M14, M16/AR15, .50 Cal Machine Gun, M1 Carbine, M1 Garand etc) 2. Spare parts for various combat vehicles. 3. Artillery's spare parts, instrument lights and scope mounts. (ZF41, ZF4, Enfield #32, SVT40, M84, Mauser 98 scope mounts etc) 4. Hundreds of various rifle and pistol magazines. 5. .50, .30 Cal, M60 machine gun spare parts 6. General machine parts and hardware. 7. Various electric switches. 8. Any kind of machining, stamping, casting, and assembling services Please feel free to send your precision parts' technical drawing to our email address at: and we will gladly provide you with a quote for your reference and consideration. We appreciate and welcome the opportunity to offer you any OEM or machining service.

Weturn Technology Corp.

Chung Ho Dist., T'ai-pei County


Weturn Technology specialize in building various plastics, ferreous and non-ferreous parts in industrial, medical filed.Our service filed includes casting, molding, stamping, mold /die making, forging, gears, P/M,..etc. We keep going to offer our best quality and service for customers. Looking forward to have anopportunity to cooperate with youand satisfy your requirements.

Boundless-tech Co., Ltd

, T'ai-pei County


Boundless-tech integrates creative design, structural design, and covers of plastic injecting, stamping dies, die casting, rubber and mold developments, conducts the production and processing of the full range services. To meet customer needs and reduce costs, we provides customers with competitive products and services.

Yu Fong Steel Mold Enterprise Limited

New Taipei, T'ai-pei County


Yu Fong has over 35 years of experience in constructing high quality, low maintenance molds that meet or exceed your demanding specifications, giving us a unique perspective into what works for companies like yours. ◆ Injection plastic mold/tool maker ◆ Precition mold maker ◆ Plastic injection molding ◆ Industril cable tie mold maker ◆ Alum. and Zinc die casting mold maker ◆ Alum. and Zinc die casting molding ◆ CNC milling processing


New Taipei City, T'ai-pei County


Spiendor Enterprise Co., Ltd. Spiendor Enterprise has been established in 1995, we serve our customers in various industries such as Telecommunication, Electronic, Accessories of PC, and Sports equipment, Automotive etc… As a professional OEM manufacturer, we are specialized in producing Machining, and Fastener Hardware. Currently most of our valued customers come from Europe, North America and Southern Asia. We are an ISO 9001-2008 certified company since 2009 in order to develop and ensure our products' quality consistently. We are committed in producing high precision and quality parts according to customer's specification and with on-time delivery. Your satisfaction is our mission Contract person: James Chang Address: 13FL, No21 Jiyong St, San Chung Dist New Taipei City,Taiwan, R.O.C Tel: +886- 28576797 Fax: +886-28575838 Email:


Taipei, T'ai-pei County


ZENUS Corporation was founded in 1989. As an OEM/ ODM supplier, we have more than 20 years of experience in producing molds, dies and Molded products. As different component parts in various material are designed for pparticular purpose to suit different products, the required molds will always be much different. One mold maker is impossible to make all tpe of molds to satisfy the requirement of a client. This is why we choose to work with subcontractors who have experience in different field. In this way, we are able to offer our clients more than the above 3 types of mold and molded parts. This is very helpful because customers can make quick and correct decision to choose proper production method and most suitable mold for their needs, especially when several types of molds and parts are needed for producing a whole new product. If clients require us to keep molds and supply them with the molded parts or assemble molded parts into products, we offer this service too. At the moment, we are producing and assembling several products for customers on OEM basis. Our full range service is from Shape Design, Mold Making, Parts Molding Machining to Product Assembling. You are much welcome to send drawing or samples with technical requirements for us to quote prices.

Glocom Electronics LTD

Taipei, T'ai-pei County


Founded in 2000, GLOCOM is dedicated to provide the highest quality PCBs of full production printed circuit board facilities, Eiso (Taiwan) and Eisun (China), for overseas business. It is committed to achieve a high level of quality in all its products from prototype to mass production in a cost- effective and timely manner to our valued customers. With great customer's supports and demands over the years, we have expanded our service on the charges with Metal parts, Cable PCB Assembly in 2004. Since 2012, GLOCOM quickly developed itself as a world-class sourcing organization (an international exporter), not only specializing in the overseas PCB business for Eiso Eisun but also expertizing in her integration with strategic service locations that enable GLOCOM to provide the customers expert support and service , regarding the Flex board, Rigid-flex boards, MCPCB, PCBA, Stencil and even LED lighting products, except the superiority in the PCB industry to the customers. Our factories have been assembled under the GLOCOM umbrella to meet our customer's diverse technological and service needs. It remains our continuous mission to provide our clients with outstanding products, unrivaled customer service, and solid, competitive pricing, each and every time, therefore, it enables our customers to deliver products promptly into their marketplaces.


Banqiao, T'ai-pei County


Prolumis, Inc. is founded in 2010, under a parent company that has 30 years of experience in casting manufacturing and exporting. As our customers expand their businesses, our team has evolved to become both casting manufacturer and sourcing agent in Taiwan. In order to catch the Taiwan economic transformation and global trend, a new company, Prolumis, inc is established for better integration of industry production and business services. By following parent company's step, Prolumis will continuously provide quality products and satisfactory service to your esteemed company. We supply products starting from mold designing, raw material selection, followed by manufacturing, CNC machining, surface treatments, and parts assembly. Also by sharing experiences and sources, we have built a solid supply network allied with more than 30 ISO 9001 certified or UL approved manufacturers in Taiwan. To enhance our sourcing forces, we dedicate on working with leading industries in Taiwan and developing new products with quality designs. We established our warehouse in Taipei, Taiwan. All the deliveries come to our warehouse are consolidated by us and every product is inspected thoroughly before we pack and load the container ourselves. Therefore we can well manage our production and quality control. Providing quality products and good services to our customers are always our first priority. Furthermore Prolumis, inc. is continuously expanding our business into other fields. It has always been our greatest pleasure to save our customers time and resources by offering them competitive prices, excellent quality, on time delivery and satisfactory service.

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