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Liang-Ying Fasteners Co.,Ltd

Tainan, T'ai-nan

Liang-Ying Fasteners Co.,Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of customized parts ,screw machining parts, CNC turning parts, Hydraulic Cylinders with five factories with more than 100 employees in Taiwan. We have extensive sales network throughout the USA, Japan and Europe. Regarding our capacity, we can produce 10 million parts per month.

We are with Quality Certification ISO 9001 and expect to get TS16949 certification in 2020.

Our products includes automotive parts, cnc precision turning parts, screw machining parts, milling parts, Hydraulic Cylinders, insert, sleeves , bushing ,special bolt, standoff...etc.

Please visit our website for your reference at

Shall you have other customized drawing or new inquiry, please feel free to discuss with us.

Tinex International Corp

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Tainan, T'ai-nan


Tinex International Corporation, based in Taiwan, is a leading supplier of OEM components and finished goods to a multitude of customers both domestically and internationally. Unlike many other suppliers, Tinex International specializes and is an expert in many different material and processes. With the ability to see a project from conception to completion, Tinex's dedicated staff will provide constant feedback as to the status of the project, cost reduction ideas, quality improvements, and packaging ideas to better represent your products in the market place. Only looking for components, we gladly ship product in bulk to offer you the lowest prices in the market. With a diverse customer base, which includes Fortune 500 companies to small niche corporation, Tinex will provide the same customer service and attention to detail no matter the size of the project. Unlike many companies, Tinex pays for its own quality support staff to assure the product is made to your specifications and within tolerance. If unsure how to get products from Asia to your company; allow Tinex to handle the logistics and shipping. With large distribution centers located near multiple ports, Tinex can consolidate shipments to help save on shipping costs and allow for quicker transit times. Our goal is simple. We want to be your full service supplier. With manufacturing facilities in Taiwan and China, we can offer manufacturing ideas outside what most companies are able to. Contact us today for more information. References available upon request. Areas of expertise - aluminum and plastic extrusions, stamping, injection molding, rotational molding, blow molding, casting, assembly, tool and die making, piece work, cloth, fabric, sewing

Pao Yue Sinter Metal Industry Co. Ltd.

Tainan , T'ai-nan



Pao Yue was established in 1980 as a small plant in Taiwan Tainan city. With rapid growth, the company successfully became an international professional powder metallurgy manufacturer. Today, we are a pioneer in powder metallurgy globally and We offer a “one-stop” end to end solution for our customers.


On top of our diverse equipment manufacturing abilities, our products are driven towards ISO and international regulations and export globally covering countries such as Middle East, South East Asia, Central and South America and Europe. With tens of thousands parts sold worldwide, our leading market share is reflected on our drive for customer service; top of the line laboratories and 24 hours after service. 

With the coming age of Artificial Intelligence, Pao Yue actively invests in smart manufacturing and digitalization in order to increase efficiency, stay competitive and ensure progressive momentum growth.

Our Vision:

Pao Yue strives to make our machines more sustainable through innovation, quality with service and added values paired with reduced cost.


Our Mission:

Pao Yue is committed to continue to lead in Powder Metallurgy.


Our Values

We pride ourselves in excellence, team spirit and respect for one another. 




1980 Founded and established Engineering Company . 1987 Founded and established Machine Factory #1 in Taipei, Taiwan. 1989 Acquired Non-Ferrous Forging Factory in Chang-Hwa, Taiwan. 1990 Invested 25% of stock share with NFT. 1995 Founded and established Stamping Factory in Huizhou City, China. 1995 Invested 20% of stock share with An-Ku0. 1997 Received GEC-Marconi Aerospace Ltd. Investment Castings Award for Aerospace Investment Castings. 2000 Moved Corporate Office to present location. 2002 Received ISO 9001:2000 Certification. 2005 Invested 20% of stock share with Summer Forging. 2005 Founded and established Investment Casting Factory in Hou-Shen City, China. 2006 Invested 20% of stock share with Uber Precision Parts. 2007 Invested 20% of stock share with Magnesium Die Casting Foundry #1. 2009 Invested 20% of stock share with "Apexworks Precision" (TS16949 certified). 2010 Founded and established machined factory in Tainan "AMI Industries Inc." (ISO9001/AS9100 Certified) Our Major US Customers Trimble Navigation (USA) UTC Group Detector Electronics (Det-tronics) Kiddie Fennwal Eaton Aerospace (USA) Ametek Aerospace and Power Instruments Vibrometer, Inc. Meggitt Aerospace Group Dynon Avionics Flextronics Medical Abbott Laboratories BD Agilent Technologies Sunrise Medical Invacare Corporation ArthroCare Corp. Dental Product of USA Savaria Concord Lifts Inc. Mada Medical Products Hewlett-Packard Stanley Black Decker Danaher Group Dwyer Instruments, Inc. Dorma Group Senior Automotive Saturn Electronics Engineering. Inc Dura Automotive Systems, Inc Warn Industries, Inc Gems Sensor Stewart Warner South Wing Crop. Whitesell Wagner Spray tech Corp./Titan Tool Symmons Industries Our Major EU Customers Eaton Aerospace Limited (UK) (Formerly Bae System) Behr Industry GMBH CO.KG Barco Cargotec Bosch Trimble Navigation (Sweden) Penny Giles Bison Bede Limited (UK) Faurecia Exhaust Systems AB (Sweden) Gems Sensor (UK) Ultraflex (Italy) What We Do Precision machined parts Forged parts (Steel/Aluminum/Brass) Die casting parts Sand and gravity casting parts Investment casting parts Cold forged/cold heading parts


Shu Lin, T'ai-nan


Jeou Sheng Steel Mold Co., Ltd. was established in July 1997 located at Shu Lin city in Taipei County. We are a highly competitive mold manufacturer with superior experience and sharp insight for the market. Our hard work ensures steady growth in the production and sales of mold, and afterward our company made every effort on improving its know-how and technology in production. Besides, our manufacturing facilities and capacity were expanded to meet increasingly requirement of quantity from the market in September 2000. As such, Jeou Sheng moved our manufacturing and assembly lines to a larger location in July 2001. With modern manufacturing facilities and a staff of skilled and reliable engineers and technicians, Jeou Sheng has quickly developed into a leading supplier of mold in Taiwan. Jeou Sheng has always welcome challenges that make our operations stronger. We are rather proud of our years of experience in designing and producing molds for notebook computer cases, handheld devices, plastic and magnesium alloy components for the world's leading brands such as Asus, FIC, D-Link, Mitac, Britain, DT Research-Taiwan branch, Flextronics, Uniwill, Global View, Advantech, KDS, Canada, Iran, ZYXEL, TECO, SIMPLO, AVITA, Wistron, AVO and ACCTORN. We have foreseen the market trends and have been engaging in R D and manufacturing for precision injection molds which result magnesium alloy products are lighter and more durable. We constantly expand our production capacity, products delicacy while maintaining accurate delivery schedules and acquiring the latest in know-how, production technology and factory equipment. We are constantly continuing improve our production knowledge, hands-on skills and machinery means that we will always be ready to offer customers the finest in products and service. The company currently focuses on the development of dies on a high-precision, zero-defect basis by using the most efficient production processes in order to deliver them to the customers as quickly as possible. Our primary goal is to continuously offer the newest and most dependable products for our customers. We insist on reform-oriented sprit to stay abreast of the latest development and technology in mold, and always get ready to tender the best in products and service for customers. *More pictures about us , pls refer to ,

World Wide Technologies, LLc.

Tainan, T'ai-nan


WORLD-WIDEtechnologies, LLC. has been a full-service precision machining and manufacturing company in Taiwan. We have professional CNC turning, and milling machining facilities for auto parts, medical device, electric power tools, mechanical, automobile components energy parts ...... etc on OEM basis. We also provides customers with a Total Cost Solution when it comes to product and part design, sourcing and logistics. Our comprehensive and customer-driven integrated production strategy can take you from the initial feasibility to finished components.

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