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New Taipei City, New Taipei City

Mfgr Rep / Broker / Trading House


Established in 1992, COOLMOSA is an ISO 9001:2005 certificated industrial hardware manufacturer and supplier boasting over 28 years of professional experience in OEM. We’ve built integrity and solid credentials among praises of customers who we’ve been manufacturing and supplying for customized components over the years.

Driven to seek collaborations with our customers, we are dedicated to providing products of outstanding quality through our highly skilled and diligent staff. That is how we enable our customers to quickly launch high-quality and highly competitive products to obtain maximum business opportunities in the market.

Striving to offer outstanding services to our customers, COOLMOSA manages to minimizing costs and excellent flexibility helping our clients achieve their goals and improve satisfaction.

Customer demand and product quality are our top priorities.

We abide by our motto, “Customer first, fine quality with technology as the cornerstone.”

Our expertise lies in metal stamping, metal fabrication, die-casting, CNC machining, aluminum extrusion and forging, mold making and plastic injection molding. We have over 28 years of solid experience in the field.

COOLMOSA offers the following services:

1. CNC Machining (Milling & Turning)

2. Custom Sheet Metal Stamping

3. Die-Casting & PM/MIM Casting (Powder Metallurgy/ Metal Injection Molding)

4. Aluminum Extrusion Products

5. Heat Sink Forging

6. Sheet Metal Processing

7. Metal Parts Fabrication

8. Rapid Prototype - Sheet metal & Rapid Prototype - Machining

9. Engineering Design

10. Sub-Assembly, Assembly & Testing


New Taipei City, New Taipei City





Our principal objective is to provide the best services and high-quality products for all of our customers. To achieve this objective, we have been devoting ourselves to continuous improvement and rigid quality control and are ISO 9001; ISO 14001 certified. We not only offer competitive prices but also assure high quality products and on time delivery.

HF-TI manufactures Zinc and Aluminum Die Cast parts and Plastic Injection parts that are essential to Optic Connectors, Electronics, Fiber Optic Connectors, Communication Connectors, Computers, Cellular Phones, Antenna Connectors and Hardware. We have Hot Chamber Zinc Die Casting Facilities, which range from 15 to 100 tons, and Cold Chamber Aluminum Die Casting facilities, which range from 80 to 150 tons. We make adaptations to meet customers' demands. We import high precision measure equipment and machines in order to satisfy our customers and to win their trust.

With more than twenty years experience of molding development and complete precision molding manufacturing equipment, HF-TI is expert at producing high precision Die Casting and Plastic Injection molds. 

According to customers' requirements:

1. we offer total solutions that include Prototype Samples, Tooling Design, Tooling Manufacture, Pilot Run, Mass-Production, Post-Production Treatment, Surface Treatment.

2. We insist on importing high precision measure equipment and machines in order for the quality of molds to entirely satisfy customers' demands. In turn, our customers will continue their support and trust.

3.  We insist on perfect quality to provide our customers with competitive products.

4.  Delivery of our products of the promised quality on the date agreed.

5. The company's contribution is founded on reliability, satisfying customer's needs and the willingness to accept new challenges.

6. Promoting the enthusiasm of our employees permanent training, fair remuneration, co-operative and respectful relations within the company.

7. The excellence of quality products and the highest levels of technical and commercial performance.

Please send the sample or drawing in CAD STP DXF IGS SLDPRT form to our email then we will make the quotation.

Thank you.

Pure Gold Industry Co.Ltd

NEW TAIPEI CITY, New Taipei City

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


Pure Gold Industry is a professional resistor cap production company, fully automated in cutting to packaging process, sets to deliver consistent operation and sales along its domestic and international market. We have been actively involved in sales with Russia, China and Korea, delivering our clients with professional quality and delivery is our mission. Over the span of 30 years Pure Gold Industry has been a trustworthy and reliable partner to its client overseas.

Nell Power Semiconductor Co. Ltd.

Xizhi Dist, New Taipei City



Nell Power Semiconductor Co. Ltd.


This is Nell Power Semiconductor from Taiwan.

The biggest power semiconductor company in Taiwan.


We established in 1995. We devote to producing excellent Power Semiconductors.

Such as Diode,Power Modules,SCR,Triac, Thyristor,FRED etc

More info on our website

Our products are semi-automated with high quality.

It’s made in Taiwan,so it’s very different from the products which are made with low cost.

We Provide our customers in these professional fields diversified and reliable choices to create the best benefit together.

Jin Sheu Enterprise Co., Ltd

New Taipei , New Taipei City



This is Nicole from Jinsheu. We offer lapel pins, medals, patches, lanyards and trendy promotional products and gift ideas! 

Our value:

-Over 30 years of experience, the best customer service and technological knowhow.

-Direct pricing from our own plants in southern China.

-Our warehouse is in Hong Kong and is able to consolidate various products upon your request with very competitive freight rates, through FEDEX, UPS, DHL.

-JINSHEU is trusted by famous brands and has passed compliance related audits. Quality and service are assured.


New Taipei City, New Taipei City

Mfgr Rep / Broker / Trading House


DFK Industrial Corp. is affiliated with Pro-Data International Corp. group. DFK Industrial Corp. was founded in 2011, an OEM/ODM CNC machining precision turning parts manufacturer who provides parts, assembly and integrated solution for our customers. We have two factories: one is in Taipei, and the other is in Chang Hua (Central of Taiwan). Both factories produce precisely machined parts with efficient Japanese CNC machines such as Star, Citizen, Takamaz and Tsugami. 


We are very experienced in working with various kinds of materials like brass, aluminum, steel, stainless steel, and plastics. Those products are used in wide range of industries like Mechanical, Sensor, Medical, Hydraulic, Pneumatic, and Automobile industry. Our production range of diameter is from 1mm to 65mm on turning parts; for milling part is max. 1.5 m. Different Surface treatments are also available.


With our certificated ISO 9001 quality system to control every procedure, our goal is to meet the high standard quality manual and exceed customer's initial expectation and satisfaction.

GrandVic Corporation

Shulin District, New Taipei City

Leading metal tool & die company in Taiwan with over 40 years of experience

Yeh Sheng Powder Parts Ind. Co., Ltd.

, New Taipei City


Working with Yeh Sheng Powder Parts is like working with an experience partner. We started in 1984 with just limited equipment. We are the international professional powder metallurgy manufacturer. We produce wide range of products in different fields. Automobile and motorcycles, shock absorber parts, steel parts, for front fork and rear cushion, piston, bearing, valve sear… etc; oil pumps for inner and outer rotors; clutch parts. Machine parts: couplings, gears, bushing, connector for blender… etc. Other: components for hardware and hand tools; computer parts… etc.Since 1999, we start working on powder metal break pad (sintered brake pad). This kind of pad has high friction coefficient and long lifespan. This pad can be used for racing car, motorcycle, bicycle, computer, ATV, and fire escapes sling…etc. At Yeh Sheng we encourage ourselves to think outside the box. When we face problems, we try to solve the problem with new approaches and methods. We may not be the number one, but we are the company that tries to improve ourselves daily. We welcome each challenge we may face in the near future and try to come up with a satisfactory solution.

Alarm Bell Technology Co.Ltd

New Taipei City, New Taipei City


Alarm Bell Technology Company Limited, founded in 1970, is the oldest manufacturer for quality door hardware and optical lens from Taiwan. The advantage of being a manufacturer led to the expansion of door hardware product line to satisfy the mass market at manufactory price. Atopsun has been supplying reputable clients from around the world with wide array of door hardware such as door viewer, door knocker, door stop, door guard, doorpull, hing, bolt, pushplate, and many more home security/decorative accessories. Our competitive pricing, world-class quality, and efficient customer support let our clients dominate hardware market and fulfill customers' demands with an advantage.In 1997, Alarm Bell opened a second factory in China to meet the increase of market demand. Our China plant, equipped with quality and efficient manufacturing machines, offers the same world-class products and services. The facilities include injection mold machine, automatic lathing, CNC lathing, stamping, forging, and polishing machines. On top production line, the in-house RD department allows Atopsun to improve current and develop new products, monitor market trend, research on cost-efficient methods, and provide professional advice for customers. Atopsun is more capable at supplying general or unique products per client's request at exceptional quality and pricing than any other manufacturers.NOW, with the two locations in Greater China region, Taipei and Kunshan Jiangsu. Alarm Bell is capable of providing top of the line products, efficient logistic transportation, exclusive new invention offers, and reliable service to our customers. Clients can enjoy our geographic advantages such as choice of shipping port, b sales network, and even product sourcing service. Customers can rest assured to leave orders and inquiry with us and focus on their business strategies. We wish to provide world-class commodities to our clients as well as to develop new ideas, to build an effective network, and to grow each day together

Proch Plastic co.,ltd

, New Taipei City


About Proch Established in 2001, PROCH Plastic Molding Corp. is a leader and innovator in precision injection molding, tooling and contract manufacturing serving market-leading companies worldwide. Services - Product Development Manufacturing PROCH based on innovative industrial design capabilities, the concept of the appearance and mechanical use of hand-painted, 3D modeling and color plan. Detailed institutional design, analysis, testing and configuration confirmation, as well as the thick production process experience from the evaluation concept program discussions, product design to mass production of patent applications is to provide high-quality low-cost, high-quality production management, to actively develop a process unlike traditional effect, always stand in the consumer's point of view, raised closer to use by the effect of material and process design. Core Capabilities Through the core technology, we are capable to put the new products into mass production stage quickly. Also, with the full experience in manufacture, we can offer the full range of professional service.

Pyramids Technology Corp.

New Taipei City, New Taipei City


Pyramids Tech has continuously grown in last 20 years and now with over 60 engineers dedicated and overall about 200 staffs in our Taipei and China Shenzhen offices. Our customers demanded some of additional processes, so we expanded to most metal and plastic processes and numerous industries, but our major business input is still from medical field. All of our systems are at the standards for medical products-regardless of the industry we are selling to. We are set up with multiple facilities so we can supply small or medium quantities, as well as the very high production programs. Our objective/goal regarding plastics is to do detailed up front reviews (DFM's), so we can solve as many of the issues as possible to save time in manufacturing an end product as quickly as possible. It is a lot less expensive and faster to solve problems before we cut molds. To this extent we have CAE like Moldflow and Moldex (plastic molding), and Flow 3D ( metal castings). We used to focus on mold making and plastic injection molding, but with growth with our clients, plastics is only one of the products we represent, we manufacture so many other products that we can almost make a product from A-Z. We supplying most of the major components that make up that end product for many companies at a very competitive cost, that is well engineered and in a very short time span. Most customers think when they go overseas that the quantities need to be real high and it will take forever. We do not need real high quantities anymore and with a little planning we can help deliver a consist flow of product to your company. Well-diversified product portfolio, flexible manufacturing, quality, speed-to-market, and reliable after-sale servicesis why market leaders trust us to deliver their most challenging new products.Contact usfor your a competitive advantage in your market

T-SOK Corporation, Ltd.

Dist., New Taipei City, New Taipei City


T-SOK Co. Ltd. is one of the leading global manufacturers of multi-slide hot chamber die casting machines for zinc and the relevant equipments. With its evolutionary Angelcast multi-slide die casting machine, it has significantly increased the density and surface quality of the castings to a new standard. Apart from being the supplier of Angelcast machines, T-SOK has a tool shop well equipped with the most modern machineries, and experienced tool makers with the know-how which can offer our customers a complete service: from the design and manufacturing to the testing and sampling; delivering high quality dies ready for production.Since the foundation of T-SOK, the business has continued to grow based upon our ability to source and supply die casting services of the highest standard, ranging from individual machines for small to medium size businesses to tailored solutions for larger organizations.

Jelik International Technology Co., Ltd.

New Taipei City, New Taipei City


Jelik, established in 1987. It is a Taiwan company, firmly executes in Integrity, Commitment, Innovation and Customer Trust. Jelik office located in New Taipei City, Northern Taiwan and having factories in Taiwan and China. Jelik provided : Single component to Turn-key solution Manufacturable RD to Prototype Fabrication to Assembly Please contact us for further information


Shulin Dist, New Taipei City



JimAnn Mold Industria Co.,Ltd

Xinzhuang, New Taipei City


JimAnn Mold has over 20 years in the filed of tooling exportation, we have an excellent team of developing which can help customer to evaluate the possibility and budget of new project, as well as solving any issues in molding design. JimAnn Mold provides DFM and Mold Flow for developing discussion before tooling start, we also provide 3D printer for verifying the possiblity of mechanical design. Meanwhile, we do equipment the molding machine raging from 110T-1000T for trial and samll quantity service. Of course, the most important is our quanlity control, we have the professional CMM measuring machine to provide full dimensional report of mold and production shceudle control to exsure the committed T1 date.


Shulin Dist, New Taipei City


Welcome to LENYUN Tool, Dies Molds' design and fabrication high precision components and various sheet metal punching bending metal case and assemblies, which are widely used in many industries! LENYUN is located in New Taipei City Taiwan and with accumulated experience in Mold Die industry. Accurate CNC Machining, High Precision Grinding and Precision Wire EDM, provides various services to customers in the press die sets, plastic injection molds, semi-conductor, Electronics, finished plate (precision plate), equipment for automation, automotive and industrial gear industries. Our skilled machinists and state of the art equipment can meet tolerances of ± .0001" of concentricity and diameter. Lenyun is also specialized in laser cutting, metal case manufacturing and assembly. Lenyun focus is to provide OEM quality parts and with keep our prices competitive. We can work with various steels, alloys, brass, aluminum and a wide variety of plastics such as SKD11, SLD, DC53, SKD61, SKH9, SKH55, ASP23, ASP60, CPM4V, CPM10V, V4E, S45C, S50C, SCM440, SNCM439, 4041, 4340, ALU6061, ALU7075, P20, FDAC, 2711, 2738, 2344, 2083, SUS303, SUS304, SUS420, SUS440, STAVAX, CALMAX, HPM, CARBIDE, POM, Nylon, PVC, peek, ZrO2 Al2O3 ceramic, copper etc. and SPCC, SPHC, SECC..etc.

Titoma Design For China Manufacturing

Xizhi, New Taipei City

Embedded Firmware Design for China Manufacturing Unlike with a PC or Android device, the programming language for every microcontroller is different. At Titoma we provide firmware design and manufacture of custom embedded systems in China mostly for embedded devices based on processors from STM32 and PIC32, and we take care to properly structure and annotate our code so that it can be easily updated or reused for the next generation of the device, even when a different engineer takes over years later. TITOMA’S GOOD PRACTICES FOR EMBEDDED FIRMWARE DESIGN Titoma works for Western B2B companies which expect to sell and upgrade a device (-family) for many years to come, and for which robustness is of critical importance. So we work really hard to ensure we deliver Reliable Firmware though a Reliable Process. WHY ROBUST FIRMWARE SPEEDS UP YOUR TIME TO MARKET Producing accessible code written following standard practices means that our engineers work more efficiently, and your engineers and third parties can easily explore and understand our code. This speeds up communication and problem solving, enhancing Time To Market. Our standards ensure not only reliable code but also a reliable coding environment; if one engineer is unable to continue, another engineer can easily take over their work. In this way, we can avoid serious delays. Taiwan and China are not especially known for their prowess in firmware development. Part of this may be due to the fact that for consumer electronic devices like phones the life cycle is often just 6 months, so most coders are scrambling to slap some code together to get it to work Cha-Bu-Duo “more or less OK“. This is why Titoma has most of its firmware written by our engineers in (or from) our office in Colombia. Being in the US time-zone also facilitates cooperation with our North American clients.

Yi Shin Enterprise Co., Ltd.

New Taipei City, New Taipei City

Yi Shin Enterprise has been established close to three decades and has expanded its business oversea during 1997 and still thriving and growing tirelessly. We are equipped with advanced machinery and not only to provide exceptional product quality but also overcome the diversity challenge of metal production industry. Also,  Yi Shin is fully prepared for all types of metal product from sampling to mass production. Our goal is to make impossible become possible, and the dream become reality. You got ideas! We got you back.

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