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Nantou City, Nan-t'ou


ZDS is a company specializing in mechanical parts of automobileand bike supply, such astie rod end, control arm,wish boneandCV joint, We have many years experience in mechanical parts manufacturing includingforging,die casting,precise machining, bicycle braking partsand commonhardwareproducts and work with many outstanding factories as alliance partner. Moreover, ZDS engaged in railway spare parts and general machining of OEM parts, we can provide best quality products supplying based on the drawings. The purpose of our existence in the most sophisticated manufacturing technical area in Taiwan is to provide the world's best industrial products. Furthermore, ZDS initiated the development and sales for rehabilitation assistive device in recent years. Currently under research and development of new products, we expect to make a contribution for the field of rehabilitation assistive device. Our goal is to set up a friendly and comfortable platform for our customer to purchase the components they need and for our people to extend their ability, share ideas and then achieve a satisfactory life. Therefore, win-win situation is what we expect for this company.

Tung Yu Hydraulic Machinery Co.

Nantou, Nan-t'ou


Ever since its startup in 1983, Tung Yu Hydraulic Machinery Co. Ltd. has remained true to its management philosophy, the "Down-to-earth sustainable management" held by Chairman Yang Chen-Pin. The company has established a market presence with "Honest management" with the result that "Tung Yu" brand products are distributed in more than 60 nations around the world under its brand name. Our products are widely acknowledged by industry and recognized by customers for their high brand exposure in the global rubber industry. Tung Yu specializes in the manufacture and distribution of rubber and silicon compression, injection molding machines, conveyor belt compression, tire retreading compression, solid tire machines, and hydraulic machines. We have recently expanded our business from rubber industry to other realms such as the consumer electronic industry as well as aeronautics, photoelectric, military, medical,and composite materials. Tung Yu provides comprehensive pre- and after-sales support and delivers the best products, technical consultation, plant establishment planning, turnkey project consulting, quick customer service, and customer's operator training. We maintain a well established brand image that is both professional and outstanding. We take pride in our professional RD team that specializes in mechanical, electrical and hydraulic systems design and construction. The company holds numerous product patents around the world and constant product development and innovation ensures our leading status. Tung Yu has attained the ISO 9001 international quality assurance standard and products are certified by EMC testing, have the EU CE MARK of safety stan-dard and comply with OSHA requirements. Stringent control of product safety and quality ensures customer satisfaction which serves as a frame of reference for all our operations . 


Caotun, Nan-t'ou


CSCNC is a Taiwan based professional OEM manufacturer specializing in sophisticated, high quality precision parts processing and manufacturing using advanced CNC computer lathes and automatic lathes. We have great expertise with materials such as titanium, stainless steel, steel, iron, aluminium, copper and plastic. CSCNC has established a reputation for excellence resulting from our rigorous quality control, ability to promptly manufacture products at low or high volume and outstanding customer service.

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