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News World Wu Company

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Kaohsiung, Kao-hsiung


NEWS WORLD WU Co. was found by Mr. Wu Tai Chi (吳泰吉) in 1977. Under excellent management, it has become one of leading Ignition Components manufacturer in the world. Our factory began with Contact Points and Horns, following with the production for Ignition Cables, Components and Connecting Terminals, etc. In the regard of fast growing sales and production, we increased capital and reorganized our factory in 1999.Moreover, our main product includes ignition cable, spark plug boot, tube, terminal now, however, we had also tried to extend our product line to different field, not only auto parts. To be the leading manufacturer in this field in Taiwan, quality pursuit is always our prior principle. In this regard, NEWS WORLD WU Co. is QS-9001, TS 16949 qualified factory. With the consideration of quality control and price competition, we have established our 3rd factory in Bangkok, Thailand to reinforce our quality production capacity. To conclude above, our resolute policy is to provide our customers high quality commodity with the most competitive price and the best service.

Z-Sinpro Wedge Anchor Co., Ltd.

Kaohsiung, Kao-hsiung County


A wedge anchor manufacturer

Able to supply standard and non-standard fasteners

Business Results

Argentina: Stainless special bolts (based on prints-oval head)

Japan: Stainless wedge anchors

Poland: Stainless stamping parts, stainless wedge anchor expansion clip

Philippines: stainless flange nuts, stainless socket button head cap screws, stainless washers, stainless nyloc nuts

UK: Stainless Custom Screw(patented)

USA: Stainless flat washers

Vertex Precision Industrial Corp

Kaohsiung, Kao-hsiung

Vertex precision is an ISO-9001/IATF16949 certified mechanical solution provider who is capable to design and simulate from material stage to trouble-shooting and optimization of finished parts.

We can supply cold/hot forged, stamping & machining parts. Our scope of supply includes but not limited to as below

1.Automotive parts for power train+transmission and EV/E-Axle)

2.Industrial parts

3.Custom Fasteners

You can explore more details about us from our page:

Hope to hear from you soon. We can discuss and we will explore all the possibilities for you. 

Yu-Chia Screw Industry Co., Ltd

Gangshan Dist.,, Kao-hsiung

Mfgr Rep / Broker / Trading House


We are a professional special / to Drawing fasteners, nuts and weld nuts manufacturers. We product weld nuts, round nuts, special nuts, hex flange nuts and provide fasteners development. We are certified to ISO9001 to promise quality assurance.

Chung Ta Rubber

Kaohsiung, Kao-hsiung


Chung Ta Rubber Solution Industry Co., Ltd. was founded in 1979, which is a professional manufacturer of rubber component and accessory with many years of experiences and owns about 150 employees. In the beginning, it mainly manufactures many kinds of rubber components and accessories, but as RD and business grows, other industrial products are developed in so many years. Through the implementation of quality management system, for a long term, customer has received an entire set of complete sale module of good quality, accurate delivery, and reliable service. This has to rely on the holding of the policy of "Quality number one, customer satisfaction, continuous improvement and all employee participation" by Chung Ta Rubber Solution Industry Co., Ltd., with this in mind, the company can continuously satisfy customer's need. In order to provide better price and more competitive product to our customer in the future, in 2004, we have set up a new factory in Mainland China, with all the management and manufacturing technology transferred from Chung Ta Rubber Solution Industry Co., Ltd.; that is, in the future, both Taiwan and Mainland factories are going to provide the best service to the customer in the same time.


Kaohsiung City, Kao-hsiung


Respect Her Industrial Co., Ltd. was founded in 1973. We have become a professional supplier for metal stamping dies and parts with certification of ISO 9001 and ISO/TS 16949. Our metal stamping products are used in automobile, motorcycle, machinery, drinking fountain, electronic product, audio system, housewares and etc. The most used materials are steel, stainless steel, aluminum and copper, with thickness ranging from 0.1 to 10.0 mm. Further processes, such as plating, welding, coating, surface polish and heat treatments, are implemented according to customer requirements. Most of our customers are in Japan, Taiwan, U.S.A. and Europe. More than sixty percent of annual sales comes from export and it keeps growing. We promise you to provide products with low price, high quality and short lead time. We are the one you can rely on.


Kaohsiung, Kao-hsiung


IN HONG ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. established since 1995 and we are located in Taiwan Kaohsiung's Renwu Township. IN HONG treasures all of its vendors, clients and employees as value assets and since establishment, we endeavour to initiate the future through professional operation and win-win partnership with our clients. 1995 We started business with polishing process of fan blade of IDF fighter jet TFE-1042 engine. With stable quality and on time delivery service, we then cooperated with several other blade processing plants to process blade-related orders for AIDC (Aerospace Industrial Development Corporation) for parts such as fan blade, turbine blade and air-intake guide vane, as well as small blade orders for CSIST (Chung-Shan Institute of Science and Technology) and generator moving/stator blade related orders for power plants. Over the decades, we have been serving our clients with the commitment of safety, quality and efficiency!! 2003 To help our clients controlling and managing quality and problems more efficiently in production processes, we restructured and expanded capabilities includingOEM, developmentand Inventory Management. 2008 Expanding our capabilities further, backed by stable quality and delivery performance, we were offered opportunities to serve more 3D- part makers. Multiple production management systems (ERP, MIS, and MOT) and web-based reporting platform were built up to enhance our capabilities and competitiveness. With web-based reporting platform, production management team is able to manage all project schedules at office and vendors' real-time order status at procedure change will become more clearly via this order- status-tracking platform. Furthermore, process engineers are assigned for recording clients' products processing and OIS requirements, aiming to shorten the time spent on management and operation between vendors and clients and thus achieve efficient operation. 2009 Finished goods inventory services were introduced, which allows us - after long term agreement is signed - to have finished goods inventory in advance for our customers based on their annual demand. As a result, time from order placement to execution is shortened, access to more business opportunity gained through prompt delivery and competitiveness of our company and clients increased. 2011 Obtained ISO9001-2008 certification and passed ISO9001-2008 Certification in December. 2012 Second factory was expanded with capability on hard and brittle material machining and also purchased more CNC machines to provide more services for our clients. To know more about our capability and quality of products , please refer to our photo album ,

CYM Industrial Corp.

, Kao-hsiung


CYM MISSION STATEMENT "To Provide Quality Manufacturing, Packaging and Trading, Goods and Services to the Global OEM, ODM and DIY Marketplace". For over 30 years, CYM Industrial Corporation has been a leading Global Manufacturing and Trading company, specializing in OEM, ODM and DIY Builder's Hardware products. Our Corporate Offices in Los Angeles, California manages over 250 employees located at our CYM facilities in Shanghai Anhui, China and Kaohsiung Taiwan. Core Competencies Include Metal Stamping, Rigging Hardware, Wire Forming Products, Plastic Items, All Retail Special Packaging Labeling and Logistic Services CYM provides a professional Engineering team and an experienced Quality Assurance staff. This guarantees that products will be of a high quality and made to your specifications. An experienced English-speaking Customer Service group rounds out the complete CYM product offering. Financially strong and willing to co-invest with the right partner; CYM is the total solution for your manufacturing needs. Manufacturing Shanghai, China Anhui, China Manufacturing, Assembly, Warehousing and Logistics Global Sales Offices CC International Group, Los Angeles, USA CYM Industrial Corp., Kaohsiung, Taiwan Logistics CYM China is strategically located near shipping ports, saving cross-country transportation costs; a savings that we pass onto our customers.

Redwoods Fasteners International Limited

Kaohsiung City, Kao-hsiung

Redwoods Fasteners are in the business of supplying all type of industrial nuts and engineered technical to satisfied customer's particular fastener needs. Special parts can be supplied and quoted on request. Apart from standard items, we also produce more typical products for series production according to technical drawings and specific needs that for sample approval process by the customer prior to bulk delivery is also included to ensure parts right meet the requirement. We have a high quality controlled during our in-house production in which reflected in all our products and process flows. The quality management system is up to date and documented according to the norm ISO 9001:2015. For product ranges having all type of industrial nuts like weld-on nuts in shape of flange, square, hexagonal, round, Hex Jam Nuts, T-Nuts, Hex Flange Nuts, Nylon Insert Lock Nuts / Hex Nuts, Sleeve Bushing, weld spacers, Collared weld nuts, self locking nylon nuts and more others. From M2 through M24 sizes along with specials manufactured to your blueprints in steel, brass, stainless steel and heat treatable steel grades. Our commitment is to give you a quality product at competitive prices with fast and dependable service. With Redwoods Fasteners International Limited, you can rest assured that the job will get done! Welcome for inquiries and business cooperation today!!

U-Ton Plastic Co.

Kaohsiung County, Kao-hsiung


If you are looking for custom-made component or product, you will never regret to contact us. !!!! >Company : U-Ton Plastic Co. is a manufacturer in TAIWAN. We are also a " qualified military-parts manufacturer " certificated by Ministry of National Defense R.O.C. which means we fulfill the precise dimension, correct material usage and RD capacity to customer. You'll understand us more in our website: >Introduction : •Certificate: "Qualified military-parts manufacturer " certificated by Ministry of National Defense R.O.C. •Our strength: Prompt Engineering Support / Very Flexible, Customer-Driven Team / Integrated Service Capability •Company Model: OEM / ODM •Products: Various, including military goods, sporting goods, household goods, electronic goods and so on. •Company Organization: Manufacturing( Injection, Metal process, Assembly) dept., Mold dept., Sales dept. >Factory : U-Ton is located in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. We have various injection machines for several sizes of products and many metal process machines. Besides plastic injection and mold making, in order to meet the small quantity and various types of products, we are also working together with other industries. >Supply chains : •Thermoforming : PU foaming, EVA, Rubber…. Metal •Metal industry : Lathe, Stamping, Die-casting, Bending, Polish,Welding, Laser-cutting… •Textile industry : Fabric, Webbing, Sewing, Bag.. Plastic •Plastic industry : Vacuum molding, Blowing, Rotation,Extrusion,100oz-oversize injection molding ... •Finishing industry : Coating, Printing, Plating, Sand blast…. •Others : Raw material supplier of metal tube, plate... . Thanks for your valuable time to understand our company. Please feel free to contact us for any your detailed request by We assure you a long-term mutual beneficial business relationship will be established. Thank you.

Yuh-Cherng Precision Co., Ltd.

Gangshan, Kao-hsiung


Yu Precision Co., Ltd. into the processing power includes ultrasound machine tools, automatic lathe Lathe. Medieval lathes metal parts. Precision electro-mechanical parts. Mold. Stamping parts casting parts and mechanical repairs. And with a number of advanced manufacturing into an alliance partnership with manufacturers, whether in the mechanical and electrical integration. research and development. design and assembly process Jie related fields over 30 years experience, and constantly strive for excellence in all aspects of technology, I believe the company will be able to meet the procurement needs.

Sinda Precision Enterprise Ltd.

Kaohsiung, Kao-hsiung


Sinda Precision Enterprise Ltd. (Hsuan Yi) specialized in precision metal stamping punching parts (Non-standard parts per drawing / OEM) production for over 20 years.

Yun Yang Fastech Ltd.

Kaohsiung, Kao-hsiung


In the factory we make fasteners. In the office we sell solutions. We are a manufacturer, specializing in cold forming and stamping parts. With over 20 years cold forming experience and fastener experience, we are known for reliability and have been a leading source for fasteners. We can provide customized fasteners to meet our customers' individual requirements. In order to offer various fastener service and to expand our flexibility in fasteners, we also represent our suppliers in machining parts, and plastic injection / rubber parts and help them to deliver products with good quality to our customers around the world. Product Capability: We provide special / customized products to our customers, including nuts, screws, bolts, machining parts, stamping parts and plastic injection / rubber parts. *Nuts: Including nylon insert nuts, prevailing torque nuts, weld nuts, flange nuts, customized nuts, bushings, sleeves, and so on. Available Material: low carbon steel, middle carbon steel, alloy steel, brass, aluminum, stainless steel *Screws: Available Material: low carbon steel, middle carbon steel, alloy steel, brass, stainless steel *Bolts: Including pins, rivets, studs, multi-station bolts, customized bolts, and so on. Available Material: low carbon steel, middle carbon steel, alloy steel, brass, stainless steel *Machining Parts Available Material: free cutting steel, brass, stainless steel, aluminum, carbon steel, alloy steel * Stamping Parts Available Material: carbon steel, stainless steel, brass, spring steel * Plastic Injection Rubber Parts Available Material: ABS, PS,POM, PA, PC, PBT, PET, PP, PE, ...etc, Available Material: NR, IR, SBR, BR, CR, IIR, NBR, EPM, EPDM, CSM, ACM. ANM, U, SI...etc, We have been providing our customers with the best source for specialty fasteners: *Assuring areliable product by controllingquality from inception to customers *Professional and abundant fastener and manufacturing knowledge *We can provide PPAP Level 3 documents. * Offering our partners and customers solutions when they are getting stuck on manufacturing or sourcing *Taking immediate, urgent measures when our suppliers and customers are confronted with difficulties *Offering reliable, professional customer communication and service. For qualifying and approving our partners: * We usually visit and approve a potential supplier's facility before starting to export any products from them. *Our Q.C. re-inspect random parts before making shipment to our customers. * Basic quality control equipments must be present at our manufacturing partners. * Our manufacturing partners are at least ISO 9001:2000. Quality: Inspection: We have an inspection facility to carry out the inspection on each Individual product. Instruments: As the instruments are the heartbeats of quality, assure good quality and competent instruments are required. We have invested inspection instruments for general purposes. Training: We train the entire staff at regular interval to keep updating the strength to produce the excellent quality of the products. Maintenance: We document procedure to conduct the preventive maintenance of each machinery and instrument. Our mission: We strive toward serving our customers through innovation of product, continuous improvement and excellent service. To satisfy our mission, the solution we believe in: *Customer centered *Continuous improvement *System approach to management *Integrity * Mutually beneficial partner relationship *Inspirational leadership *Long term vision *Right first time

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