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Jing Yuh Metal Industrial CO., Ltd

Hukou Township, Hsin-chu


For Over 30 Years, Jing Yuh Metal Industrial Co. Provides Investment Casting Solutions

JYMI was founded in July, 1984 in Taiwan Hsinchu. In the beginning, the major product was vessel hardware. Today, JYMI has become a specialist in Lost-Wax Casting, not only for hardware but also for impeller related, pneumatic related, vehicle related and various machinery parts. JYMI obtained the certificate of ISO:9001/TS16949 and has much experience with dimension and material control. 


Jing Yuh Metal Industrial Co, Ltd., a manufacturer of ferrous and nonferrous investment castings was founded in 1984 in Taiwan. Jing Yuh was set up primarily as a vessel hardware producer in the early 1980s. After nearly 10 years of growth, Jing Yuh has continued to engage in more specialized areas of the casting industry, as well as creating a team comprised of highly-skilled casters, experienced tool makers, engineers, and production technicians.

In 1995, Jing Yuh became the member of Taiwan Casting Industrial Association and was selected as a board member in 2018. During the 2000s, Jing Yuh established two new factory buildings, set up the machining department and upgraded the recycling system of wax. In 2011, Jing Yuh invested in the recycling system of heat power to try to best protect the global environment. In 2018, Jing Yuh created a joint venture with two large industrial corporations to expand their capacities and machining capabilities, which made them become an OEM/ODM, offering turn-key castings to their customers. 


Jing Yuh produces metal components for companies in petrochemical, transportation, valve, pump, impeller, diffuser, rotor bearing, pneumatic tool, medical tool, general industrial tool, and architectural industries. 


There are three process improvements leading Jing Yuh to dramatically upgrade quality, increase delivery efficiency and reduce cost over the last decades. Initially, Jing Yuh has decades of expertise in designing and developing new metal materials for clients in order to improve castings’ mechanical performance as well as decrease cost, which is called “Material Substitution Program.” In addition, Process Optimization offers their clients the greatest service, in terms of providing faster production order and reasonable producing process. Moreover, Jing Yuh implements Cost- reduction Plan to minimize cost and maximize throughput by providing one- stop service for their clients. In the winter of 2018, Jing Yuh invested and installed a 14 ft. length turn/mill machine center to complete metal casing in their on-site machine shop. 


Jing Yuh works with a broad range of materials as the following alloys:

  • Austenitic Grey Iron (ASTM A436) and Austenitic Ductile Iron (ASTM A439)
  • Abrasion Resistant iron (Ni- Hard) and high Mn Steel
  • Duplex Stainless(1-A,2- A,3-A, 4-A,5-A,6-A.) 
  • Precipitate Hardening Stainless(15-5,17-4.) 
  • Copper Alloy ( 660 copper, Ni-Al-Brass.) 
  • Carbon Steel, Low Alloy and Tool Steel. 
  • Nickel Based, INCONEL 718 / 625 /925
  • MONEL 400 / R405 / K500 Cobalt Based, CO #3, 6, 12 
  • 300 and 400 Series Stainless 
  • Aluminum Alloy.(T6.) 
  • Titanium Alloy( 6-4 Ti) 


Jing Yuh has never obsessed over thinking about the future. Instead, they are most proud of creating their future constantly. Jing Yuh is developing rapid prototyping capabilities, which has applied to producing ceramic shell in recent years. Meanwhile, Jing Yuh is combining comprehensive and various casting methods to produce large-size and more intricate precision metal components for their clients. Furthermore, the Jing Yuh team is comprised of elite materials engineers who are continually developing cutting- edge super alloys in order to reduce cost and improve quality for our clients. Jing Yuh Group obtains an ISO 9001:2015 & TS16949 and is playing an important role in manufacturing impeller and pneumatic product in global market. 

AIM Contract Manufacturing

Hukou Township, Hsin-chu


ISO certified investment casting and CNC machining facilities in Taiwan since 1984. Our focus is on helping global OEMs produce and warehouse sub-level equipment components for high-temperature valves, high-pressure valves, impellers, diffusers, ball valves, pneumatic tools, automotive and fitness equipment, machinery and construction equipment, and medical equipment among other applications.

Gear Tech Co., Ltd

, Hsin-chu


our company devotes to and manufacture in the power source.second optics and the radiation organization.We concentrate on RD and application of the LED saving energy series products.We will promote the more efficient and saving energy LEDs.We also have the CE.RoHs certification,illumination quality promotion and cost control solution for our customers.When providing the OEM service for domestic and foreign illumination enterprises,we enhance the core competitiveness constantly.We have the excellent sales and specialized in project teams.Our quality QC system is the customers.Our major elients are the lighting enginnering company and lanterns distributors. They provide the OEM service of main illumination the semiconductor illumination field,we develope the service constantly with our feature to enhance the brand popularity.We realize the company social value by specialized products,stable service and expanding customer resource.Our company insists high tech ideal that makes the simple design and strives more choices for customers

Kuwai-Lian Co Ltd

Zhubei City, Hsin-chu


KUWAI-LIAN CO., LTD is a leading Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter ofAutomation Machine, with a factory in Taiwan. We supply and export consistently high class wafer robot,Vision Inspection System,Custom Machine,UV Exposure System,Solar Energy Equipment,Semiconductor Equipmentand continually improve upon the manufacturing processes and work environment through total employee involvement and strict adherence to fair business ethics. We have gained several patents in the field. Our sincerity and hard work has helped us to match our quality with international standards. If you are interested in any styles of our products, please feel free tocontact us.

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