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Supsi is a manufacturer based out of Europe that joined MFG in 2019. They specialize in ExtrusionsFabrication.

On-Spec Precision Machining

Zurich, Ontario

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


Precision Machining

With our modern cnc equipment we are able provide your parts on spec, on time and on budget.

 We provide constant project status updates to give you the peace of mind that you deserve after you place your order with us. 

CNC Turning

Our cnc turning center

capable of turning 10″ Diameter and 20″ length is able to provide accurate parts, with short leadtimes. And is capable of running fully automated with our integrated bar puller. 

We commonly hold .0005” or half thou tolerance on a diameter. 

Please contact for a quote on your next turning project.


Our Cnc Machining center

with its 24″ x 48″ Table is able to handle those larger milling jobs and provide accurate parts on time. We are able to handle large production runs or one off projects with this mill.

We are capable of 3D milling, Profiling, and all your milling functions.


We have the latest cadcam software and are able to provide drawing and design of your parts in a 3D solid. And the latest cam package to manufacture the parts. We can handle step files and most any of the common Cad files. 

Talk to us about your next Machining project. 


We use strick quality control measures to assure you are receiving your parts on spec. With our caliberation procedure assures your our measuring tools are accurate. We can also provide a Quality control report for your parts upon request. 

Measuring Tools

Outside micrometers (0″-16″)

Inside Micrometers (2″- 12″)

Groove Micrometer

Pin Gauges (.25″ – .5″)


And more

Shipping & Delivery 

We ship parts all across Ontario and into the States. 

We use: 

Cardinal Couriers-( for overnight shipping in Ontario and for emergency parts. )




Also we deliver parts early AM for business local to our facility. Within 3/4 hr radius. 

Microbe Investigation

Zurich, Zürich

We aim to advance product developments of antimicrobial treatments for a wide range of applications and expand expert knowledge of microbiology, its possibilities and limitations. At the same time we remain true to our unique values and place emphasis on high quality, precision, confidentiality and reliability.

Die Ruckstuhl AG Metallgiesserei ist als zuverlässiger Dienstleister mit über 70 jähriger Erfahrung im Aluminium-Guss tätig. Unsere Aluminium Kokillengussteile (Schwerkraft-Kokillenguss) kommen in den anspruchvollsten Anwendungen zum Einsatz. Bei uns finden Sie das Engagement eines Familienunternehmens und die Kompetenz eines erfahrenen Teams.

Gerne unterstützen wir Sie mit der Erfahrung

unserer Firma bei Ihren Wünschen und unterbreiten Ihnen eine interessante Offerte.

WKK Kaltbrunn AG

Kaltbrunn, Sankt Gallen


WKK Kaltbrunn AG - Your partner for stamping and deep drawn parts Continuity, Innovation and perfection is out of theformerly tranquil tooling from the 60s a successful SME with about 46 employees has grown. Today the WKK Kaltbrunn AG is an international stamping operation with the latest production methods in theSupply industry. With customized tools, modern machines with optimal production technology and qualified personnel taking part with us each the perfect shape. More information about the company and our services, please visit our website:

Rohrbogen AG

Pratteln 1, Basel-Landschaft


Our success is homemade. Most of our special machines and production methodsdeveloped by us and further optimized.We specialize in the manufacture of standard, HT-leg bends and elbows similar products such as diffusers, parts for the exhaust technology.Production methods:Cold press forming (special forming process)Hydroforming with molding (precise pipe parts)Cold bending over mandrelThe specialist tools and jigs required for our production our still made in our in-house tool-making shop today.

Atelier Mecanique Biaggio SA

Etoy, Vaud


Biaggio SA is a company specialized in precision mechanical machining by chip removal, from complex prototypes to industrial production in large batches. With 30 years of experience, Biaggio SA is present in various sectors such as electricity, railways, machinery manufacturing, aerospace and medical. Biaggio SA has approximately 15 employees and is organized on three different sites.This company is currently doing an ISO-9001 certification. Its machinery at the forefront of technology allows him to work different types of steel and aluminum, iron, titanium and plastics (PTFE, PE, PC, POM, etc.). Biaggio SA also uses its network of partners to achieve the grinding operations, painting, anodizing, welding, penetrant that customers need. It is responsible for coordinating everything for them.

Rex Articoli Tecnici SA

Mendrisio, Ticino


Rex specializes in in formulation of special rubber compounds for specific applications, the bonding of rubber to metal parts, and the production of these components. REX is IRIS certified and produces components for the the railway industry both for infrastructure and rolling stock. Rex components are often used for insulation, elasticity and damping applications across industries (electronics, construction, rail, plumbing, etc.)

Blankart AG

Volketswil, Zürich


The enterprise Blankart AG is specialized in stamping, forming and deep-drawing every kind of metal and is also known for its high quality standards and adherence to delivery dates. To permanently maintain these two crucial attributes at the same high level we maintain a close collaboration with our customers. In additon we quickly provide the right solutions for any kind of issues thanks to our highly skilled staff and our in-house tool making.

XiaoShuo Technology Co.,Ltd

Chur, Graubunden

We only sell original, tested and top quality products! Just buy with confidence.from our company you get:the great product with the original packaging and the purchase receipt / warranty certificate.

Trexatek GmbH

Nussabumen, Aargau



We are a Swiss founded company.Our company specializes in sourcing precision components that are made in India by our carefully selected partner manufacturing companies, all of which are ISO 9001 certified. Our goal is to ensure reliable supplies at competitive costs and with zero defects.

Our Strength

We manage and expand our carefully selected Indian supplier base to meet the ever-growing demand of our customers. By offering a broad selection of manufacturing technologies we are able to support you to meet the challenges you are facing in terms of design and supply chain, that is optimized for manufacturing and thus resulting in reduced unit cost.

Compotech AG

Weinfelden TG, Thurgau


Compotech AG in Weinfelden, Switzerland, develops and produces technical Fibre Reinforced Plastic (FRP) moulded parts and systems. The renowned Swiss FRP processing company is an international supplier to the industry. The products made from Fibre Reinforced Plastic composites (mostly glass reinforced plastic) are used throughout Europe in the transport industry, equipment and machine manufacturing, medical engineering, the electrical industry and the sanitary industry.

Ch. Bergonzo SA

Moutier, Bern


Dear Madam, dear Sir, We are a Swiss company working in the field of precision turned parts made on automatic lathes and in the production of custom made components. We are also specialized in the production of economic and anti-pollution nozzles for fuel oil burners and of spraying nozzles for water. We are manufacturing and supplying such parts directly into the worldfor over 50 years. We believe that ourproduction fieldis of interest to you and we would very much like to give you an opportunity to benefit from our long time know-how and from the quality of our Swiss origin products. We invite you to have a look at our website If you need any offer or additional piece of information please feel free to call on us.

Nardin Entreprise

Porrentruy, Jura


Nardin Entreprise

Stöckli Metall AG

Netstal, Glarus


With over 145 years' experience, we are able to offer high-quality innovative products and processes for all aspects of sheet metal working. Our services range from advice, engineering and tool manufacturing through series production to the building of complex assemblies. Efficient sheet metal working, joining and coating Flat, process-driven organization with our own wide range of machinery for optimal customer-oriented solutions New, CO2-neutral production plant with around 50 employees situated in Netstal, canton Glarus, Switzerland—centrally located in the heart of Europe Customers in Switzerland and abroad in the fields of mechanical engineering, apparatus, aeronautic, construction and automotive industries, household articles and medical technology


Killwangen, Aargau


The history of Rapid Technic AG1926 : Dr. Karl Welter and Ing. Arnold Rutishauser founded "Rapid Motormäher AG" with the aim of manufacturing motor-driven mowing machinery. Rapid was the first company in the world to launch the series production of self-propelled motor mowers with front-driven mowing bars.1946 : The manufacture of a test series of 36 small "Swiss Volkswagen" cars. One of these cars is on display at Lucerne Transport Museum.1947 : Relocation of production from Zurich to the newly built factory in Dietikon.1950 : A major success was enjoyed by Rapid in 1950 with the development and construction of its single-axle tractor type "S" (1950 - 1978). The Rapid trademark was launched in 1949.The Rapid Spezial was a machine which could not only be used for mowing but also for agricultural purposes as a transporter in combination with a trailer driven via the power take-off shaft. Combined with a wide variety of add-on equipment, the "Spezial" was one of the first multi-functional machines to make its mark on the mechanisation of Swiss agriculture.1960 : Production of an initial series of 1,000 lawnmowers. Rapid became a lawnmower producer, a clich'e that is still widely held to this day.1961 : Move to a newly constructed administrative building and relocation of Rapid AG's registered office from Zurich to Dietikon.1964 : Rapid developed the first automotive trailer, the Rapid Cargotrac 30, marking the start of the company's development of double-axle transporters spanning a period of 30 years. 1982 saw the market launch of the biggest and most powerful transporter, the Rapid Alltrac 3000.1967 : The most successful motor mower from Rapid, the Rapid 505, is launched in the market with wide-cutting and zero cutting models.1972 : The Rapid Heureka, a tractor mower, was developed on the basis of a single-axle vehicle and proved to revolutionise the rationalisation of hay harvesting on terrain with gradients of up to 65%. The development of tractor mowers ended in 1992 with the launch of the Rapid MT 200.1978 : Rapid agreed on a joint venture with Iseki Co. Ltd. Tokio, Japan which still exists to this day. Iseki is a successful manufacturer of compact tractors, which are in wide use in Japan as agricultural tractors in rice fields. In Switzerland, the tractor is used primarily for public works purposes.1990 : The first hydrostatically driven motor mower with a zero cutting unit, the Rapid 507, is launched.1993 : The Rapid EURO is launched.1998 : Start of production of the Rapid MONDO. The second generation of the Rapid EURO with an aluminium housing replaces the grey cast iron model.2000 : The production of the Rapid 505 is discontinued after 33 years, a period during which more than 30,000 units were produced and sold.2001 : 75th anniversary celebrations of Rapid Maschine und Fahrzeuge AG2002 : One year after the 75th anniversary celebrations of Rapid Maschine und Fahrzeuge AG, the company was split into two autonomous parts, Rapid Schweiz AG and Rapid Technic AG.Rapid Schweiz AG deals with the import and distribution of agricultural vehicles.Rapid Technic AG is active in the following segments: * production and distribution of single-axle equipment * import and sale of special vehicles for public works use * customised manufacture for the machine industry 2003 : Market launch of Rapid UNIVERSO.Purchase of all rights for the Rapid SWISS from the designer, Karl Lnd Sen..2004Introduction of the first series of Rapid SWISS products based on Lnd's plans.A distribution agreement for Switzerland is concluded with Egholm, the Danish manufacturer of equipment carriers with articulated steering.A joint venture is agreed with Sewitech AG for the distribution of Sewitech gradient mowers under the label Rapid TECNO.2005 : Launch of Rapid's upgraded Rapid SWISS model with a rotary handle.2006 : Penetration of the American market via cooperation with the company ARIENS/USA (producer of Gravely equipment carriers).The Rapid MONDO is overhauled and the second generation launched.2007 : With the takeover of the assets of the agricultural division of Tribolet Autocenter in Chur, Rapid Technic AG was able to secure its distribution of Lindner tractors and transporters for Switzerland. One limitation of a geographic nature exists with regard to the tractors. They can only be sold to customers engaged in alpine agriculture.2008 : Move from Dietikon/ZH to Killwangen/AG.2009 : Market launch of Rapid REX, the world's lightest mountain mower for extreme steep slopes.


Küsnacht, Zürich


Teximp SA is an international trading company specialising in technically sophisticated products and expert consultancy. Our core competence is based on sound specialist knowledge and a secure and well-established network with our customers and suppliers, and delivers comprehensive support for our clients. We offer you more than just technically sophisticated products from selected suppliers for a large number of CNC production processes. From us you can expect comprehensive service, including sales advice, finance, training and service. We safeguard your investments by means of extensive after-sales services, and lay the foundation stone for long-term cooperation. Since 1982 we have concentrated on sales and distribution in Central and Southeast Europe. Continuous training of our employees and eight branches in seven countries mean we can guarantee expertise and efficiency on your doorstep. We see ourselves as genuine team players, combining visionary thinking with realistic economic factors. Your needs are at the focal point of all our considerations.

Dany & fils SA

Yverdon-Les-Bains, Vaud


Founded in 1965, Dany fils S.A. quickly invested in CNC machines and is today a recognized expert in : - Bar turning - swiss machining- Turning - Milling - Reaming Dany fils S.A. is able to work on most materials, including all types of steel, aluminium, and plastics. The company located in switzerland, very close to la vall'e de l'Arve, is very competitive on parts manufactured with CNC machines, and has a dedicated structure for small and medium lots of machined parts.


Marly, Fribourg


AMPCO METAL is an integrated metals manufacturer and distributor, specialized in copper-based materials, serving a variety of industries including general engineering, metal production, automotive, plastics and glass mold-making and a wide range of industrial segments.

Burag AG

Eschlikon, Thurgau

Wir sind ein Produktionsbetrieb mit eigenem Werkzeugbau und Entwicklung für unsere Produktionsverfahren.

Wir verarbeiten Metallische Rohre diverser Werkstoffarten wie Stahl, Rostfreistahl, Kupfer, Messing, Aluminium, usw.

Unsere Spezialität ist Kaltumformen, … unsere Leidenschaft, Stauchen und Verpressen.

Wir beschäftigen 45 Mitarbeiter und verarbeiten jährlich ca. 2‘500 T Stahlrohre. Derzeit geht 50% unseres Umsatzes in den Export. (EU-Raum)

Unsere Hauptkunden sind in der Landtechnik tätig. Wir beliefern aber auch Grossisten im Sanitärbereich und in der Befestigungstechnik sowie Maschinenfabriken.

Hans Christen AG

Herzogenbuchsee, Bern

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


Hans Christen AG is a Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer based out of Europe that joined MFG in 2013. They specialize in Gears and are

ISO 9001:2008


Robofact AG

Gossau / SG, Sankt Gallen

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


Robofact AG is a Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer based out of Europe that joined MFG in 2012. They specialize in Machining.

IGG International Trading GmbH

Dietikon, Zürich



IGG International Trading GmbH is a Manufacturer based out of Europe that joined MFG in 2012. They specialize in Machining.

Assemtron AG

Muri, Aargau

Design / Engineering Firm


Assemtron AG is a Design / Engineering Firm based out of Europe that joined MFG in 2013. They specialize in .

Kubo Form AG

Effretikon, Zürich

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


Kubo Form AG is a Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer based out of Europe that joined MFG in 2011. They specialize in .

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