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Acutronic Robotics S.L.

Vitoria-Gasteiz, País Vasco

Design / Engineering Firm


Acutronic Robotics is a robotics company delivering next-generation robot solutions for a range of clients. The company is leading the latest innovations in robot modularity and has created H-ROS (Hardware Robot Operating System), a universal communication bus for robot modules. Our story. We were born as a startup in 2014 and first developed elements for drones that facilitated the construction of aircraft. Later we expanded our scope of work to include robot hardware. DARPA supported our vision of a universal communication bus for robot modules, H-ROS and, in 2016, we were acquired by the Swiss Acutronic Group. We are backed by Sony Venture Capital and have partnered with big players such as Xilinx Inc, Robotiq, Han’s Robot or DH Robotics to move from vision to reality. Now we are leading the latest innovations in modular robotics and got to the market with our first solutions.

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