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Founded in 1982, Termoplásticos del Peral, S.A. specializes in the manufacture of plastic pieces by injection.Throughout our more than 20 years of existence, we have increased our resources until we are able to avail of a machine pool with capacities ranking from 40 T to 550 T clamping force, capable of satisfying any demands of production made with the utmost quality.Our highly qualified staff is at your service to advise and guide you in developing the product: selection of raw materials, new moulds, tool modifications, etc.Production is subject to order, with tools owned by our customers (among them, leading Spanish companies and agencies) from sectors as diverse as: telecommunications, electronics, education, household appliances, construction, optics, defence, etc.We specialize above all in the transformation of technical materials such as PA (6, 6.6 and 12), PC, PFA, PMMA, POM, PPO, PPS, PSU, PVDF, TPE... with or without contents (these may be fire resistant, anti-static, light-diffusing, heat-dissipating, conductive, impact correcting, mineral...)Likewise, to offer a more complete service, we can carry out manipulations after manufacture, such as bore holes, screw holes, insertions, sticking, assembly, marking, etc.In fulfilling our corporate purpose, and as a better guarantee for our customers, we have implanted a Quality System in accordance with ISO 9001 and AS 9100, certified by Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance.


Fuenlabrada, Madrid


We are a family business founded in 1969, we work mainly based on the manufacture by stamping, punching and bending of metallic pieces for diverse manufacturing sectors, such as elevators and platforms, metallic furniture, telecom industries and more…For the production of our products, actually we make use of a dozen of presses eccentric since 40 TM until 250 TM, three of them with automated feeding of metal strip, robots of welding, four posts of semiautomatic welding, bender, shears, spot welding and more…As well we have packing and kits assembly installations incorporating to the pieces that we make different elements that we buy or subcontract according to our clients. In relate to Quality Control, our company owns a quality certificate DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 issued by the certification authority TV Rheinland and we have a Quality Department equipped with the more current ways for this purpose, among which included a 3D measuring machine, microscopes, a profiles projector and a full system to check the quality of our welding with destructive and non destructive methods.

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