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TREVI - Tallers Mecanics, S.L.

Vilanova Del Cami, Cataluña


Trevi Talleres Mecánicos, S.L.

Cut for laser, industrial plasterwork and subcontracting of services

Trevi is a family business created in 1963, offers its customers all the subcontracting services necessary to carry out their projects. From the first sketch to the final packaging of the product.

The first step to take is production and design planning to maximize processes. That's why we have two drawing stations with SoldWorks and one of SheetWorks, which will help us follow these steps and create the first prototypes.

In order not to be mistaken in the manufacture we rely on our machines with the leading Japanese brand Amada. Who gives us the confidence that the whole process will be satisfactory.

The machines used are: laser cutting, lasertub, CNC bending machines, CNC shearing, punching machine, bending machine and several welding stations fully equipped.

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