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Baldomero Ventura S.L.

Les Franqueses Del Vallès, Cataluña

Ventura Corporation has more than 40 years of experience in the industrial sector, supplying products, capacity and sustained services in a constantly changing technological environment, high quality and complete flexibility in order to satisfy the needs of the most demanding clients, who consider us a model of business excellence. Currently, Ventura Corporation is an international company integrating two SBU’s (strategic business units): Ventura Precision Components: manufacturer of high precision and quality mechanical components for leading Tier1 companies in the automotive sector but also for dealing with trucks, motorbikes and aeronautics.Baldomero Ventura SL Les Franqueses (SPAIN)BVentura Corp. Houston (USA)BVentura Suzhou (CHINA) Ventura Medical Technologies: created in the year 2010 within the group’s diversification strategy framework and focused on the development of innovative solutions on the health sector.

Akwansa International (AI)

Barcelona, Cataluña

Mfgr Rep / Broker / Trading House


Akwansa International (AI) Provide excellent Strategic Consulting Services for sourcing products and business services between its manufacturing partners and it buyers/customers. AI’s Sourcing Division focus in address all the client needs from Point A to Z. Our sourcing philosophy is based on the responsibility to optimally supply of all AI companies and divisions. ?In order to fully meet it customers and clients demand on time, we enter into both strategic partnerships as well as long-term contracts with our core suppliers and manufacturers, and we achieve quantity effects by pooling needs from across the Group to deliver our clients work.
Engifield is a global leader in mechanical power transmission devices. Our mission is to transfer your ideas into a viable solution. We provide mutual support between different OEM’s, saving time, money and aggravation. Engineering experts will guide you on your new projects. Engifield consultant engineers are a valuable resource for shortening development time of your new projects and keep your cost within your target. We are experts in mechanical power transmission solutions such as motors, servo motors, electromagnetic clutches and brakes, pneumatic clutches and brakes, torque limiters, couplings, belts and pulleys. As we have large experience in the field we can provide custom design units. Engifield provide engineering and consulting services to any application involving motion control and power transmission. Our technical market focused engineers are specialized in solving challenges. we help our customers with an innovative approach, always prioritizing their end goal. Engifield key markets are : Aerospace, Automotive, Oil & Gas, Industrial Automation, Food & Beverage, Cranes & Hoist and Renewable energies. We are sales closers and we can work as an independent agent to increase your sales. Contact us with your new project and we will guide you. From your idea to a viable solution.

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