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Parson d.o.o.

Celje, Savinjska

CNC milling Aluminium plates large formats 1500x2100


Store, Savinjska


With the desire to introduce ourselves and possibly establish new business relationships, we contact you from Adut Ltd., where we operate a small foundry and are present in the market of individual and small series castings.

Our gray and ductile iron foundry has been operating since 1994 and continues the foundry tradition in the Štore area. It focuses on the production of single (also pre-batch and batch) castings and castings of cast iron materials, mainly intended for mechanical engineering, construction and agricultural machinery, heating and gas installations, for hydraulics and the like.

In the meantime, we have become a reliable and responsive business partner who can quickly and successfully adapt our production to the specific needs of our customers.

In this way, we guarantee the casting of various qualities of castings, namely

• Ductile (ductile) castings quality EN-GJS-400, 500, 600 and 700

• Castings resistant to wear and heat

• Gray cast iron quality EN-GJL-200, 250 and 300

However, we use the following available technology:

• CO2 Forming

• Production of foundry cores by CO2 and cronning process

• Casting: two AEG induction furnaces (2t)

• The weight of castings can range from 0.3 to 300kg, typically from one batch to a few hundred pieces

• More at our web site

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