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Siro s.r.o

Korna, Zilinsky Region

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


We are small family company providing our experiences in machining, water jet cutting, bending and welding.


Žiar Nad Hronom, Banskobystricky Region


Production of castings from aluminum alloys We continue in long-term tradition of aluminum castings production, that began in 1967, when the first casting was produced. Company FINALCAST specializes in: Production of aluminium castings using a gravity die casting method (including tilt casting method) Production of aluminium castings using a low pressure die casting method Providing heat treatment service and impregnation

kon-tech, s.r.o.

Bytca, Zilinsky Region



The company kon-tech, s.r.o. was established in 2006 and started to provide engineering work for machinery industry. Over the time, it has begun to focus on the development of single-purpose equipment for various industries. 

At present, the company deals with the development and implementation of functional prototypes, equipment and supplies for automatized working places. According to customer requirements, we are able to create turnkey projects, from designing the solution through its implementation and assembly to commissioning and delivery to the end customer. Based on the customer's needs, we solve the individual production of small-batch products.

Present time:

•development and implementation of functional prototypes and deliveries of automated workplaces

•complex realization of  products´  development from concept draft,  through an engineering design to the manufacture of a prototype and its implementation into production at the customer

•individual production  of single-piece and small-batch products

We offer solutions in the following areas:

•locksmith works, welding works, assembly of steel structures and industrial halls

•welded constructions, machinery production (milling, turning, grinding)

•the repair, maintenance and installation of machinery technologies and equipment

•the development of robotized workplaces for manipulation, positioning and palletizing of products and their implementation into production lines

•the development of welding, assembly, measuring and testing  appliances for production

•the development of the equipment for manufacturing logistics, handling equipment, conveyor systems, transport equipment, specialized single-purpose machines and equipment

•innovations of products being already produced, repairs of production facilities

•warranty and post-warranty service of the products and equipment delivered by us

Manufacturing technologies being used:

•laser cutting - precision, simplicity, high performance and cutting quality in sheet metal processing

•CNC bending - ensures high precision and repeatability of bends

•welding - manual MIG / TIG welding using a protective atmosphere during welding; resistance welding – the shot welding of components and by a spot welder;

•chip machining - CNC -3 axis milling center and CNC turning center  as well as classical machining  give unlimited manufacturing possibilities for precise parts;

•surface finish - a perfect look important for  the success and quality of the product;

•laser labeled products –  according  to customer´s  requirements for clear product identification

•laser welding – repairing and reconditioning tools, dies and  molds

LOMAN s.r.o.

Levice, Nitra


The company of LOMAN is a modern family enterprise. It deals with producing of high quality serial and piece components for the needs of machine production. The company is mainly specialized in manufacturing and delivery of rotary parts. The rotary parts production is realized on the basis of delivered technical documentation on CNC and conventional machines as well with utilization of latest knowledge and trends in the sphere of mat processing.

Libra Group s.r.o

Bratislava, Bratislava

Distributor of Industrial Products


The main field of activity is engineering and production of pumps.

We have several production sites in Slovakia and Ukraine.

Company quality management system conforms to ISO 9001 international standard. 

Company's market is: Germany, Estonia, Lithuania, Mecedonia, Ukraine, Russia, Belorussia, Kazahstan, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Bulgaria, Poland, Slovakia, Iraq.


Dunajska Streda, Trnava

Design / Engineering Firm



Vinicné, Bratislavsky Region


Vaspo was founded in 1992 in Vamberk. Machinery department has 50 employees. We are interest in wires production industry and single-purpose machines. We produce special equipment and machines for automotive industry. Vaspo gets certificates of quality ISO 9001 since 2001 and enviroment ISO 14 000 since 2006.  Sister's company in Trnava was established in 2003.

Turnover of all firm is about 6 mil EUR.

REA SLOVTEAM spol. s r.o.

Banská Bystrica, Banskobystricky Region

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


Precision CNC machining. Design of machine tools for special purposes. Design of tools for measuring and special applications. Technical application. CAD/CAM software: GibbsCAM (sale, support and trainings)

Sale: measures, tools and cutting tools

Technological possibilities :

sawing, turning (X,Z,C), verticale milling (X,Y,Z.A), grinding and tools grinding

Materials: steel, hardened steel, Al and alloys of Al, Cu and alloys of Cu, plastic

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