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Semtec Universal

Bucuresti, Bucuresti

We have more than 15 years of experience in manufacturing industrial machines for various industries.

Our main focus was the manufacturing of packaging machines for the food industry.

In 2016 we have started a new business line for large series manufacturing of parts for other machines manufacturers. For this we have substantially upgraded our production capabilities with a top of the line CNC mill, CNC lathe as well as 3D printers.We use state of the art software for computer aided design, simulation, computer aided manufacturing as well as collaboration.We are thus currently capable to successfully deliver to recurring customers based in Germany and Denmark besides our long standing local customers.


Bucharest, Bucuresti



Sky Zepp S.R.L.

Cluj Napoca, Cluj


We are a company located in Cluj-Napoca Romania. We have a team of specialists who have invested in the best technology to ensure the success of our production. At the moment we began working with DMG equipment generation 2010 which gives us the quality of our finished products. Our equipment is 1 DMG CTX 310 V3 eco in 3-axis milling and turning - year 2010, 1 DMG CTX 310 V3 eco in 3-axis milling and turning - year 2011 and 1 DMC 1035 eco in 4 axis milling - year 2011


Ploiesti, Prahova


CATOPREST was established in 2009 to offer assistance services and evaluation of the quality conformity, for the providers of the automotive industry and the automobile manufacturers as well as for the companies involved in the mass production, electronic industry, household appliances, cosmetics, FMCG and plastics industry. Our reputation was built on high quality standards, being reflected nowadays in the activity provided to our clients.

Mould Cugir

Cugir, Alba


SC MOULD Cugir SRL main activity is consulting, designing and production regarding : 1. Injection moulds for plastic products used in domestic field, automotive industry. 2. Blow molds : - PET used on drinks industry, oily industry and technical products industry. - PE, PP for recipients used in detergents industry, cosmetics industry, food and pharmacy industry . 3. Repairs and revisions for bottling lines, rinsing(flushing) machines, filling , stampling, labeling and packing lines. 4. Spare parts, unicates and low series with an high level of complexity

Fort Engineering

Cluj Napoca, Cluj


FORT Engineering is located inClujNapoca, Romaniaand its main activity is mechanical engineering services in the machine building industry. We started our activity with design and conversion services and, due to the market demands and opportunities, we developed our field of activity also in the mechanical processing and assembly area. We deliver to the beneficiary the end product including adjustments and tests of endurance. Up until now we conducted projects in the fields of machinery for the printing industry and automatedpalletizingand transport systems as well as inCNCmachine tools production. We offer solutions for equipment in all industrial fields. FORT Engineering is defined by structure, involvement, high standards and the will to provide complex and qualitative services, according to the client's needs. WE OFFER to our clients: Full services from design to execution and delivery of the product and consultancy in the design of new products; Comfort regarding the completion of projects on time by taking over the responsibilities towards coordination of the execution processes, from the easiest to the most complex ones; Highly skilled workers and engineers; We add value to our own production capability by collaborating with well-known companies in the mechanical processing industry and having high qualified and experienced employees in the assembly process. Our team is fully dedicated to Company's projects and, beyond the simple execution, our team members offer improvement suggestions meant to provide the best results. OUR GOAL is to be our clients' partners in achieving their business objectives and to become valuable member of their team. We represent our clients' interest and make them our own. We are constantly improving in order to face the requests and to adapt to the business evolution of our partners. We are dedicated to the client. We aim for long term partnerships based on trust and with benefits for the both parties.


Jorasti, Vinatori, Vrancea


With the technological capability which RIKORA owns and develops continuously, RIKORA manufactures a wide range of products and services in the field of machine building and industrial constructions based on the customer's technical documentation. Besides the classic machine-tool machining (lathes, milling machines, round, plane and coordinate grinding, thread grinding machine etc.),VASPET has over 17 CNC machining centers. Dimensionally, VASPET can process partswith values up to 550x1000 (turning) and 800x1000x3000 (milling). The company has over 59 highly skilled employees in the field and with an experience of over 20 years. VASPET SRL has collaborations with companies from Romania and EU and USA (Cameron, Tenaris etc.). We hope to receive, as soon as possible, your affirmative answer, which would mean the beginning of a profitable collaboration for both sides.

Fivex SRL

Targu Carbunesti, Gorj


FIVEX is a Romanian company with fields of activity: machining, mechanical welding and liquid and electrostatic painting.


Topoloveni, Arges


With an experience of more than 30 years in automotive industry, our company, by its activity of components and assemblies` design and development, gives the assurance of our products` quality which guarantees your safety.Our goal, maintained by annual investments of more than 400 000 Euro, is to respond to our partners by the alignment of our production equipments to the highest standards and by a permanent training for developing an efficient activity.Our company has implemented and permanently supported a Quality Management System according ISO International Standard ISO/TS 16949:2002 and ISO 14001:2004.

Levtech Service & Production SRL

Lueta, Harghita


We are fulfilling our clients special requirements for several years from now, with a great success. Our goal is to create high quality and reliable products with a competitive cost .


Cugir, Alba



DB Precision srl

Oradea, Bihor


Dalcio di Sopra , is pleased to annuonce that DB Precision srl, a machining company in Oradea Rumania, is now fully operational. DB Precision is a Joint Venture withPlasti DB srl,an Italian company, is dedicated to the machining of aluminium parts with vertical and horizontal machining centers. For more details please look at the attached company profile Dalcio di Sopra srl, an ISO 9001 certified company, offers a full service from feasibility study, to prototyping, to tool design and manufacturing, to supplying samples and/or small-medium volume casted, machined and painted aluminium and light alloys parts, specifically we offer: engineering and industrialization of products; design and manufacturing of tools and equipment for aluminium and light-alloys products; supplying of finished products, casted in high pressure die casting and in gravity casting. Engineering services feasibility studies for new products; industrialization of new products; reengineering products by changing manufacturing technology; quick prototyping and machining from metal blocks All activities are done in co-design and utilizing the most updated design and mould-flow simulation software. Tool design and manufacturing high pressure die casting tools to make aluminium, magnesium and zamak parts; Trimming tools and machining fixtures and equipment; Moulds and core boxes for sand and shell casting to make aluminium and magnesium parts; Equipment are made by the most updated machineries, such as: high speed milling cutters, NCC lathes, wire and plunge spark erosions and test machine for tools check. We can make high pressure die casting tools up to a dimension of 1000 mm x 1000 mm. Manufacturing Casting high pressure die casted parts on fully automated machines from 200 tons up to 1600 tons. Casting sand and shell casted parts on manual and automated machines Finishing parts as requested - deburring, sandblasting, thumbling, wet/powder painting, anodizing and mirror finishing; Machining on vertical and horizontal - 3 and 5 axis - CNC, milling and lathes. We currently supply main sectors, such as OEM motorcycling, spare parts for automotive, electronics, oleodynamics and pumps, gardening and office furniture, both in Europe and in the USA. We can offer, through our parent company Dalcio Plastics a full range of services in plastics and rubber, particularly: DalcioPlastics manufactures and provides industrial solutions for the production ofplastic, rubberand liquid silicon parts for small and medium series.It supportsand suggestsitscustomersin the choice ofthe best and most suitable technology for the manufacturing of their productsatcompetitive prices. Dalcio Plastics competence concerns the main manufacturing technologies for plastic and rubber parts:traditional injection moulding,(presses from 20 to 1200 Ton),double- componentsmoulding (plastic/plastic, rubber/plastic, plastic/metal, rubber/metal), soft clean room, clean room, rotomoulding,blow moldingand liquid silicon injection moulding.


Targu Mures, Mures


Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE Our company PIL SRL Romania was founded in 1991. With great experience in technology and quality we are specialized in general mechanical engineering including various metal product manufacturing with universal equipment. Our industrial machines include lathes, mills, drills, grinding machines and wide range of CNC as well. Furthermore we are specialized in metal surface electroplating protection. Our company is teamed up with experienced engineers and well trained professional workers. Everymanufacturing process, assembly and final test inspection lies under strict supervision. We make sure that every product line relies on an excellent quality control system and systematic management. We have recurrent costumers from Romania, Hungary, Germany and Switzerland. Our top-priority is to satisfy the needs of our costumers providing accurate and effective technical solutions in the shortest time offeringbest price with high quality.

Girotech Industrie SRL

Ploiesti, Prahova

GIROTECH INDUSTRIE SRL offers CAD and CAM services. Our expertise lies in the utilization of CNC controlled turning and milling machines but we can also offer other additional services. Steel is the main material that we machine but, in general, we can machine most materials. Girotech Industrie SRL is committed to service and quality, meeting customer requirements and exceeding expectations every time. We can machine large quantities of parts whilst maintaining tight tolerances.


Brasov, Brasov

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


OLSTRAL is located in Brasov Romania.

The company is specialized in high accuracy parts manufacturing for aerospace industry.

We are AS9100:2018 certified, and alsoISO9001:2015.

Our production capabilities are in following operations:

  • 4 axis turning
  • high accuracy OD - ID cylindrical grinding
  • polygon grinding
  • 5 axis milling

Tank Metal Confex

Viseu De Sus, Maramures

Design / Engineering Firm



At Tank Metal Confex, you won’t only find what you need; you’ll get the best quality at a fair price. With years of experience in the industry, we have the expertise to thoroughly and efficiently serve our customers to ensure they’re never disappointed.

Whether you’re a one-time buyer or looking to buy in bulk, you can count on us to provide great products and excellent service, every step of the way. Browse our inventory below and get in touch if you can’t find what you’re looking for.

Metrom Trading

Brasov, Brasov


Metrom Trading Gruphas the potential of producing or processing a wide range of parts, components, spare parts for machine tools or production tools, manually or mechanically operated by classical or modern CNC methods of processing tehnology. Trough the vast tehnical equipment, Metrom Trading provides the following processing technologies: Turning (diametre up to 1100mm and lenghts up to 5000mm) Circular and surface milling (small or medium parts) Boring, finishing ream. Circular finishing - exterior, diameter max 300mm, - interior, diameter max 400mm. Mortising (slotting key canals and other canal types, gear wheels) Shaping (plane, slide way, rough) Profiling technology

Polisano Pharmaceuticals

Sibiu, Sibiu

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


Founded in 2003 through a Greenfield investment, Polisano Pharmaceuticals is a Romanian company.

With a high level of quality customer service, accurate documentation and timely delivery, we have succeeded in becoming a valuable partner for companies that have entrusted us with the production, control and release of pharmaceutical products.

Polisano Pharmaceuticals provides pharmaceutical development and industrial-scale transfer services to ensure production under the required quality standards.

Pharmaceutical development services include preformulation and formulation studies, analytical development.

We are also able to ensure the manufacturing, packaging and labeling of the clinical investigation drugs.

Polisano Pharmaceuticals provides preformulation and manufacturing prescriptions evaluation for solid oral pharmaceutical forms as well as for controlled release medicines.

In Polisano Pharmaceuticals there are 2 manufacturing units projected and built according to GMP standards with the objective of ensuring the technical and technological capabilities to produce a wide variety of pharmaceutical forms – medicines and food supplements.

Out of care for the health of our consumers, Polisano Pharmaceuticals’ manufacturing and control conditions for food supplements are just as strict as those applying to medicines.

Dinu & Co

Buzau, Buzau


Agricultural equipment: power outlet, conveyor shaft, conveyor shaft ball bearings, piston cylinder block, head rod cutter, gears, chain wheels, planetary, planetary bushings Oil equipment: heavy pole, pole drive, clutches Hydraulic cylinders: cylinder cover, joint camp, was, flanges, leverage Metallurgical Industry (cord metallic - car drawing): Belt wheel, prismatic parts, role Electrical Networks : cape, horn download, yoke assemblies, joint areas, armature Printing machinery : axis, trees, sloping plateau Products made by our company comply with ISO quality standards 9001.


Iasi, Iasi


AGMUS is a well known company in Romania in Metallic Manufacture Industry. SC AGMUS SA was founded in 1975 and it's stands out in the romanian industrial landscape as a major producer of custom-made machine tools, special-purpose machine tools, plant units and transfer lines, as well as a technology supplier. Below we're presenting our main products: 1. Metallurgical industry: Rollers (exhaust, supply, with switch) Cooling beds, Scraper systems Dampers collectors for pipe transport Conveyors Deviating mechanism Run table Roller tables Rolling and calibration units Deviation units and transfer Spare parts rolling Limiting devices running Mechanisms of tipping Lifting Mechanisms Reducing and training groups Brakes with electro hydraulic lifts Sandblasting devices Heads of bar and items now Crystallizers Oscillating Tables Foundry Furnaces Automotive industry: Special machine tools Equipment redressing for all type of machines (not only from automotive, but from all types of industries). Different parts from machine tools: coupling, gearboxes, shafts, fluted axes. 3. Construction industry Resistance elements and civil engineering construction: towers, trusses, sleepers, beams Metal framings Trolleys dryer for bricks Carts dryer for bricks Deviating systems for concrete steel Ventilation devices Filters for concrete stations Cement Dispensers Elevators Conveyor Belt Adjustable keyboard Manufactures welded according to client documentation Show-rooms, warehouses, production halls, appurtenance like joint, hinge, beam consolidations, metallic structures for skylights(malls and supermarkets), resistence elements joint, traverses(sleepers) 4. OilGas industry Pumping groups Gearboxes Welded constructions Takeing delivering devices Pipe cart dryers Pipe connectors and plugs for extraction spouts according to API 5CT standard Coupons threaded Mud pump spare parts Spare parts units: plugs, reducers, nuts, articulated elbows, tee pieces, adjustable nozzles Pumps for circulation of drilling fluids Gas separators Ball valve Valves Needle Valves Drilling and Slotting Operations of extraction pipes and spouts Drive units 5. Glass industry Production lines (transfer systems on the flow of glass from oven technology) 6. Chemical industry Feeding device Reducers Centrifuge 7. Environmental equipments Rotating screening for waste Waste transporters Conveyors Boards Screening tapes Bio-container for compost plant Chipper for plant debris Mobile Screens for composting Composting machines Animal waste containers Dust Collectors Ventilation Systems Device 8. Spare parts Coupling, Hydraulic cylinders, gears, bushes, axes, metal plates, reductions, caps, flanges, bushings, screens, safety valves, discharge mandrels, pawls, housings, sledges. Due to external clients like DANIELI-Italy, DIBALEX bv-Netherland, SMS SIEMAG - Germany, STEMA Eng. Denmark, GECOSTEEL Syria and other foreign countries from EU, and their requirements, AGMUS started to give more importance to delivery time, to manufacture and deliver the items according to international norms. Providing respect towards the client, pursuant to the trust awarded us, we offer product and services adequate to their requests with respect to the applicable legal regulations. Therefore, there has been implemented, certified and maintained the Quality Management System EN ISO 9001:2000, American Petroleum Institute API5CT monogram, Environment Management System SR EN ISO 14001:2005, Health and Professional Protection System OHSAS 18001:2004; also the metrology laboratory is certified according to EN ISO/CEI 17025:2005, and the welding process according to EN ISO 3834:2. If your organization will be interested to collaborate with us, we will be happy to give any supplementary information. We send you our best regards and we hope to find ways to cooperate to both our advantage. Sincerely yours, Eduard Calota Business Development Manager AGMUS SA Iasi, Romania 0040745124156

Durotech Mechprod SRL

Galati, Galati

We are your solution in designing, programming and milling on the latest generation CNC Milling Machine from Okuma, with very high precision and accuracy.

We can design the part from a PDF file or just program it from an already made part ( STP file ).

We are represented by the quality of our parts, and we are looking forward to working with companies whom are interested in quality and precision.

We present you The Art of CNC.

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