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Northeast Precision, Inc.

Calamba City, Laguna


Northeast Precision, Inc. (NPI) is a precision engineering company that has in-depth experience in producing a wide range of products that cater to semicon, RF and automotive industries. We offer cost efficient, on-time delivery of products ranging from low-volume, highly complex products to high volume commodity products. Total Customer Satisfaction is the motto of our company. Our Services At Northeast Precision, all orders are produced using modern CNC-controlled machining processes. All components are produced using a consistent work flow, with each phase of production carefully monitored and recorded for quality. This ensures a fast delivery and a consistently high quality standard. Your efficiency depends on having accurate tools and instruments in excellent working order. We make every effort to meet your need at the level of quality you require. We can provide you with the proper tool for the application you require. We have committed service personnel that have dedication and experience. We would ensure that every request is followed up and every effort is made to satisfy the customer. Contact us today for a quote.

Roberts AIPMC

Cabuyao, Laguna

HISTORYEstablished in 1992, Roberts AIPMC has become one of the biggest manufacturers in the industry because of its dedication to carry out its goal of making it to the top not only in product development but also in the hearts and minds of customers, OEM, and individuals alike. ROBERTS AIPMC: TRUE TO ITS MISSION"Meeting and surpassing customer needs and expectations by having World Class OEM standard products and services.Developing our most important resources, Our manpower and continuously maintaining technical superiority over our competitors through research and development and technical cooperation." INTEGRATED PRODUCTION One of the pioneers in the industry that feature INTEGRATED PRODUCTION of automotive and industrial parts, translating to efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and consistent quality to address the OEM's diverse needs, we boast of having one of the largest support group all dedicated in ensuring customer satisfaction. QUALITY Quality is our currency. From our people to our manufacturing processes and outputs, commitment to quality is our number one priority. This commitment is confirmed by our continuously expanding clientele of local and foreign OEM assemblers, maintained leadership in aftermarket sales, and numerous awards conferred by major car manufacturers. RELIABILITY We draw and build on the four-decade progress of our mother company, the RGC Group, establishing our good name throughout our long history. Our adherence to the strictest OEM quality standards has also made the name Roberts AIPMC tantamount to reliability. That is why major OEM Companies like Toyota, Honda, Mitsubishi, and others, continue to prove their trust by consistently granting Roberts AIPMC almost all major awards and citations possible such asBest in Quality, Most Competitive Cost, and Best in Delivery.

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