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AC-10 Precision Tools Inc

Muntinlupa City, Manila

AC-10 PRECISION TOOLS, INC. is engaged in the business of industrial and precision tooling fabrication specializing in DTFS tools and parts fabrication, mold parts and tool die fabrication, jigs and fixtures, aluminum wheel molds and sheet metal fabrication. The company's primary vision is to gain market dominance among its competitors in terms of quality, quantity, service and pricing competitiveness. AC-10 PRECISION TOOLS, INC. has been granted registration and is duly certified by TUV with a Certification Registration No.

Alsofi Engineering Works

Quezon City, Manila

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


Alsofi Engineering Works was founded in 1991, initially engaged in the fabrication of automobile spare parts, commenced with a work force of two. A year after, we ventured into the manufacturing of special machines such as presses, counting machine, automation of milling operations and other die works. As our company grow, we decided to further diversify into the mass production of air conditioning equipment such as motor shaft, sales of compressor for cooler, solenoid valves and other refrigeration parts. Two years has passed when we joint ventured with refrigeration contractor and started to build freezer on a small scale basis. We also sell air conditioning parts to serveral companies.


In 1996, Alsofi Engineering Works started making plastic molds for PVC and also continued to manufacture special machines. As year goes by, we further expand our product line on the selling air conditioning parts and bought additional machines to augment our mold making capabillities. We also designs and builds special machine using hydraulic and pneumatic such as counting machine for carbide tip, pocketing of shank for carbide tip, tape cutting machine, hydraulic powered rotary type motor. Until now, Alsofi Engineering Works continued to produce different products that involves metal, aluminum, brass and cast iron.

Amameco Industrial Resources

Caloocan, Caloocan
















Subic Bay Freeport Zone, Zambales



BANDACORP is a multi-disciplinary Invention Support provider with services including: CAD Drawing, 3D Modeling and Rapid Prototyping, Patent Research and Web Development. Our outsourcing services have grown out of our design/prototype workshop, in response to the demand for the service infrastructure that evolved in support of our design and prototyping activities. Our specialty is in Invention Support Services, with a core focus on: CAD services including CAD Drafting, 3D Modeling and Rapid Prototyping; Intellectual Property and Patent Research, and Web Development. Bandacorp’s engineering office is located at the very heart of Southeast Asia in Philippines’ Subic Bay Freeport Zone, an economic and environmentally protected “green” zone, ideal for product research and development. We are at the center of the world’s fastest growing and most densely populated region providing us with a highly educated, English speaking workforce. Being an American company located in the Philippines, Bandacorp offers quality service at affordable rates.

Castalloy Technology Corporation (Alinsu Group)

Mandaue City, Cebu



About Us

Castalloy Technology Corporation specializes in the wear part requirements of various heavy industries, and is one of the few companies in the world dedicated primarily to the manufacture of wear part requirements for cement plants.

With this aim alone, our plant and equipment is purpose-built with a totally self-contained facility including a CAD/ CAM design centre, pattern department capable of producing any pattern size and configuration, pattern storage department, modern ferrous foundry, multiple computer controlled induction melting furnaces, machining and fabrication department with lathe machines, milling machines, planers and drills, computer controlled heat treatment ovens and complete quenching set up, state of the art Laboratory and a fully equipped quality assurance department.

 Worldwide Exports

Castalloy prides itself in a continuously increasing export market share which begun in 1975 when the company first started to export its wear parts to cement plants in the Middle East region. Until today, Castalloy continues to supply its very first overseas customers, proof of its worldwide reputation for quality and reliability.


Our rising export market share is due to a high demand for products which rank with the world’s best. Castalloy’s competitive strength has taken its wear parts to cement plants in various Middle East countries, Hawaii, various parts of America, Europe, many Asian countries and the pacific region.


Castalloy understands the heavy production schedules and minimizing of shutdowns favoured by cement plants and therefore offers a short wear part manufacturing lead time to satisfy the busy schedules of cement plant customers. This is another reason why Castalloy is responsible for supplying the wear part requirements of all existing local cement plants. As Castalloy grows and expands, our distinct sense of purpose to serve our cement plant customers with the highest quality standard wear parts at a value for money price will remind each one of us to work at full extent and to ensure Castalloy’s continuous growth, further success and complete customer satisfaction.

CHK Cavite Hosiery Knitting Inc.

Cavite, Cavite



Our Company is in the manufacturing and exporting Business, Korean and Filipino owned and managed. It was established here in the Philippines and registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission under Reg. No. CS200703468.


Cavite was operational since 1991 under European ownership, and since 2007 it was continued under the new Company name and new ownership.


The factory and office is located in the duty free zone about an hour from Manila International Airport. It’s main production specializes in Men’s and Ladies dress and sports socks, using the best quality of material from different parts of the Globe, which are combed cotton, luxurious wool and fine fibers.


We are proud that our Quality Control system is second to none, thereby manufacturing familiar brand names and designers labels.


Design development and dependability set us apart, our worldwide customers includes retailers, distributors and wholesalers.




Complete process of manufacturing which starts from Product Development, Knitting, both Hand and Rosso Linking are done in-house.


150 Knitting Machines both semi automatic and fully drumless electronic machines from Single Cylinder to Double Cylinder. Operated and maintained by highly skilled Filipino employees. With a production capacity of 25,000 dozen or 300,000 pairs per month.


With the complete range of process comes along with the complete facility for finishing department, which includes Setting, Pairing and Packing.


Each pair of socks is carefully reviewed with trained Quality Control in all areas of the process.


An In-House final inspection team is set to make sure that every socks goes out from our facility passed the international quality standard, set by the Company or the Customer.

Dai Dong

Rosario Cavite, Cavite City


Our company manufactures wide variety of stamping die sets and toolings for Prined Circuit Board, power supply casing, car motorcycle chassis parts and brackets, injection mold tools and other metal/plastic parts.


General Trias, Cavite

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


Injection mold design engineering services for:

  1. Mold makers without or have insufficient design capability.
  2. Mold makers whose design team is fully loaded.
  3. Injection molding companies with mold making capability but lack of engineering experience.


  1. Precision Injection mold for tight tolerance products.
  2. High volume low cost manufacturing.
  3. Single and multiple cavities.
  4. Family molds.
  5. Insert molds (need actual insert measurements).
  6. Two shot mold.


  1. Various CAD format or PDF.
  2. Multiple paper printouts.

Engtek Precision Philippines, Inc.


Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


Global Recognition Leading the way in innovative engineering solutions & services. Having pioneered the growth of the precision engineering manufacturing and technology industry for more than three decades, Engtek Group has attained global recognition as regional manufacturing powerhouse. Anchored by its Penang based parent company. Eng Teknologi Holdings Bhd, the Group's Integrated Engineering Centre's top-notch manufacturing facilities of more than 700,000 sq ft with approximately 1,000 units of CNC machines are strategically located throughout Asia Pacific Region, enabling it to meet its customer's specific requirements. Backed by strong financial and human resources management systems a team of about 5,000 skilled employees, the Group's manufacturing facilities spanning across Malaysia, China, Thailand and the Philippines, aims to maximize its productivity, efficiency and overall capacity utilization to satisfy the demands and projections of the industry. Through progressive installations of state-of-the-art machinery, Engtek Group is committed in the areas of technology and advancements, globalize presence, offering world-class quality products and cost competitiveness and be responsive to customers' needs and challenges. Corporate Responsibility Engtek is committed to continuously grow its business with consistent profitability with the purposes of enhancing the value of our shareholders and the well-being of our employees. In carrying on our business, we apply the latest technology for effectiveness and to attain the best customer satisfaction. We promote the preservation of the environment and contribute towards the development of the community where we operate. Core Values Success built upon vital founding values. Competent, Lean, Resilient, Responsive, Speedy Core Business - Products & Services Engtek Group's core business is categorized into the Data Storage Group (DSG) that primarily focus into the Hard Disk Drive and Tape Back-up Drive industry and the Industrial Product Group (IPG) that focus into the Electrical & Electronics and Industrial Mechanical Sectors. Its' integrated manufacturing services equipped with advanced technology provide precision mechanical components and assemblies, precision machining and engineering design and pressure die casting. Quality Commitment Engtek's growth and continuous success is hinged on its commitment to excel and to ensure value-added services and products to its customers. To ensure the attainment of high and impeccable quality as well as trust for its products and services - a commitment which has been revealed in many of its plants achieving the ISO 9002, ISO 14000, ISO 18000 and other accreditations such as the ROHAS, and various accolades and awards, received by the group throughout the years. Social Responsibility Engtek Group encourages good responsibility practices and embraces good business ethics to achieve success through its guiding principle as emphasized in its Corporate Responsibility Statement. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is adopted region-wide at all its subsidiary locations. Recognizing CSR as an ongoing commitment and striking a balance of business and social responsibility. Commitment to Be The Best in Class Engtek Group strives to fulfill total customer satisfaction and are committed in the areas of technology and advancement globalised presence, offering world-class quality products and cost competitiveness and be responsive to its customers' needs and challenges.

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