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Yena Engineering

Rotterdam, Zuid-Holland

YENA Engineering BV is a highly qualified metalworking company that has 15 years of experience in the sector.

We support our clients with high-quality alternatives by managing over 12 factories from low-cost countries and promptly delivering orders to our clients.

We aim to reduce your workload and costs with our experienced project management and QA/QC teams.

  • High quality
  • Low costs
  • Less workload
  • Delivery in time
  • Excellent documentation
  • %100 client satisfaction goal


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Drachten, Friesland (Fryslan)


FTD "Part(s) of your succes"FTD, since 1986 is a precisionparts machineshop. Our strength lies inmachining single (proto) parts and small series. FTD has a strong focus on achieving customer satisfaction. FTD supplies several industries such as Aerospace, Food, (high-tech ) machine-equipment, andautomotive.FTD has dedicated employees with high craftmanship skills. They are able to work with almost any material like stainless steel, aluminum alloys, titanium, cupper, different types of (high performance) plastics, and toolsteels. FTD is looking forward to welcome you as our customer, giving our best, aiming for longtime relationship.


Lienden, Gelderland

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer



The head office of Xonix is established in Lienden, The Netherlands.

The extended Production facility is located in Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

Xonix brings East-European craftsmanship and prices together with West-European expertise.

Holland Lighting Group BV

Waalwijk, Noord-Brabant

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer

Duurzaamheid en kwaliteit heeft door de jaren heen een steeds belangrijkere plaats ingenomen bij de ontwikkeling van nieuwe verlichtingsarmaturen. Inmiddels wordt HLG gezien als de specialist op het gebied van duurzame bedrijfsverlichting, voor bedrijfshal en kantoor.

Eurocarbon B.V.

Sittard, Limburg

Eurocarbon is een producent van gevlochten en geweven versterkingen, voornamelijk gebruikt voor de composietindustrie. Deze vlechten en geweven banden zijn gemaakt van hoogwaardige versterkingsvezels zoals: glas, aramide, koolstof en thermoplasten.

Bekijk onze standaard assortimenten, Biaxiale vlecht, Gevlochten koolstofvezel, Gevlochten tape

Masterpiece Technologies B.V.

Amsterdam, Zuid-Holland


Masterpiece Technologies has put together a team that specializes in providing technological manufacturing services, from idea to mass production, with a multidisciplinary approach. Collaboration between our professionally competent departments ensures that our customers meet deadlines in an efficient, cost-effective fashion. With more than 50 years of combined experience of designing and creating unique parts and assemblies for complex projects for a variety of industries such as the Aerospace, Communication, Defense and Medical disciplines, we believe now it is the right time to expand our business abroad and establish a company in the Netherlands to serve the European market. With a singular customer acquisition strategy, our entrepreneurial, experienced and ambitious team has developed an efficient unique outsourcing business model.

Veco B.V.

Eerbeek, Gelderland


Veco B.V. is the world leader in high precision metal solutions. With 3 in-house technologies, Electroforming, Photo Chemical Etching, and Laser Cutting, Veco provides various industries with all kinds of high precision metal parts. Precision spray nozzles with uniform orifice holes down to 2 micron, micro filtration metal sieves with pores down to 0.2 micron, precision solar cell stencils enabling more than 0.3% improvement on yield and more than 20% saving……If you can imagine it, we can make it! Technologies:Electroforming, Photo Chemical Etching, Laser Cutting Service:High recision metal parts fabrication Product examples:Precision sieves, Micro filtration meshes, Aperture Plates/Slits, Stencils, Lead Frames, Shaver Foils, EMI/RFI Shielding, Shadow Masks, etc.

Yena Engineering BV

Rotterdam, Zuid-Holland

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


YENA works in this sectors for over 15 years, and we are aware of the low cost country sourcing problems in steel fabrication. We combine high capacity manufacturing with ourquality and we offer lean outsourcing to our customers. YENA engineers are familiar with high technical specifications and international standards, YENA have ISO9001, ISO 14001, ISO18001, EN1090-1, ISO 3834-2 certificates

We are always ready to respond to your needs in a timely manner.


  • CNC Machining: Milling, Turning, Cutting, Drilling, Bending
  • Fit-up: Precise fit-up application before welding in piping and for other services.
  • Welding: Automatic, semi-automatic and manual welding methods. Always applied by certified welders.
  • Finishing: Cleaning, burnishing
  • Surface treatment: Sandblasting, Painting, E. powder coating, Galvanizing
  • Induction / Hot Bending of Pipes

Finn BV

Stadskanaal, Groningen


Precision machining to metal and plastics Finn manufactures precision machined parts in volumes from single units to thousand piece orders. It also provides valueadded activities such as assembly, surface finishing and material/ logistics support. It has 25 years experience exporting to Europe and North America, with a diverse multinational industry base in different industries. FINN is supplier for: - The medical industry. - The automotive industry. - The aerospace industry. - Environmental industry. - The bio-medical industrie. - Defense. It offers a complete engineering solution to customers from precision engineering, assembly subassembly to machine/part design and built. It employs the latest technology in CAD/CAM, CNC machining, finishing, metrology and solidworks for engineering and design. FINN has a state of the art manufacturing facility employing supply chain management. FINNs modern machine-shop allows several precision mechanical processes. For example: - CNC Milling. - Welling / connecting. - CNC Turning. - Assembling. - CNC Cutting. - CNC Measuring. - Barel polishing. - Drilling. - Polishing. If you choose FINN you are getting: - Quality. - Product advise from specialists. - Know-how of many industrial branches. - Excellent service and after sales. - An experienced, reliable ISO 900:2000 certified partner.

j&k egineering

Etten-Leur, Noord-Brabant

We are a family company, which was founded in 2017. Our history goes back to a small garage, in which we have worked on a small lathe. Over time, we purchased a milling machine. We constantly move forward. Currently we are working in the newly established workshop where we manufacture engineering products directly according to the wishes of the customer. Our work is all about cooperation with the large corporations in the field of CNC production, but we can also meet the expectations of smaller companies. We produce for various industries – construction, steel, HVAC, chemical, food industry and many others. We enjoy our work.

Dutch Diamond Technologies BV

Cuijk, Noord-Brabant



Dutch Diamond Technologies BV is a Manufacturer based out of Europe that joined MFG in 2015. They specialize in Fabrication.


Hoek Van Holland, Zuid-Holland

SYNRES ALMOCO B.V. is a manufacturer on the MFG platform. They specialize in .

NN Netherlands BV

Veenendaal, Gelderland



NN Netherlands BV is a Manufacturer based out of Europe that joined MFG in 2016. They specialize in and are

ISO 14001

Hydac B.V. is a manufacturer on the MFG platform. They specialize in .

Europe Seals B.V.

RW Duiven, Dronten

Distributor of Industrial Products


Europe Seals B.V. is a Distributor of Industrial Products based out of Europe that joined MFG in 2013. They specialize in .

Swildens B.V.

Alphen Aan Den Rijn, Zuid-Holland



Swildens B.V. is a Manufacturer based out of Europe that joined MFG in 2013. They specialize in Die CastingForgingInvestment CastingSand Mold Casting.


Rozenburg, Zuid-Holland

Mfgr Rep / Broker / Trading House


DD-Tech is a Mfgr Rep / Broker / Trading House based out of Europe that joined MFG in 2010. They specialize in Machining.

Fusion Trade

Amsterdam, Noord-Holland

Mfgr Rep / Broker / Trading House


Fusion Trade is a Mfgr Rep / Broker / Trading House based out of Europe that joined MFG in 2011. They specialize in .


Dieren, Gelderland


DUTRON BV is a manufacturer on the MFG platform. They specialize in .


Echt, Limburg


REEF PRECISIE BV is a manufacturer on the MFG platform. They specialize in Machining.


Hapert, Noord-Brabant

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


VDL TIM Hapert BV is a Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer based out of Europe that joined MFG in 2009. They specialize in Machining.

Elhi Injection Moulding

Eindhoven, Noord-Brabant

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


Elhi Injection Moulding is a Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer based out of Europe that joined MFG in 2012. They specialize in Blow MoldingCompression MoldingRotational MoldingThermoforming.

Akzo Nobel Coating B.V.

, Netherlands Antilles



A leading global performance coatings and chemicals company.


ENSCHEDE, Overijssel


DEC INTERNATIONAL is a manufacturer on the MFG platform. They specialize in .

Metaalwarenfabriek Latenstein BV

Tiel, Gelderland


Metaalwarenfabriek Latenstein BV is a manufacturer on the MFG platform. They specialize in .

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