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When it comes to manufacturing, not every company has the resources, capacity or time to do it all cost effectively. Just as many businesses choose to outsource accounting or IT management, so do many companies outsource their manufacturing needs to a firm who can provide a more efficient production run, a faster turnaround, improved quality, and better scalability, among a host of other things.

Contract manufacturing is a solution for companies that don’t have a full-service manufacturing and development team. With contract manufacturing, a company outsources its manufacturing process to another manufacturer that is better equipped to handle it. 

Global Outsourcing Solutions is part of Sofamel company, we are dedicated to providing industry leading customer service and excellent value, high quality products to businesses. We are specialist in manufacturing plastic and aluminum products based on injection and moulding.

We are specialized on the manufacturing of electrical and lighting products but we are open to any other industry.

Here are the key benefits you can get by outsourcing your production to us in Morocco:

  1. Reduce costs, save money, maximise profits.
  2. Improving resource allocation.
  3. Streamlining your business and its relationships.
  4. Access to technical insight and better equipment.
  5. Faster production and turnaround.
  6. Better quality control.
  7. Scalability.
  8. Responding to uneven market demands.
  9. Better competitive edge.

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