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Frontera, Coahuila

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


Here at JuSaCo/Industrial Enriquez we provide a wide variety of high quality industrial products and services. Our wide range of machinery allows us to be very competitive and at the same time help our customers reach their goals when it comes to delivery times, along with very competitive prices that will help them on their bottom line.

Company Values:

Teamwork, Innovation, Service, Quality, Integrity, Leadership and Efficiency.


Be the leaders in the market through products that compete with quality, costs and delivery; maintaining the flexibility to identify business opportunities that allow us the diversity in our range of products and services.


Provide our manufacturing services and assembly of metal parts to all our customers, with excellent standards of quality, constant delivery time, generating the maximum value to our stakeholders, promoting a better quality of life for our members and always acting as a company socially responsible.


FRONTERA, Coahuila

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


Located in Frontera Coahuila Mexico, FAMISA has been distinguished by the quality of its products and services at competitive prices. Combining our experienced staff and the necessary equipment for the manufacture, repair, machining, cutting, assembly and coating of industrial pieces according to your needs.

We are proud to say that we have been working with US and foreign companies for more than 12 years, this give us the confidence that our products meet the requirements of the most competitive market.

We serve the industry of:

  • Oil and Gas.
  • Mining.
  • Power Generation.
  • Transportation.
  • Energy.

Industrial VIMSA

Torreon, Coahuila


Industrial Vimsa is founded as a metalworking company of industrial maintenance, manufacture of industrial parts and equipment for the operation of companies. Characterized by the professional commitment to improve our knowledge and equipment in mechanical, structural and automation design. Likewise, we have moved from a preponderant activity of machining processes to a company with strong mastery of the most strict techniques of welding and manufacturing.Today, our company continues to strive for better integration, greater productivity, and better levels of specialization in the manufacturing processes that we are dealing with. We seek the most modern systems internal organization, management systems more efficient projects, systems and knowledge of more advanced design as well as the best systems in machining and welding processes and operated by the most competent staff.

Formec, Inc.

Frontera, Coahuila

HISTORY Our company was built first as an LTD under the name of Efrain Enrique Cantu Aranda to serve the industry needs in general but mainly manufacturing Iron chisels for deburring of engine blocks for Teksid de Mexico. These chisels were imported from Brazil before it was designed and improved by our own engineering department resulting in a better and higher performance. Later our sister company AFESA arises with the need to machine forgings(heads) for John Deere among others and there was when the strongest growth was made. Other new projects such as bushings, bar blades and articulated arms made its appearance. By 2010 we started business with INMAGUSA(now Maxion) threaded rods, bushings and other products were developed. On 2012 Trinity Industries of Mexico requested us high quality machined products. After a couple of years fabricating was also added to our production line due to Trinity's highly demand of suppliers on this area. Today we are in the process to start production for dumpsters and "heavy duty" roll-off containers for transporting metal scrap. Also we are having an approach with new companies developing products including machining and fabricating processes for original equipment parts. MISSION To constantly develop new clients to ensure a solid and sustained growth. VISION Being a leaderin our industry with processes and state of the art equipment to be ahead of our competitors.


Torreon, Coahuila


McVill specializes in the manufacture of products/components according to costumer specifications. Main Manufacturing Plants are strategically located in North of Mexico and also have very reliable suppliers/partners in the States. 30+ years experience in several manufacturing areas and processes, allows McVILL to offer complete solutions to customer needs. 13+ years experience Exporting our Products, allow us to offer our customer a competitive Price, Quality and Service.

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