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Kuala Lumpur, Selangor

PSB Group Of Company owns 3 different manufacturing plants with engineering expert technologies. We act as ONE STOP Manufacturing plant to serve our customer the best PSB Industrial Sdn Bhd was formed in 1994 to manufacture spare parts that cater to domestic and global needs and also to maintain price, product and service competitiveness. This will enable the Group to monitor the quality control in the production line. we are proud to have expanded our manufacturing capacity to include CNC lathe and vertical machine centre; and services such as welding, milling, grinding, cutting, sand blasting and packaging. PSB Industrial also has the capacity to manufacture custom-made parts for the specific needs of the market. PSB Heat Treatment Sdn Bhd was founded in 2007 to meet the increase in demand for heat treatment services. It serves to handle solely heat treatment related services that also include carburizing, carbonitriding, hardening, annealing and normalizing with a fully auto-control programme gas furnace. We also provide CNC induction hardening which uses CNC medium frequency induction machine. Pamitran Sdn Bhd was incorporated in 1992 and has since established itself as a forerunner in the manufacturing and distribution of heavy equipment spare parts for the construction industry. Pamitran Sdn Bhd distributes a wide range of high quality products such as pins and bushings, mufflers and pipes, adjuster parts, arm links, washers, pipes and tubes, chassis parts, cables, hydraulic pumps and regulator parts, fittings, gears, gasket and other miscellaneous parts. We are committed to the continuous learning and development of all staff to enable them to develop individual skills in order to work effectively under our quality system. Quality of the production processes and products are continuously improved via the mean of utilizing quality staff, internal audit, corrective and preventive action. A production performance index is set up annually and the progression of the index is constantly followed up by the management team. We are also committed to deliver the highest value to meet our customer ultimate satisfaction via the mean of International Quality System Standard. Our QA/QC team focuses in the best industry standard, as well as ISO certified

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