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Hytex Engineering Works Sdn Bhd

Ipoh, Perak


Hytex is located at a light industrial area in the center of Kinta Valley, Ipoh. The company provides services on CNC machining, fabrication and finishing assembly for all types of industries - including construction parts, precision tools, jig and fixture. Through continuously producing high quality products with on time delivery, Hytex successfully obtained ISO 9001:2000 certification in 2005. Hytex started off in 1990 by providing machining services using conventional machines. In 1999, the company started to invest in CNC lathe and milling machines with the aim to be ahead in the market in terms of quality and processes. By 2003, the company expanded to 9 units of CNC machines in its facility. To provide for fututre expansion, the company moved into its present premise in 2004. Over the years, the company has acquired a total of 18 units of CNC machines to meet customers' demand for our machining services. In year 2005, the first large scale CNC milling machine was purchased to cater to large size machining with cutting length 3950mm. In year 2009, the company purchased a Double Column CNC Vertical machine which has a cutting range of 6x3 meter. This machine is one of the largest machinging range in Malaysia. Objective: To maintain positive growth by focusing on marketing and quality control. Mission: Hytex is committed to enhance employess' skill and knowledge to leap ahead and be the industry leader in technology, skills and quality. CNC Milling We believe that our well maintained world-class CNC machines and use of high quality OEM tool bit will provide high quality and accurate cutting for your needs. Our machinists are well trained in technical drawings and machine programming. They are not only able to handle complicated drawings but are also able to enhance the machine cutting and finishing quality. A Double Column CNC Milling machine in Hytex was acquired in 2005. This machine has a cutting range of 3950mm in length, 1950mm in width, with a maximum z axis traveling of 950mm. It can support 16 tons of work piece and can reach a maximum feeding speed of 5000mm/min. The recently installed Double Column CNC Vertical machine, which provides the largest machining range in Perak, is capable for a cutting range of 6050mm longitudinal, cross travel Y-axis 3400mm, and vertical Z-axis 700mm. It can support 20 tons of work piece. CNC Lathe Turning is one of the processes to resize the work pieces into the required dimension. At such a critical dimension count, our CNC lathe can ensure turning that is most accurate to drawing. Victor VTurn-46 This is one of the few units in Malaysia and is the largest lathe machine in Ipoh, Perak. It is capable of handling work pieces of 730mm in diameter and maximum 1500mm in length. Conventional Machining Knowing the capability of a machine is important, but the company also emphasize on employees' technical skills. We have conventional machines in place for small volumn batch flow products. This helps improve the cycle time and allow us to offer competitive pricing for smaller volume production. Quality Control Quality is a way of life at HEW. Our commitment to quality is a primary objective. Stringent quality controls are exercised throughout the machining process. As an ISO certified company, quality must be carefully controlled at every stage. All critical dimensions are regularly gauged and checked out by our Quality Assurance personnel. At HEW, we use twin-track process of self-inspection and quality control. By using this approach our respective customers can remain confident that we are committed to provide them with exactly what they required. Every of our delivery shall be a recommendation for our continued or future business. Quality control is our principle concept. There is a range of digital measuring equipment in place for quality control measurement. Our QC inspectors are trained to handle equipments as digital caliper, digital micrometer and bore gauge as well as microscopes measurement. All data collected will be analyzed and feed back to machinists for quality improvement. With our two large CNC Lathe and Milling machines, we are able to provide our services to many multi-national companies across different industries.


IPOH, Perak


POWER ENGINEERING WORKS was established in 1983.Over the years, the company has progressed steadily and it now consists of 3 main divisions, namely -machinery div;-fabrication div;-C C div;. With years of hard work and dedication, it had secured several projects awarded by various large organizations. In 2006, it had signed a pioneer project with an italian company, involving the manufacture of 300-400 ton of Italy-designed limestone kilns for export to India. The quality produced and the reasonable charges for this batch of product had since enhanced the business relationships between PEW the Italian company which is now our biggest customer - we are still manufacturing limestone kilns for export. With experience gained from past project, PEW is now equipped with in depth knowledge of the jobs as well as pool of well - trained / experienced personnel - all these are added assets when PEW is assigned to supply product designs, manufacture quality products, carry out some repair works, etc. according to customer's requirements and specifications. The availability of all kinds of hand-operated machines such as lathe machine, boring machine, milling machine, bending machine, shaping machine, drilling machine, etc. and the bi-products of hand-operated machines such as track shoe, centre enhine, 'i' bracket shafting boss, burner nozzle, swing jaw, fastener, ball mill, water tank support structure, silo's support structure, temporary steel truss fro gas pipe, girzzy feerde, vibration screen, etc. had facilitated PEW to manufacture and repair machine (or certain pasrts of the machines) when requested upon by the customers. For more details on PEW, please visit our website :

CMK Pro Enterprise

Ipoh, Perak

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


CMK PRO ENTERPRISE is specialized in precision tools, dies, jig & fixture, various component part for semiconductor assembly, undertake automation and general engineering works. We always strive to satisfy our customers. To achieve customer satisfaction on high quality products CMK PRO ENTERPRISE have been imported high technology machines, equipment and employed professional technicians.

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