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Asia Moldes Limitada

Macau & Shenzhen, Macau



Asia Moldes actively focuses on the engineering, development, production, and export of injection molds for the plastics industry, as well, trials and production of molds within the most diversified sectors and markets.

Today we represent the image of the experience acquired by its stakeholders over many years of activity and involvement with the molds industry. This experience was being consolidated with the resolution of the successive challenges imposed by technological development and market demand.

Counting with our staff of specialized technicians in the most diverse areas, and together with the latest technology, it can respond in a complete way to the needs of its customers.

Certified by ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 19001:2016, we always seek the best quality, the most appropriate terms, and the most competitive prices, essentially aiming at your satisfaction and the consequent development of a strong commercial relationship, based on a spirit of partnership and mutual trust.

The supervision of the projects is carried out by the Asia Moldes technical team, resulting in the periodic issuance of reports on the progress of the work, which, together with digital photographs, are sent to the client.

Asia Moldes technicians supervise the project from its conception to the dispatch phase, always documenting operations with technical reports appropriate to the production phase.

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