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Marijampole, Marijampole Region


FASA is foodpackaging equipment manufacturing industry leader in the Baltic countries,Europe.Today FASA offers a wide range of packaging machines for liquid, paste, dryproducts and other solutions for packaging, dairy, confectionary, ice-cream,etc. businesses. Filling and Wrapping, Fill and Seal, FFS, Flow-Pack, batchers,glazing machines and cooling tunnels are just a part of this range. OtherFASA activities are available in various parts of mass production in thetransport and industrial sectors. Various steel and metal parts aremanufacturing with high precision machines like OKUMA and MAZAK.Check us on Youtube Kind Regards,Argaudas ValiulisAB "FASA"Sporto g. 9, Marijampolė,Lithuania LT-68108Cell: +370 618 41206Fax: +370 343 70469E-mail: argaudas@fasa.ltInternet:


Panevezys, Panevezio Apskritis


We are young and innovative company - but with long experience and deep knowledge in stamp production, production of forming equipment and moulds for plastic bottles, canisters and other metalwork as well as small series and single part production. Innovative technologies, strong team spirit and flawless quality - become business card of Premeta. Every client is valuable for us. We will offer the best solutions for most attractive price and shortest terms. We do various metalwork according to clients demand: *CNC milling 2000x800x800 mm *CNC turning diameter: 350 mm length: 500 mm *Wirecutting 550x350x400 mm *Coordinate turning 1200x600x500 mm *Flat grinding 1200x450 mm *Round grinding diameter: 250 mm length: 550 mm *Spark cutting 600x400x500 mm *Surface treatment up to 1500 mm *Cutting diameter 300 mm *Welding, polishing, blacksmith works, thermo treatment and assembly


Siauliai, Siauliu Apskritis

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer



Utena, Utena Region


AB “Umega” – that’s of two in 2004 amalgamated Lithuanian industry leaders AB “Utenos elektrotechnika” and AB “Umega” company. Company was established in 1960 in Utena. Here are two subdivisions: Electrotechnics department and Agricultural machinery department.
Electrotechnics department design and produce laboratory and industry electric furnaces, gas furnaces, high - temperature thermo insulation material, electric had dryers, storage constructions and metal furniture, 20l volume jerry cans.
Agricultural machinery department design and produce agricultural machinery, logging and way machinery, heating equipment, school furniture and various metal constructions.
Since company foundation is beginning to give much attention to technology at the same time improving the products. The company has equipment for metal cutting, bending, turnery, milling, rolling, powder coating and for other metal treatment operations. Our manufacturing products reflect the adaptation for the markets alterations and for individual customers requirements. Our products are designing with new program equipment and high qualification workers; the products are from high quality materials using new technologies. That stipulates company’s products high quality, reliability and steadiness.
Companies products are certificated according Russian and Belarusian accord certificates and activity is evaluated by Bureau Veritas Quality International ISO 9001:2000 certificate. This quality system can to research and abolish contravenes products beginning reasons. These reasons are removing, that contravenes will not be repeated, and all pretensions through quality are registering, analysing, searching for solutions and controlling their implementations. The quality managements systems supporting benefit sensed not only company’s workers, but and their customers and partners.
Company has a strong intellectual potential for involved project pursuing, is dynamic, inculcates technologies and managements innovations, makes the new products continually, improves the customer’s service. In this time in AB “Umega” work 320 high quality workers. All company’s workers reach general purpose – to produce and supply for customers high quality products. So, the looking for productions quality is concurrent company’s activities part. Each worker is responsible for quality’s politics implementation, and the continual instruction of workers, audit, equipments and instruments service, revise and other procedure ensure that the manufacturing productions will conform to customers requirements. With this purpose the company do the inquests, in which’s is interesting if the customer is pleased with our products, what he desire, what he want to change and etc. This kind inquest results are analysing and that assisting the company’s activity to turn for proper direction. The knowing of customer’s requirements is the necessary condition for it contenting. 
AB “Umega” our large part of productions exporting to foreign counties markets (about 90 %). The primary customers of company are from Russia, Belarus, Denmark, Ukraine, Switzerland, Poland, Germany, Kazakhstan, Finland and etc. In Lithuanian markets company selling about 10 % of our productions.
AB “Umega” has two daughter companies. The first is in Russia, it’s OOO “SNOL – Term”, and other – in Ukraine, it’s OOO “Termochim”. They are successfully consolidated in locals markets and represent for company interests. Besides, the company has much business partners in various world countries: Denmark (Alcon), Holland (Groenewold), Germany (Termoconcept), Austria (Hofmann), USA (The Grieve Corporation), Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan. The company pursue the search of business partners as in Lithuania, as in foreign countries constantly.
In future AB  “Umega” expect to reach 50.000.000 Lt. annual money turnover, not less like 5.000.000 Lt. annual profit, to increase quantity of workers till 500, to create disposed conditions, that the company can to give the pay better as in Lithuanian metal treatment companies average pay.

UAB Jutrix

Panevezys, Panevezio Apskritis

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


Manufacturer of metal stamped, deep drawn, pressed parts; small or large volume; for furniture, electronics, construction, machinery and others industries. 


KAUNAS, Kaunas Region


CAD/CAM Technology
3D designing
Using 3D designing software, we can
virtually design separate details or even
whole assembly. It helps greatly to avoid
mistakes in manufacturing process and
technological improvements can be made
before production starts. It is also possible
to calculate durability of the detail and get
other information about the product.

Laser cutting, perforation
Using universal laser cutting and punching
machine TruMatic 6000L we can offer you such
services as shape cutting, hole punching, laser
cutting, combined processing, also forming
different elements like jalousie, hooks and other
elements you will ever need for your technical

The 4-cylinder drive technology reduces
sagging in the beam and together with the
crowning system, it is the basis for precise
bending results and greatly improved bending
quality. 4 CNC-controlled backgauge
axes-system has proved to be a true benefit
when producing a great number of different
parts, in station bending and wherever the
utmost in productivity is called for.
These technologies allows us to get such
bended sheet metal parts exactly as we wish

Powder coating
Draugystës 17a, Kaunas, Lithuania
Phone.: +370 37 332920
+370 37 351129
Fax.: +370 37 351129
Other services:
Powder coating is considered to be a long
lasting surface protection. The method of
coating differs from traditional: electrified dry
color powder is spread on the surface of the
detail, goes to cure oven and then the powder
melts down and polymerizes. The greasy
surface of the detail is cleaned up or
phosphated before color coating. You can
choose color and tone from RAL color palette.
The colored surface can be smooth or rough,
mat or lustrous.

Other services:

- Common welding
- Mig/mag welding
- Tig welding
- Sheet metal cutting with guillotine (max 3,0x2000 mm)
- Production of metal framework structures
- Perforation of any drawing or figure you choose

UAB MSI Baltic

Panavežys, Panevezys Region



We take care all supply service


Verbiskes, Utenos Apskritis

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


JSC ""Hoda"" is one of leading manufacturers of plastic articles in the Baltic States.

The company was established in 1993 and since then the annual capacities of the company has been growing.

Now the Hoda produces high quality injection molded plastic components to a variety of industries and end users. We have 52 injection molding machines with clamping force from 28t to 1400 tons. The shot weight could be up to 6kg. or even more depending on molding material.


Siauliai, Siauliu Apskritis

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


JSC SALDA is able to offer metal-processing services: sheet metal bending, perforating, laser and plasma cutting, roll-forming, stamping, powder coating, etc. JSC SALDA developed, implemented and certified quality and environmental management system in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001 standard.


Vilnius, Vilniaus Apskritis

Mfgr Rep / Broker / Trading House


The company under name JSC ""Precizika Metrology"" began the work after change of the name of Lithuanian-American Joint Venture ""Brown & Sharpe - Precizika"". The company has proud history of old traditions in the leadership of design and production of metrological equipment. Its workforce has been involved for over fifty years in the supply of measuring technology and systems to automate factories as well as in the development of optical scale manufacturing technology. In 2000 the production process was certified to fully meeting the requirements of ISO 9002, in 2003 – ISO 9001. The company's goal is to consistently supply high quality products and services to meet customer demands on a timely basis. The main company's products are the linear and angular glass scale gratings, the linear and rotary displacement measuring systems. JSC ""Precizika Metrology"" represents the worldwide known companies and suppliers of measuring equipment, CNC centers, executes installation and services of them, trains the users, executes upgrading of used CMM and manual cutting machine-tools.

LT Technologies

Maisiagala, Vilnius Region

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


High experienced company in tube processing:

- tube laser cutting

- bending

- welding




Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


Joint Stock Company Vildeta is Lithuanian fund enterprise which was established in year 1991. Since that time company Vildeta became one of Lithuanian market leaders regarding sheet metal fabrication and metal furniture.

Company has been presented the certificate by the international BVQI certification company, which proves that its quality control system conforms to the ISO 9001 requirements. It is a quality assuring model of product design, improvement, production implementation, and supervision. Also we gained the ISO certificate 14001:2004/LST EN ISO 14001:2005 on year 2008.

Company consists of 82 well trained employees, modern manufacturing facilities.

Official language of the company is Lithuanian, but the department of export can easily speak English, Russian, and Polish.

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