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BNT Co., Ltd.

Pusan, Pusan*


BNT Co., Ltd formerly known as "Bukwang Helvoet Co.," and was established in 1997 as a 50:50 Joint Venture between Bukwang Manufacturing Co., and Helvoet. We are International B.V. of the Netherlands with the acknowledgement of Technology and Quality Company. BNT has supplied domestic and overseas customers with Precision Rubber Parts. We have deep knowledge and good experience at high Molding Rubber as well as Compound Composition. We manufacture High Precision Rubber parts for major industries. Our products are used in Automotive industry, Electrical Appliances, Consumer industry, Automotive Engine Components etc. We are capable of producing various kinds of Rubber parts from Oil Sea Water Seal Parts, O-Ring Parts, and Membrane Parts to all other Rubber Molding Parts with materials of NBR, Silicone/F-VMQ, H-NBR, FKM and Plastic. From our pattern shop to our finish molding shop, we understand the importance of our quality focus to our customers. As such, BNT stores all the compounds at the temperature of 18⁰C ~ 22⁰C to keep its original personality for all year round to meet specification and quality required from our customers. We are committed to the continuous learning and development of all staff to enable them to develop individual skills in order to work effectively under our quality system. Quality of the production processes and products are continuously improved via the mean of utilizing quality staff, internal audit, corrective and preventive action. A production performance index is set up annually and the progression of the index is constantly followed up by the management team. We are also committed to deliver the highest value to meet our customer ultimate satisfaction via the mean of International Quality System Standard. Our QA/QC team focuses in the best industry standard, as well as certified by ISO 9002:1994, QS 9000:1998, ISO 9001 and TS 16949. Our Laboratory · Rheometer Tester o The Rheometer is for checking the vulcanization time and temperature, by putting a small piece of compound inside. BNT tests all compound with this machine and decide vulcanization conditions from the test results. · Video Micro Tester o This is to enlarge the parts to 50, 100, 200 and 1,000 times in order to see the small sections. Our Quality is strictly required by customers, therefore, we have to check small burr, flowlind, pollution, tear by 200 times lenses. · Universal Rubber Tester o This is to test pressure, tensil strength, etc. in order to ensure parts are within the specification. · Other Test Machines o Projector, hardness tester, Gravity tester, Oil resistance tester, Aging tester. Please contact us or take a moment to browse through our website for more information.


Pusan, Pusan*


Shinpyung Industrial LTD. is specialized in manufacturing various factory machinery including CNC lathe, machining centers, broaching machines and grinders in addition to a variety of precision equipment such as three-coordinate measuring machines and heat treatment testers.Shinpyung also achieved USD 400 million worth of the annual sales in 2011. The materials are developed through close networks with companies dealing with forging, casting, die casting and etc. while the products are completed by in-house precision processing.The main products are automotive components installed onto auto transmissions and engines of Hyundai-Kia Automotive Group. In addition, Shinpyung was awarded the highest quality contractor and obtained SQ-MARK which is the quality management system of Hyundai-Kia Automotive Group.Shinpyung is so confident to provide clients with the best and flawless products in the market through its extraordinary manufacturing system and thoroughdouble total inspection. Shinpyung will do its best to be dedicated to its client companies' development

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