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Gimhae (???), Kyongsang-namdo


BOYOUNG HS Co., Ltd. established since 2003 specializes in High Precision Machining Parts. We are well-equipped with High Speed Machines and QA Equipments to ensure our product quality is at its best with Quality Assurance machines. We can accommodate high volume jobs as well as those that involve high mix but low volume jobs. BOYOUNG HS Co., Ltd. is also ISO 9001 / 14001 / OHSAS 18001 CLEAN Factory certified. Our company is trying to be a middle enterprise by expanding our business to oil pressure part and lighting device with accumulated experience and accomplishing higher customers' satisfaction. RD Institue Boyoung Inc.'s technology laboratory is supporting process of analysis, new equipment's introduce examination and alternative material's development of our company mainly producing aa apart of oil pressure. Company Motto and Policy The combination of business policies Product Safety - Securing the Trust and satisfaction of customers by producing and by designing the suited products satisfying the purpose of the use through the regulation and requirement based on philosophy of customer respect. Quality - Achieving customers' satisfaction and trust by delivery products having the best quality through developing request and satisfaction based on philosophy of customer respect. Environment - Preserving the environment of the Earth by minimizing environment effects of pollution and by satisfying requirement based on philosophy of environment and growth. Occupational Health Safety - Making good working environment by securing safety and health of employees and by minimizing occupational health of dangerousness through requirement's satisfaction and improvement based on philosophy of life respect. We are going to make a progress with challeging mind for the future and innovative thinking and we are always going to do our best and challenge to be a world wide company which has the best capability and global competitiveness with management innovation. Please feel free to browse thru our website: or send us an email at for any enquiries and we will gladly provide you with a quote for your reference and consideration. Thank you for your time and look forward to work with your soon!

H.K Metal Co., Ltd

Gimhae, Kyongsang-namdo


Our company , HK Metal Co., Ltd, located in South Korea are manufacturing all kinds of flanges, welded, clad, overlay flanges and forging product and are also offering all kinds of fitting such as reducer, tee, elbow.

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