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ASTM Engineering

4.67 (3)

In-Cheon, Inch'on-jikhalsi


Our company was established in 2002. And its manpowerconsists of 15 members, The 6 members of them take a excellent engineer skillsin maching process field (including design, CAD/CAM software). Especially they have been working in which isspeciallize in Wireless Communication Sections (LPA, HPA, RF MODULE, HEAT SINK, etc) and Semiconductor Part (plate, block, chamber, etc). Our business field spreads up to precise aerospace in ferrous and non-forrous material. Nowadays, We are exporting the machinery processing parts to the Japan(HIDACHI), U.S.A.(Califonia, Colorado,Illinois), Canada(Tronto), Italyand U.K(Derbyshire) etc. Wewere also the second vendor of SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS CO., LTD). Our management is focused on the Customer Satisfaction (Best Quality, Exact Logistic andBest Price). The Target of final Quality Control is " Quality is what the customer says it`s OK !! "
  • Investment Casting
  • Vacuum Casting
  • Machining
  • Tooling / Mold Making
  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • IGT
  • Oil&Gas
  • Commercial
  • Power
  • Medical

JinHeung Foundry Co., Ltd.

Gunsan, North Cholla


JinHeung Foundry produces diverse casting parts such as Brake Hub, Drum, Disc, Differential Carrier, Cover, etc. Our quality system and delivery is authorized by many gloabl customers, Oshkosh Defense, Hyundai Kia Motors, GM, SAF Holland, TATA, etc.

Global Trading Leader Co.,LTD.

Shiheung, Kyonggi-do

GTL was founded in 2005 and focused on CNC production machining, 5-Axis parts machining and Sheet metal business with building long term relationships with our customers. Over the years, GTL has served the semiconductor, automotive, electronics and construction industries. GTL major focus is on the ultra-precision component and Fabrication of Semiconductor Equipment.

We have a full machine shop that can satisfy our customer’s need. We are proud of our highly qualified team and production facilities. We have high accuracy CNC and manual machines which allow us to meet a wide variety of customer needs and specifications

we are an emerging and fast developing Contract Manufacturing Company with our roots firmly based in the ultra-precision manufacturing. With our expertise in Semiconductor equipment builder, electronics, Automotive, Marine, and Aerospace, we have to capabilities to build your parts or projects.

We specialize in low volume & high mix parts as well as High volume continuous production parts. Our Vimtec CMM's assure we have the inspection capacity to assure impeccable quality. If you are looking for a part to be machined, we can machine it

Contact us for more information about the services we offer or, if you need a custom precision part consider requesting a free quote today at

HiM-Human industrial Mechanism

Cheonan-City, Ch'ungch'ong-namdo


Providing new changes for customers, that is what we do. Since its foundation, HiM has been committed to making a difference for customers everywhere under the slogan, "A new change for customers."We have come a long way with the sacrifice and support of our customers, partners, and employees. Now, we are about to make another giant leap forward to become a strong medium enterprise as we relocated to a new building.In our new place, we will go back to the basics by figuring out where to go and practice the following management philosophy.- To realize customer-oriented quality services by communicating with clients- To practice integrated thinking to develop new products and technologies- To trust and share with partners- To properly reward employees for their efforts and achievementsKeeping in mind that quality service comes from the healthy energy of our employees, we will make our employees happy by rewarding their efforts."Taking on new challenges and empowering each member to achieve goals are the best values that will lead the organization to success. That's how we run our business."Thank you.Park Jin Dong, CEO of HiM


Kyung-Buk, Kyongsang-bukto


SLI is a leading company in automobile parts industry. With our management innovation and technical development, we produce and export protection rubber for the engine and transmission. We are committed to continually improve our performance for our customers and community and we appreciate your support and interest in our activities.

BNT Co., Ltd.

Pusan, Pusan*


BNT Co., Ltd formerly known as "Bukwang Helvoet Co.," and was established in 1997 as a 50:50 Joint Venture between Bukwang Manufacturing Co., and Helvoet. We are International B.V. of the Netherlands with the acknowledgement of Technology and Quality Company. BNT has supplied domestic and overseas customers with Precision Rubber Parts. We have deep knowledge and good experience at high Molding Rubber as well as Compound Composition. We manufacture High Precision Rubber parts for major industries. Our products are used in Automotive industry, Electrical Appliances, Consumer industry, Automotive Engine Components etc. We are capable of producing various kinds of Rubber parts from Oil Sea Water Seal Parts, O-Ring Parts, and Membrane Parts to all other Rubber Molding Parts with materials of NBR, Silicone/F-VMQ, H-NBR, FKM and Plastic. From our pattern shop to our finish molding shop, we understand the importance of our quality focus to our customers. As such, BNT stores all the compounds at the temperature of 18⁰C ~ 22⁰C to keep its original personality for all year round to meet specification and quality required from our customers. We are committed to the continuous learning and development of all staff to enable them to develop individual skills in order to work effectively under our quality system. Quality of the production processes and products are continuously improved via the mean of utilizing quality staff, internal audit, corrective and preventive action. A production performance index is set up annually and the progression of the index is constantly followed up by the management team. We are also committed to deliver the highest value to meet our customer ultimate satisfaction via the mean of International Quality System Standard. Our QA/QC team focuses in the best industry standard, as well as certified by ISO 9002:1994, QS 9000:1998, ISO 9001 and TS 16949. Our Laboratory · Rheometer Tester o The Rheometer is for checking the vulcanization time and temperature, by putting a small piece of compound inside. BNT tests all compound with this machine and decide vulcanization conditions from the test results. · Video Micro Tester o This is to enlarge the parts to 50, 100, 200 and 1,000 times in order to see the small sections. Our Quality is strictly required by customers, therefore, we have to check small burr, flowlind, pollution, tear by 200 times lenses. · Universal Rubber Tester o This is to test pressure, tensil strength, etc. in order to ensure parts are within the specification. · Other Test Machines o Projector, hardness tester, Gravity tester, Oil resistance tester, Aging tester. Please contact us or take a moment to browse through our website for more information.


Pusan, Pusan*


Shinpyung Industrial LTD. is specialized in manufacturing various factory machinery including CNC lathe, machining centers, broaching machines and grinders in addition to a variety of precision equipment such as three-coordinate measuring machines and heat treatment testers.Shinpyung also achieved USD 400 million worth of the annual sales in 2011. The materials are developed through close networks with companies dealing with forging, casting, die casting and etc. while the products are completed by in-house precision processing.The main products are automotive components installed onto auto transmissions and engines of Hyundai-Kia Automotive Group. In addition, Shinpyung was awarded the highest quality contractor and obtained SQ-MARK which is the quality management system of Hyundai-Kia Automotive Group.Shinpyung is so confident to provide clients with the best and flawless products in the market through its extraordinary manufacturing system and thoroughdouble total inspection. Shinpyung will do its best to be dedicated to its client companies' development

G.A. Tech

Daegu City, Kyongsang-bukto


We are also committed to deliver the highest value to meet our customer ultimate satisfaction via the mean of International Quality System Standard. Our QA/QC team focuses in the best industry standard. For years, we have been devoted ourselves to provide the best quality products and services to our clients, in addition with decades of experiences in this field, our customers are also satisfied by our expertise and knowledge. Therefore, we have earned a reputation as reliable supplier and become one of the leading company in South Korea In the coming future, we will continue to endeavor toward the apex in our performance in pursuit of sustainability and excellence. Satisfactory services to our customers through professionalism and innovation is our final goal. We looking forward and welcome all the inquiries!

Partners Lab

Seoul, Seoul*


Partners Lab, located in Korea is a specialized contract manufacturer of precision machinined parts, prototype, series production and EOS metal/plastic 3D printed parts in terms of fast lead-time, quality price. Some of our featured equipment is Linear Motor type 5-axis CNC DMG Mori HSC 70 and Mitutoyo 3-Dimensional Measurement System. Please kindly take your time to enter our web site Should you need more detailed information about our activities, we will be very much pleased to provide upon request.


Jinju, Kyongsang-namdo


Dear Customer, We are leading of manufacture company for steering Brakesystem of automotive. Main product isCold forging and machiningparts such as C.V Joint, Input shaft, Flange, Spiders, Bearings,Ball Stud, Califer Pistons, Ball Nut Body, Rack Bushof steering Brakeparts. Last 15 years, we are concentrate for machining and assembly for steering Brakesystem parts. please contact our web site for more detail information. Thanks and Have good your business. Mark Mok / General managerIKMETAL co.,ltd. Phone: 82-41-567-3345. Fax: 82-41-567-3347. or


Taegu, Taegu*


Hwashin Company is an automobile component manufacturer. We are respected machining company in Korea. We areTier-1 company, we have many good equipped suppliers for foring, casting, die-casting and we have long term relation with them. So, that is why we can provide high quality product. In Korea, Machining Company become generally Tier-1 and Raw Material Company is Tier-2. So, Tier-1 Machining Company carries out all process from raw material to assembly and has a responsibility for goods quality. We produce variety product for commercial vehicles, buses and passenger cars. To compete in a fast-changing environment of 21st century's industrial social society, we will put every effort to lead this industry using our professional knowledge on production technology.

East Jin International Co.,Ltd.

SEOUL, Seoul*


We are one of the leading exporter and manufacturer specialized in copper tube for ACR, Water, Gas, General Plumbing with competitiveness in Korea, of a wide range of copper products, especially Straight tube and Insulated tube and Pancake coil and Level wound coil as per ASTM, EN, AS/NZS, JIS STANDARD . Equipments are advanced and we obtained ISO 9001, KS A 9001 in 1999 for quality management system. In order to provide all our customers with high products and value added satisfaction . Especially owing to High quality and competitive price, our products have been given a warm reception in Australia, Newzealand, Europe, Canada, Asia, U.A.E, Africa and ect.

Zenith tech

Incheon(?????), Inch'on*


We specialize in Metal Stamping and making Metal Mold(Press die) for various products based on OEM/ ODM. As a professional Press die making company, we ensure the quality of both Die sets and the pressed parts through ISO9001 quality control system Your Idea and designs can be realized into quality products here in Zenithtech confidentially. We are anticipating for establishing good cooperation with all of you from home and abroad.


Gimhae (???), Kyongsang-namdo


BOYOUNG HS Co., Ltd. established since 2003 specializes in High Precision Machining Parts. We are well-equipped with High Speed Machines and QA Equipments to ensure our product quality is at its best with Quality Assurance machines. We can accommodate high volume jobs as well as those that involve high mix but low volume jobs. BOYOUNG HS Co., Ltd. is also ISO 9001 / 14001 / OHSAS 18001 CLEAN Factory certified. Our company is trying to be a middle enterprise by expanding our business to oil pressure part and lighting device with accumulated experience and accomplishing higher customers' satisfaction. RD Institue Boyoung Inc.'s technology laboratory is supporting process of analysis, new equipment's introduce examination and alternative material's development of our company mainly producing aa apart of oil pressure. Company Motto and Policy The combination of business policies Product Safety - Securing the Trust and satisfaction of customers by producing and by designing the suited products satisfying the purpose of the use through the regulation and requirement based on philosophy of customer respect. Quality - Achieving customers' satisfaction and trust by delivery products having the best quality through developing request and satisfaction based on philosophy of customer respect. Environment - Preserving the environment of the Earth by minimizing environment effects of pollution and by satisfying requirement based on philosophy of environment and growth. Occupational Health Safety - Making good working environment by securing safety and health of employees and by minimizing occupational health of dangerousness through requirement's satisfaction and improvement based on philosophy of life respect. We are going to make a progress with challeging mind for the future and innovative thinking and we are always going to do our best and challenge to be a world wide company which has the best capability and global competitiveness with management innovation. Please feel free to browse thru our website: or send us an email at for any enquiries and we will gladly provide you with a quote for your reference and consideration. Thank you for your time and look forward to work with your soon!

mtig Co,. Ltd

Seoul, Seoul-t'ukpyolsi


MTIG Co.,Ltd. (Material Technical Innovation Group) ● Production and sales of titanium powder ● Titanium PM parts manufacturing sales ● Titanium MIM parts manufacturing sales ● Titanium plasma thermal spray coating ● Surface treatment in natural titanium colors ● Materials for sale ● Brand Jewelry DONACELLI® Swanee® Head Office : #202,268-2, Nonhyeon-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea Tel : 02-540-3617 / Fax : 02-540-3616 / Hongkong Office : Unit EF, 10F, New East Sun Industrial Bldg., No. 18 Shing Yip St., Kwun Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong MTIG Hwaseong Factory : Titanium powder, Titanium PMMIM part MTIG Incheon Factory : Surface treatment in natural titanium colors MTIG Yeogcheon Factory : Titanium plasma thermal spray coating Now we are living in the Iron Age following the Stone Age and Bronze Age in history. Many researchers predict that the humankind will see namely the Titanium Age in earnest in the near future. Titanium is one of the most biocompatible metal in that it is the only material on earth that does no harm to a human body inside it. Its strength is also twice that of iron, weighing about half iron. Moreover, it is not corrosive in the ocean even in a century. Such excellence found in titanium lies with outstanding corrosion resistance made by a number of oxide thin films in the air. Even when the protection film is impaired, titanium is called ‘Breathing Metal,' ‘Metal of Dream' and ‘Gift from God' as it is naturally able to restore. MTIG, Co. Ltd has the world's first source technology and holds a great number of intellectual rights with three core areas. First, we can produce various three dimensional pure titanium parts by adopting an innovative technique called TMIM (Titanium Multi Injection Molding). Second, we can create dissimilar metal by connecting two different metals or ceramic. Last but note least, we have titanium coating technology. Titanium is still expensive and rare in the market although it ranks the fourth in metal reserves in the world. That is because massive steel making facilities are required for the conventional titanium production MTIG, Co. Ltd, however, succeeded in producing titanium metal and parts for the first time in Korea and now in full-fledged production. In particular, the state-of-the-art technology is leading the commercialization of titanium as it allows us to produce the valuable metal with simple manufacturing facilities and process. As a result, the automation and mass production contribute to price competitiveness of our products. We will ultimately be privileged to do something to national economy and give rise to industrial revolution in terms of titanium parts worldwide. We are confident that we will create flourishing high value-added industry using titanium.


Gyeonggi-do, Kyonggi-do


JH Press, a leader of forging press manufacturing techniques such as hot and cold forging press products, has been a frontrunner of national business based on the professionalism that has been accumulated from 40 years of experience and technology. We will satisfy your expectations with excellent-quality products by the continuous efforts of employees for the world's best in the forging press industry. We will keep fulfilling customer needs by improvingquality and productivity in order to manufacture eco-friendly and superior products with sustained technology investment, research, and development. Thank you.

Trinity cast tech

Seongnam, Kyonggi-do

Design / Engineering Firm


Worked in the casting business for over 20 years. We source conventional raw material/casting/ forging from China, India and machine it from Korea. Has US customers for over 20 years and also domestic market for pipe fittings, valve components , door hardwares, Gas & Oil products.

We have 2 machining equipments in Korea as attached in picture.

Head office is in Korea with 5 people, and has sales office in China with 3 people in QIngdao CIty. OUr customers are mostly long history of relationship with us in this industry field.

Won Jin Industry Co.

Korea, Pusan-jikhalsi


Thanks for your visiting WonJin IndustryCo. Our constant challenge as decades ofresearch and development based on theaccumulated technology and the Korea's onlyone special Carbide Brazing and Cooler forDie Casting Mold Parts is a professionalproduction. Always check out the forum and support forWonJin Industry Co., to our customers appreciate the deep. If you have any question, feel free contact us at any time, we are trying our best to make the customers satisfaction. Special Carbide Brazing Manufacturer Die Casting Mold Parts Cooler Specialist Low Frequency, Difference Steel SpecialBrazing Manufacturer(Carbide, Copper, Brass, SKD61, SUS304)


Seoul, Seoul*

Design / Engineering Firm

H&L Global Group is specialized in manufacturing hot press molded GRP SECTIONAL WATER TANKS, the SMC panel assembly type water tanks which can be built in various shapes and capacities is applicable in diverse fields as an ideal solution for storing clean drinking water.

As an engineering firm, H&L Global Group design and propose the most suitable water treatment and water storage H&L Global Group is specialized in manufacturing hot press molded GRP SECTIONAL WATER TANKS, the SMC panel assembly type water tanks which can be built in various shapes and capacities is applicable in diverse fields as an ideal solution for storing clean drinking water.

As an engineering firm, H&L Global Group design and propose the most suitable water treatment and water storage solutions against different water types (sea water, river water, underground water, waste water, etc.) for various applications.

For more details, please feel free to visit our website and contact us.

HHA (HanHo Automotive Co.,Ltd)

Gyeongju-Si, Kyongsang-bukto


Thank you for visiting HANHO, specialized in Hot Forged Automotive Parts manufacturer.Since established in 1999 when all of Korean industries were in economic crisis with a strong will that An Opportunity stems from Crisis, we have produced core components of Automobile such parts as Transmission, Engine and Suspension through ceaseless management innovation and technology development.Our products are produced to deliver the best quality, service, price and delivery in the industry. Our dedication to quality and service is one of our most valuable assets. We, HANHO have contributed to cost saving for the customers through minimized machining stock and simplification and lightweight of components.We have succeeded to developed Near Shape Teeth Profile Forging and Ring Roll process with our strong activities, continuous technology development, maximized productivity and quality innovation despite in a short history in order to meet ever growing customers' requests on high quality and cost competitiveness.All of HANHO family will keep going utmost efforts to become an outstanding company in 21st century through the investment of R D, strict quality control and focusing on customer satisfaction.We do appreciate your attention and encouragement given us so far and hope for your continuous support.


Gwangmyeong-city, Kyonggi-do


Hello Customers, Our Nuris Technology company is located in Korea and established in 2011 year. We have facilities for plastic molding tooling, injection, coating,sub-assembly, metal machining, and stamping parts etc. We can also provide a mechanical design job as well based on customer's request. I am certain that we can provideour best quality and delivery as well as resonable price for customer's needs. Please see our company's file in File Vault. I wouldbe serving our customers and products well. Best Regards, SD Jang, CEO at Nuris Technology

H.K Metal Co., Ltd

Gimhae, Kyongsang-namdo


Our company , HK Metal Co., Ltd, located in South Korea are manufacturing all kinds of flanges, welded, clad, overlay flanges and forging product and are also offering all kinds of fitting such as reducer, tee, elbow.


Hawsung-city, Kyonggi-do


We're amanufacturer of plastic injection mold for automotive plastic parts such as door tirm, sun roof, pillar, I/P box, cowl, air grille, bumper, I/P bin etc. Our major customers come from Hyundai, toyoda, GM automotive manufacturers. We'll be very glad to start to serve new customers around the world, please don't hesitate to contact us at Thank you very much.


Pusan(부산광역시), Pusan*

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


Kyoung Sung Precision Co.

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