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C.P.S. uno s.r.l.

Caldogno, Veneto

Design / Engineering Firm


Our company is specialised in the designing and manufacturing of moulds for plastics, rubber and thermosetting materials, both for injection and compression moulding and for aluminium and zamak alloy pressure die-casting.


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Monastier Di Treviso, Veneto


We produce high precision systems and mechanical components on customer request, and we assure the best performance and results working closely with the client's engineering office. Our reference in high precision mechanical production last since the 1981 due to the care we have for the quality of the client's product development.

Guidolin Srl

Padova, Veneto

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


Mechanical manufacturing company with 50 years experience on precision mechanical machining of cast iron components for multinational customers in the off highway industry, air compressor industry and other sectors.

We offer turning and milling services of small and medium series components.

Our shop floor is equipped with highly technological machines, mainly Mazak multipallet work centers and Famar vertical lathes.

We have been certified UNI EN ISO 9001:2015.

Texas Underground, Inc.

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Cornedo Vicentino (VI), Veneto


Texas Underground has been serving Texas ever since 1986. Pearland has been our main office for many years. We have multiple locations in Pearland, TX and Dallas, TX. We provide equipment solutions for many towns and cities in Texas. Contact our sales department to find out how we can help your city.

Mecwork's di Pelati Fabio

Occhiobello, Veneto


Mecwork's di Pelati Fabio

Nestcom s.r.l.

Trissino, Veneto


Company that assembles in Tunisia mechanical, electrical, cabling and all products where the labor affects preponderatamente.


SCHIO, Veneto


DOGRECO Srl has been operating since 1979 in precision machining for third parties and uses high-tech machinery. Our processes apply to various sectors such as: marble, energy, research, textiles, machine tools, automotive, wood, packaging, etc.

Spring Srl

Vicenza, Veneto


Professional Rapid Prototyping Creation of: Prototypes aesthetic Functional prototypes Preproduction Fixtures, Factory tooling Main fields of application: Consumer Household Aeronautical Rancing Automation Gardening Production of resistant parts, accurate, functional with dimensions up to 914x610x914 mm. Nine material options, it's suitable for building fixtures, factory tooling and end-use parts, as well as the most demanding 3D prototyping. Materials, including high-performance thermoplastics for biocompatibility, static dissipation and resistance to heat and chemicals (ABS, ABS ESD7, PC-ABS, PC, ULTEM 9085, PPSF).


Nove Di Vicenza, Veneto


Stainless steel naval furniture. We supply painted or sublimate technical false ceilings made with staves or panels provided with air shafts, floors and metal decorations. Tapping columns and stainless steel bar furniture. Workbenches, cupboards, hoods. Tapping counters, drip trays, sinks, display refrigerators, bar stools, seats, staircases,railingsand tables, all custom made. Stainless steel urban furniture. Water fountains, bridges, benches, waste-paper baskets, ashtrays, bike holders, flower boxes, road signs, all custom made. Staircases and rails. Stainless steel sanitary equipment. All of our products are made from laser cut stainless, iron and aluminium, robotic TIG welded, potentially calendered or bended.

Meccanica Marcato srl

Camposampiero, Veneto


Our company, Meccanica Marcato, was born in 1996 and is specialized in precision mechanical workings. We operate in Camposampiero (PD) ITALY in a production site of 1200 m2, in which 20 people, considering operators, technical and administrative staff, work.Over the years, we have been able to reach high standards of processing that have led us to work for internationally renowned companies in various sectors.Our production department is equipped with 18 high-tech machines, all with CNC machining centers up to 6 controlled axes and milling / turning centers up to 11 controlled axes. Integrated production-management and quality-control system Tesar SICOP and MOTIS: all machines are networked to 2 control terminals inside the industrial premises. Firstly, they control the production, by carrying out its daily analysis, pointing out any machine pause, etc. Secondly, they check the quality by means of control instruments in serial connection, micrometers, calibres, altimeter comparators as well as data analysis, X-R control cards capability, certificates of compliance, etc. We meet the requirements of the industry 4.0 This particular kind of manufacturing made us acquire high professionalism for complex working on materials such as: AISI 316L, TITANIUM, several alloy steel sorts (39NiCrMo3, 18NiCrMo5, 41CrAlMo7) and aluminium alloys (2011, 6082, 7075, ERGALL) besides normal steel, i.e. the so called automatic steel (AVP PR 80 AVZ). QUALITYWe are equipped with a metrology room, used in testing and provided with measuring machines and instruments such as: calibres, micrometers, alesameters, several smooth and threaded swabs, a SYLVAC altimeter, OGP projector profiles, a SMART SCOPE OGP 3D optical measuring machine and a DEA GLOBAL PERFORMANCE three-dimensional continuous scanning measuring machine.Our quality system is certified according to UNI ISO 9001: 2015.In collaboration with our partners, we are able to supply products with thermal, galvanic, welding and small assemblies. OUR OBJECTIVESOur main goal is to meet the customer's needs.For this reason, we offer our customers full service: starting from an idea or a design, we study thefeasibility, create prototypes, and finally start the production of the item in series.Customer will find:• Competence• Reliability• Accuracy and Quality of Workings• Punctuality in deliveries• Technical support• Clarity and completeness of administrative and technical documentation• Ability to cope with customer emergencies OPERATING SECTORSOver 20 years of experience we have developed expertise in several areas by offering quality services andprocesses recognized by our customers.Here are some of the key areas in which we work:• Bicycle sector• Motorcycle sector• Automotive sector• Fashion, watch, and luxury sectors• Furniture sector• Medical sectorFor further information, any quotations or enquiries and for knowing our machinery:


Ceggia, Veneto


We have been operating for over twenty years in the field of technical molding of plastic products (private label) and manufacturing of injection molds. We support the customer in product development: design, engineering, mold making, molding and production. We are able to produce small quantities (from 1,000 to 10,000 pieces) and large quantities (over 10,000 pieces per order) using automatic and semi-automatic production cycles. We are able to realize products with complex shapes using important dimensional processes but also products with a specific aesthetic detail. Our sectors are automotive, electronics, domotics, lighting, IT and multimedia, medical and healthcare, catering, protection and security, furniture, exhibitors, appliances and household items. Innovation that turns into productivity: we constantly invest in innovative solutions to improve quality and productivity.


San Giorgio Delle Pertiche, Veneto


Walmaz Stampi srl's business consists in the DESIGN AND MANUFACTURE of: MANUAL DIES PROGRESSIVE DIES TRANSFER DIES DIES WITH BUILT-IN TRANSFER BLANKING AND PIERCING DIES DEEP-DRAWING DIES FORMING DIES Maximum dies dimensions: 4000 x 2200 x H1500 mm The dies are particularly suitable for: MEDIUM-HIGH AND HIGH PRODUCTION VOLUMES; HIGH LEVELS OF PRODUCT QUALITY. The customer's satisfaction has always been the main purpose of the company which aims to establish a long-term working partnership with the customer based on mutual trust. Product quality is a direct consequence of this objective, based on the knowledge that the customer must receive the promised result within the specified time if the company is to gain and keep his trust. The personnel's technical training and motivation - guaranteed by regular refresher courses and the continuous involvement of the personnel in company goal-achieving and decisions - paired with the constantly updated machinery inventory, assure precision manufacturing and reliability of the resulting product. As a result of the incessant pursuit of innovative technical solutions and the care taken in continuously expanding knowledge and skills further, the personnel welcome the chance to put their heads together with the customer and seek joint solutions. Partnership with the customer, product quality and reliability, and the desire to improve are the watchwords and reasons behind every company decision.


PADOVA, Veneto


The company was founded as Lamieral in 1985 by merging the skills of its founders, and transformed into Lamiertek in 2003, and has always directed its policy in customer satisfaction by making one of its cornerstones. Point to a focused and personalized relationship with its customers has always been one of the factors that distinguished the company. With the experience gained over the years, Lamiertek aims not only tertiary but also as a consultant. In order to compare each day with the new world of work Lamiertek has maintained an internal constant and progressive technological improvements, acquiring equipment and continually advanced tools. Equipment and tools, which include both the technical department as the production department.

North Plastik s.r.l.

Angiari, Veneto


WE BUILD YOUR WORLD North company was born in 1988 as workshop for the design and realization of thermoplastic and thermosetting injection tools. The company view, focused on the customer satisfaction and turn to settle a close business co-operation, has seen in 1996, as a natural evolution, the birth of North Plastik - molding division.The great business dynamicity took in the years into the fusion of these two realities in North Plastik.The progressive development of the internal design and tool homologation divisions, permits now to North Plastik to avail itself of some tested constructors both European and from Far East. This fact has improved the competitiveness both on the delivery terms and on the production costs and consequently on the selling prices. Today North Plastik purposes itself as ideal partner for all the customers which work in plastic business for the following activities: Co design and creation of the product Study and tool construction Molding of parts in thermoplastic and thermosetting Realization of silk printing and welding process Assembling SOLUTIONS BEYOND YOUR EXPECTATIONS North Plastik proposes itself as a reference point for industrial companies searching for a reliable partner that treat all the phases of product adjustment: from the design to the tool development, tillthe production of plastic parts. YOUR DEMANDS, OUR CHALLENGE North Plastik is a young and dynamic reality in strong expansion. Since the beginning, North Plastik spent the major investment on the professional growth of their partners and on the adoption of advanced technologies. The professionalism and extremely flexibility of our company are warranty of solution suitable for each need.Our mission is making available this structure oriented to the Customer satisfaction offering a customized advice accordingly to the needs that emerge. WE GIVE SHAPE TO YOUR IDEAS North Plastik disposes of the know-how, experience, human and technical sources able to join and support the customer during all the project phases:. DESIGN Study for the product engineering. Feasibility simulations with analyzer on finished components Fast prototyping of the product Study and realization of the tool project TOOL CONSTRUCTION Tool construction in a internal division with modern equipped CNC machines. Check of construction stages and just in time intervention for any modifications on the original project. Warehouse activities, maintenance, modification and repair internally made in a equipped division MOLDING Injection molding of thermoplastic polymers Injection molding and compression thermosetting polymers Assisted molding with gas - "gas injection" Over-molding rigid /elastomer Tests and quality inspections on the component Packaging AFTER-MOLDING OPERATIONS Silk printing and pad printing Painting and galvanic treatment made by some partner companies under close quality control and responsibility of North Plastik Ultrasound and vibrational welding Continuous deposit sealants Assembly, wiring and functional static and dynamic tests A WORLD IN YOUR HANDS North Plastik is working in the following sectors: Automotive Household appliances Electric and electronic Hobbies Personal Care Heating and conditioning Safety Water and air treatment Fluid of medium and high pressure (pumps, valves, regulators) WE GIVE SHAPE TO A NEW CONCEPT OF WORK The strengths points that distinguish us are: • The pluriannual experience in the sector • The technical competence of a qualified team • The use of techno-polymers formulated accordingly to specific needs • The hybrid technologies metal/plastic and exclusive • The presence of the technologic laboratory to support our customers • The ability in realizing management simulations in order to show the more advantageous production solution • The transparence of the immediate answer on the product feasibility • The sensibility to the market trend and the particular needs of the Customer • The just in time service • The flexibility and dynamicity • The continuous operation, 24 hours per days, 7 days per week WE MODEL THE QUALITY SOURCE For North Plastik the priority is represented by the quality warranty obtained under the strategy of "Total Quality Management ". On the base of the Quality Management principles, all the collaborators realize regularly training and training on job to learn different qualitative techniques. Particular attention is paid to staff training, considering the continuous technologies evolution and the consequent updating need. LIVING THE PRESENT LOOKING TO THE FUTURE North Plastik looks to the future: confronting with Customers always more demanding , pursuing technological choices which involve a growing and steady engagement in term of human resources and investments, North Plastik obtained important certifications internationally recognized confirming the company as undisputed leader of the sector. ISO9001 certification ISO14001 certification ISO/TS 16949 certification SA8000 certification TOOL CONSTRUCTION AREA North Plastik deals with the design and construction of injection and compression tools for the production of molded parts in: thermoplastic thermosetting hybrid technology metal/plastic In North Plastik different types of tools are realized: Moulds for double injection and for over-molding Injection moulds for complicated parts with high precision Moulds with integrated systems for automated loading and removal Moulds with multi-level hot runner systems ACTIVITIES Study and design of the products with solid parametric modeling and modeling of surfaces. Rheological and structural analysis with simulation programs help. Tool designing Elaboration of CAM ways Construction of prototype moulds for technical tests Construction of moulds for thermoplastic compact components and with gas injection. Construction of injection, compression or injecting-compression tools for thermosetting parts PRODUCTION EQUIPMENT The production process uses specialized machines and advanced technologies: EDM and CNC wire erosion Erosion drilling machine CNC high speed milling machine Equipment and workshop machinery Round and plane grinding machine PLASTIC COMPONENT MOLDING North Plastik proposes itself as a quality partner in the transformation of plastic materials in the following sectors: Automotive Household appliances Electric and electronic Heating and conditioning Hobbies Personal care Safety Medium and high pressures fluidics (pumps, valves, regulators) and in all that the plastic materials technical application allows. ACTIVITIES Injection molding of thermoplastic compact components and with gas injection Injection molding and thermosetting compression Injection molding of double-components Over-molding on metal and plastic components with automated systems of loading and unloading After molding services Assembly, ultrasound and vibrational welding Painting, galvanic treatments, pad and silk screen painting PRODUCTION EQUIPMENT Injection molding for thermoplastic components using machines from 50 to 1000 Ton. Injection molding for thermosetting components using machines from 100 to 300 Ton. THE FINISHING North Plastik is able to complete the components produced using several graphic and assembly systems of finished groups.The production, in fact, is completed with the following operation: Decoration Assembly Functional testing Particular experience and competence has been acquired in: the insertion of threaded inserts operation of metal removal processes testing and execution of functional check both mechanical and electrical


Sovizzo, Veneto


O.M.B. Is an artisan company that stems from a true passion for precision mechanics. Twenty years of experience characterise the staff and the entire production, today a rich assortment of complex mechanical parts destined to various sectors. The methods conceived and perfected by O.M.B. are now adopted to assure the highest possible quality for both its products and services. Highly specialised staff is capable of performing complex high-precision machining and, thanks to ongoing collaboration with demanding clients, is well experienced as regards work complexity and rigorousness of precision. Valuable resources provide regular technical updating of operators. A pool of avant-garde machines, used in conjunction with modern process and control methods, assures constant high quality. The operators are the core of the company's projects. All relationships are governed by ethical principles that add value to the individual. Principles that exemplify the attitude of the management that has created a team spirit which it nurtures, this being a fundamental contributor to quality. All business activities are systematically monitored by means of a method and information control system, for a constantly updated assessment of profitability. The types of machining performed include CNC turning, CNC milling and four-axis milling for helical parts, besides precision cutting for diameters up to 400 mm. Our CNC machines are supported by CAD-CAM software capable of handling up to 5 axes.

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