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Assoro, Sicilia


NEBIOLO HT S.r.l. is a machine shop able to produce all kind of complex parts in different dimensions and quantities. NEBIOLO HT S.r.l. pride ourselves in providing their customers best quality and service available from the design to the production release of final product. Lots of European buyers given to this supplier a lot of evaluation in the platform Is possible to read and have access to comments of the buyers on the profile in NEBIOLO HT S.r.l. in based in Sicily in Italy and have a superficies of 25000 mq of extension so there is no problem of big dimension of parts and also high volume if productions. NEBIOLO HT S.r.l. is an integrated contract manufacturer with project management capabilities to solve all the technical manufacturing challenges. In particular this machine shop is able to provide: CNC Milling, 4th axis mill capabilities, milling, turning, surface grinding, fabrication, laser cutting, with all the latest technologies in advanced milling techniques.


Assoro, Sicilia


Nebiolo HThad been established with the aim of producing and offering machine and apparatus for sales inside the range of publishing trade. In 2005 Nebiolo HT moved to a new settlement covering an area of 25000 mq with a covered area of 8000 mq. The acquisition of well-known Nebiolo trademark, as well as its know-how and its spare parts storehouse, allowed to start off a new spare parts service for Nebiolo-machine spread all over the market. Nebiolo HT Srl is working at introducing technological innovations into Nebiolo designs in order to provide the market with wide and medium printing presses which have distinguished themself as printing quality ("puntino nebiolo"). During the consolidation of its industrial planning, the company made itself known as a maker for third parties of separated or pre-assembled precision mechanical components. A youthful and flexible organization provides its clients with a careful and on time service focusing on requirements that are peculiar to the client, from design to prototype.

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