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CAPRIOLO, Lombardia



Alltech Srl is organized for a specific purpose/Our target lies on a precise assumption: “to be a sure reference point for companies which are seeking a reliable business partner, who is available and skilled at producing technical components in plastic material and at the plastic and rubber molding". Alltech Srl was established from the merger of several companies and their experiences in different fields, with the social purpose of planning and producing printed articles in plastic materials, polymers and rubber. Some of our products have been watches accessories, such as straps, in which the particular technology that has been applied (license of process UICEG of our property) enabled us to cooperate with prestigious companies. Our equipment has been automated with robot, manipulators, and completed with systems for decoration, cut and packing in order to provide our customers with a product ready to be sold. Our customers are assisted from the very beginning of the planning stage

F.lli Severgnini Officine Meccaniche Srl

Caravaggio, Lombardia

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer

F.lli Severgnini Officine Meccaniche, an Italian company founded in 1954 and certified UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015.

We are specialized in mechanical machining on customer drawing and in particular in Milling and Drilling processes.

We produce parts in small, medium and large batches from 100 up to 1000 pcs.

Dimension from ø 50mm*h 50mm up to ø 1250mm*h 1250mm.

We work all ferrous and non-ferrous materials (cast iron, stainless steel, aluminum, Inconel etc.)

Our core business consists of:

1. Machining of the components for agricultural and earth moving machines:

Arms, Lifting rods, Sleeves, Covers, Brake disc, Planet gear holder hubs etc ..

2. Machining of the components for oleodynamic industry: Steam exchangers, 3-way valves, aluminum distributor blocks etc.

 Machining Centers:

  • Vertical
  • Horizontal with up to 20 pallets
  • Horizontal with FMS on 2 levels
  • Broaching department 
  • Turning department

Production and quality control:

  • Using appropriate measuring instruments on-board machine
  • Three-dimensional inspection machines HEXAGON DEA in a dedicated room


  • Surface heat treatment
  • High-frequency tempering
  • Galvanic treatments
  • Painting

L.M.A. srl

5.00 (1)

Poncarale (BS), Lombardia


Mr Vezzoli has been for thirty years in close contact with engineers and design offices in various fields, were entrusted to him the most delicate tasks, assisting clients to provide innovative solutions, that only a great experience and creativity could give . With this know-how is that Mr. Vezzoli in 1997 and based LMA and is an immediate success, his intuition to build around himself and technology services company specializing in extrusion in particular proves successful. LMA is in an area of 2,200 square meters and combines sophisticated technology and human skills for quality that allow LMA to address the various problems of his customers with the highest reliability and the experience gained in machining with CNC machines, the curvature in the die, the extrusion and surface treatment as part of production and quality. We carry out work by removing tool, drawing, cutting, bending and welding and also offer our customers even packaging and assembly. We also have a "creative workshop" that allows to use aluminum in a creative way, thanks to its lightness, strength and ductility.


5.00 (1)

Brescia, Lombardia


The Company started its activity in 1969. It is operating and located in Northern Italy. The factory has a surface of 550 m2, administrative office and production, and a staff of 12 person including the owner and his son directly involved in the activity.The production (for 20% addressed towards national customers and for remaining 80% dedicated to European customers) is specialized in details that demand precision. The production spaces on several fields with prevalence of defense, aviation industry, robotics, textile industry and dental medical industryThe combination of a flexible structure and a powerful park machine allow us to offer mechanical products of high precision at competitive prices and give us an outstanding position on the market.


5.00 (1)

Sirone (LC), Lombardia


For over fourty years Ng Rusconi provides their demanding customers with their know-how in machinery. It is the affidability, accuracy and ensuring good quality at good prices that we go through every challange. How can we maximise quality and still keeping competitive prices? That is made possible by great organization, choice of proper material and production abilities. The quality required by our client is provided in every projects, weather it is production of prototypes, small or big produtions. The manufactures that our customers usually require are lathing and milling, as well as steel and aluminium manufacturing. We are specialized in the production, construction and assemblage of parts in the robotics field, aerospace and aeronautics. Our production is located in Lecco, near Milan, to facilitate our connections with foreign customers. Recently we have added a production line in Asia in order to manage bigger production required by customers. In this case we are able to guarantee the high quality production that has been characterizes us for fourty years. Ng Rusconi's mission is to guarantee quality, precision, affidability and passion for work. It is through these principles that we satisfy each one of our clients, everyday, from Lecco to the rest of the world. We are in since 2013 and on our profile you contact us. Feel free to ask any question you have. Our competent staff is ready to answear you in the major languages of the industry market.


GRONE, Lombardia



Certified ISO 9001-2008, AKRON performs the transformation of thermoplastics (PC, PVC, ABS, POM, PEEK, LCP ... ) in medium and large series, by injection process. We also produce molds ( max . Dimensions: 805 X 1300 and min . 65 x 65). We have a fleet of 83 presses from 6 to 650 tons, and 7 vertical presses. We are specialized in micro- molding very small precision parts in optimum quality thanks to our latest generation of measuring instruments ( OGP) . We also offer the study of projects "turnkey " , from research to the production of your industrial plastic parts, technical and aesthetic. Our low-cost assembly site will allow you to have on hand a finished product, in the image of your company.


Carate Brianza, Lombardia



Welcome to Airwork, an Italian manufacturing company specialized in the designing, manufacturing and selling of standard and customized solutions in the pneumatic automation industrial field.

A strong passion for products, push our Company towards a continue development and innovation process in a field which is continuously changing.

In our catalogue you can find pneumatic cylinders and actuators, valves and electrovalves, air treatment units and fittings; these are the four product families that lots of new customers are choosing and are appreciating.

AirWork is part of a big and consolidated Group, with UNI EN ISO 9001 and 14001 certifications, who is operating from 25 years in many industrial fields and boasts a modern and proven designing system, an always up-to-date and powerful machinery, dedicated lines for products assembling and testing thanks to the highest standard of detection and quality control.

The experience and skills of AirWork staff is the added value to the efficient organization and high standards of quality.

All these elements make AirWork ambitious to reach new and bigger goals through a continuous innovation of our products, with the aim to satisfy all our customers requests.

Nuova Torneria c.n.c. srl

Lecco, Lombardia

Nuova Torneria C.n.C. srl was founded in April 2007 as a company specialized in turning manufacturing for small and large series production. We are able to offer a wide range of products for different market sectors.

The objectives of our company are to ensure high reliability, thus giving our customers the necessary peace of mind on our productions.

We operate in the following sectors:

  • fittings
  • fasteners
  • electrical
  • pneumatic-hydraulic
  • mechanical
  • furniture
  • pins for movements
  • modelling and turning in general
  • The dimensional range goes from a minimum of two to a maximum of thirty-two millimetres of diameter Ø for the round, from a minimum of three to a maximum of twenty-seven millimetres for the hexagon. In etg, HSX, brass, mild steel, aluminium, stainless steel, alloyed and unalloyed.

FAP srl

Legnano, Lombardia



FAP s.r.l. è un’azienda fondata nel 2006 svolge attività di progettazione, produzione e servizi nel campo delle fusioni pressofuse in alluminio.

 rivolge tutta la sua attenzione al cliente, iniziando dalla progettazione e costruzione dello stampo, grazie alle consolidate conoscenze e alla collaborazione con i partner costruttori di stampi che operano con l’azienda da anni.


opera a Legnano, in provincia di Milano (Italy), vicino all’aeroporto di Malpensa, con un area coperta di 6.000 m2 e un’area totale di 15.000 m2.


ROVATO ( BS ), Lombardia

In the field of automatic turning our company has always aimed at establishing and extending its reputation and its professional competence in Italy and in foreign countries.

For over the last years the M.T.E. srl has invested its resources in "Quality and Professional Competence" in order to satisfy the customer's requirements.

The M.T.E. srl has continually developing its professional and entrepreneuria skills and is always on the lookout for the opportunity to work with the most up-to-date systems and facilities, inside and outside Italy.

We can rely on computers design and electronic systems to assure a personalised services for any request, and in order to find a resolution for any specific needs as at the end of the second millennium, in any field we find a very strong competition.

The M.T.E. srl is aware of the present and future difficulties that the firm could find on the market and it is also ready to gurantee excellent quality to her customer.

The fells confident that the present and future efforts will be tangible results to increase new prospects of work. Besides the firm is specialized in the producing any kind of tooling for automatic multi-single spindle.


Paitone, Lombardia


TECNOFOR IS A FINISHED COMPONENTS SUPPLIER TO THE AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY Tecnofor comes from a long tradition as a supplier to national and international sanitary and gas taps / valves manufacturers, and is part of a €280M family-owned group of companies, founded back in 1925. Since 1997 TECNOFOR has dedicated investments and efforts to develop an AUTOMOTIVE division capable of supply finished components and parts designed, casted, machined, assembled and tested as per Customers' technical specs, emerging as a competitive and ultra-reliable partner. Tecnofor performs technological assistance in products development, developing new components, machinery and tools on the basis of customer's drawings. Tecnofor design its own casting, die-casting and forging dies by making use of tridimensional pre-setting and planning to prepare tools and equipment in order to guarantee superior quality/price ratios. Aluminium, magnesium, cast iron and steel parts can be developed starting from various stages: from the design of dies, down to assembling and testing, through casting and machining operations performed internally or with our network partners. TECNOFOR holds ISO 9001:2015 certification by SQS and IATF 16949:2016 certification is in progress (2018).

O.M.A.B. srl



OMAB designs and manufactures dies and tools for sheet metal and produces small and medium blanked components, often working with the costumer in the design, prototyping and industrialization of new products. As well as blanking pressing, OMAB also carries out additional mechanical work such as: tapping, welding and the assembly of various items with particular technical and aesthetic requirements. Speed and flexibility characterize an accurate service that is particularly appreciated by our customers in todays dynamic market. The precision of its work makes quality an OMAB strong point; the company has been ISO 9001:2000 certified for many years. ISO TS on going. The creativity taht comes form years of experience and the collaboration of young engineers with expert tollmakers is often the winning card in a competitive market.

NewMouldsServices srl

Casorezzo, Lombardia


The company NewMouldsServices srl, boasts thirty years of experience in the design and manufacture of high quality molds for thermoplastics, alloys of zinc and aluminum.


Busto Garolfo, Lombardia


Nuvolaser means of carpentry modern and dynamic company with qualified personnel. It makes use of a technical department for service vs. any need to study, design and implementation, solving any processing steps. Furthermore Nuvolaser is able to perform a wide range of processes, through the use of numerical control machines.We carry metal carpentry and structures of small / medium size. Thanks to our technical department we make estimates and drawings upon request.We assemble iron, steel and aluminum and carry out work under-thirds.We also specialize in tig welding - MIG - MAGWe carry out work in the field* electronic* conditioning* Air treatment* food* Carpentry iron / steel / aluminumEnsuring maximum commitment we always try to establish a lasting relationship with the customer over time.Companies in the surrounding area and not only take advantage of our partnership knowing that they can rely on an efficient staff, ready and available to the continuous and different needs.Nuvolaser pay attention to the realization of the project taking care of all the processing stages.Ask for a quote within 48 hours will be developed.Our most 'big challenge is customer satisfactionwhich for us is an absolute

GC Carminati srl

Brembilla, Lombardia


In 1974 was founded by Mr. Giorgio Carminati as a sole proprietorship GC Carminati. Company with operations primarily directed to the production of metal, has extended its field of activity with targeted investments for technological innovation come to occupy the area of high precision turning and milling for others. Given in the GC Carminati Ltd. in 1990 relies, in its present location, a factory of 2200 square meters fully covered, of which 2000 used for productive activities and the remaining stores and offices. It currently employs 25 employees adequately distributed on two shifts and technically capable of leading a fleet composed entirely of cnc and act for the purpose mentioned above. In operation they perform up to 4 members with organizational tasks of production, accounting, administrative, and management. The strategy of the GC Carminati is now to continue to evolve along and meet the growing needs of its customers and the market, to improve its image and reach a high level of quality through the 'use of the principles and methodologies of QUALITY 'as required by the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008.

Lario Industry Srl

Oggiono, Lombardia


Lario Industry Srl, thanks to its foundry located in China, manufactures different kinds of castings aimed to be used in various fields, going from hydraulic applications (fittings, valves, pumps parts) to the industrial areas (automotive, motorbikes, machine tools, hydraulic gears, etc..) and the food industry (kneading machines, screws, etc..). At the same time, Metal Units supplies a valuable service to those European Companies interested in opening/increasing their businesses in China by offering a local development process along with on site quality inspections to be carried out on mechanical, plastic and ceramic products. Our consulting service is marked by a high technical-engineering contents besides to the economical-trading profile and this synergy allows to our customers to implement their products in China by offering them a double advantage: in terms of reduction of time when starting-up new projects/products and reduction of costs by avoiding those long and expensive trips abroad. Lario Industry acts in China through its associated Company "Orte Quality Ltd", having two main branches in Shanghai and Kong Kong with Italian, English and Chinese speaking personnel. Here the three kinds of service we offer: - Production according to drawing, of castings made in steel and non ferrous metals, by different castings methods ("lost wax" , "die-casting", "centrifugal casting") followed by machining operations. Alternatively we can carry out the single machining operation on bars or semifinished products. The kinds of materials we use: from the most common Stainless Steels (AISI 304 and 316) to alloy Steels and cast irons. We follow our customers step-by-step: from the order to the delivery at their door. - On site Inspection and quality test before the goods are sent to Europe: this service is thought for those customers already having Chinese suppliers but still needing to get a confirmation about the quality of the product before importing it. Where needed and requested by customers, we can make a survey on the production process too in order to improve it and reach the wished quality level (attach: Reports against inspections on final products) - Scouting and Trading activity, to research new suppliers/products on the Chinese market: this service is mainly dedicated to those customers needing to be supported in the research and supply of items belonging to areas which are not their core business but may anyhow represent an important plus in order for the them to offer a full-package to their final customers. We guarantee a high quality service thanks to the on-site presence of Italian personnel along to the recurrent visits of our Account Managers with the aim to survey and directly follow the growth and evolution of the projects that our customers entrusted us with. This is the key allowing us to supply high quality products at much better prices than the ones you can find on the European market (up to -25%) and granting at the same time a high quality standard.

Profilsystem Srl

Asola, Lombardia


Profilsystem produces cold formed steel profiles based and designed on the customers projects and shape and also particular applications like perforations and marking. Specialists in cold forming thanks to a twenty-year experience, extremely tight dimensional tolerances and immediate answers, assistance and expertise make Profilsystem company at a high level.




M.i.p. society works primarily in the field of moulding and tools design for the realisation of thermoplastic materials including injection moulding, blowing techniques and all the processes of the sector in mass production. Over the latest years of work experience M.i.p. society has proceed through various phases and is still progressing steadily especially in the making of different types of goods: toys, model cars, medicinal goods, electrical appliances, packaging materials, garden furniture and many others. To satisfy the demanding customers' expectations we support, during the making of the products, the quality and the timing aspects so typical of our industry. We also specify that we will act with discretion for any kind of good that you will deliver us to be estimated or examined. Here follows a list of some of our services: - study of the product feasibility, aesthetic and mechanical functionality - creation of a mathematical support for details in CAD 3D - visualisation in photographic Rendering - Reverse Engineering of samples or prototypes - moulding budgeting - moulding design involving all the ordered materials - moulding realization with cutting-edge technologies ( CNC 3-5 axles, etc…) - sampling, lots moulding (with more materials, with gas, IML, etc…)


Brescia, Lombardia


Since 1966 we have carried out precision mechanical machining on order and design of customer through the use of lathes, work centres (vertical, horizontal and 5-axis) and grinding.Supported by two CAD-CAM software we can get the most complex geometries to satisfy every type of enquiry.

Many years of experience in the field of CNC machining have allowed us to optimize the processing cycles for various types of non-ferrous and ferrous materials (from bars, casting and stamping). We actually work various types of aluminium, copper, brass, steel and plastic materials (eg. Delrin, Nylon etc).

In addition to repetitive and series production of medium-small batches, we are also able to make samples for 1 piece

OMA Carpenteria Metallica

Ricengo, Lombardia


Company certified 1090 is specialized in customized sheet metal working. We realize metallic packaging, machinery, equipment, building structures, scales, gates ecc. Laser cutting: thickness up to 30 mm, Automatic cutting table 2000x4000 mm Thanks to the long experience we can offer working in steel, stainless steel (beams, pipes, sheet metal), aluminum at the highest levels of quality and competitive price. Our technical department works with our customers to meet any need, recommending the best solutions according to the specific production required. Our main workings: -Sheet metal working -Welding (robotized and manual) -TIG Welding -CNC -Plasma and laser cut -Automatic punching -Bending, pipe bending and calendering -Spray and powder coating -Zinc coating


Sale Marasino, Lombardia

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


high-mix low-volume electro-electronic contract manufacturing services: wire harnesses and cable assemblies | switchboards assembly solutions | resistive fuel level sensors | switches and sensors of level, pressure, temperature, rotation, flow | applied electronics, e.g., printed circuit board assembly

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