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Romans D'Isonzo, Friuli-Venezia Giulia


MICRA s.r.l. was founded in 1991, and is located in Romans d'Isonzo (GO), Italy. It is actively and efficiently managed by Amos Pupin. The firm's 32 employees perform a variety of precise turning, milling and grinding operations. In addition, precision wire-spark and sink erosion processes are carried out.

BMB snc

Fogliano Redipuglia,Gorizia, Friuli-Venezia Giulia


"BMB" was founded in 1987 by the company's owner, Fulvio Berini, as a business for mechanical precision processing and the assembling of mechanical components. During the course of over two decades the business has evolved and expanded becoming BMB di Berini F.C. snc, a company featuring an advanced technological structure located in the strategically important commercial area of Friuli Venezia Giulia: Fogliano-Redipuglia (Go) just a few minutes from the regional airport Ronchi, 40 km from Trieste, 120 km from Ljubljana and 115 km from the Austrian border, hosted in a 1,000 square meter facility fully equipped with a modern and competitive fleet of machines. The vicinity to the borders has facilitated BMB snc access to the European and international market during the years, working with internationally renown companies in Austria, Germany and England.Through turning ( max di 610mm l=1050) and milling (z=1250, x=2000, y=800). BMB snc manufactures mechanical details like shafts, pins, wedges, supports, spacers, plates, bushings and flanges in the following materials: special annealed and hardened steel, sinterized steel featuring elevated hardness, aluminium and its alloys, iron, copper, brass, plastic, etc. Due to cooperations we are able to carry out all product treatments(p.e. thermical treatments) desired. These cooperations enable us furthermore the turning 1000 x 3000 and milling of pieces up to 8000mm. The product range is directed to industrial fields such as refrigeration, food preservation, packaging, the oil industry and iron and steel metallurgy, ship building, mechanics, electronics and aeronautics in which the main objective is satisfying the customer's specific needs. Our goal is a high costumer-satisfaction leading to long-term business-relationships.

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